• December 1, 2023

The Worst Thing We Can Do Right Now Is Do Nothing — “74 Million” Americans Won’t Allow Joe Biden to Steal This Election

 The Worst Thing We Can Do Right Now Is Do Nothing — “74 Million” Americans Won’t Allow Joe Biden to Steal This Election

The worst thing we can do right now is nothing!

Love America or Lose America

74 million Americans who voted for President Trump are not going to stand for Democrats, Big Tech, Big Media, China and others from stealing our election.  It is not going to happen.

Americans know they were robbed.  They saw the greatest election landslide stolen from them by a small gang of corrupt and seditious politicians and plotters working with foreign governments in a coordinated effort to install their Manchurian candidate, Joe Biden.  These seditious criminals have no idea what they are up against!

Today on Rush Limbaugh, a caller made this point:

Hi, Rush Limbaugh. Yesterday you had a caller who was asking who the next leader of the Republican Party should be, as if Donald Trump has faded into oblivion. And there was talk about winning more Republican seats in the future. What? Are we gonna be play some gigantic game of house? If we step past what has just happened in this presidential election as if nothing happened, if we do not deal with it, we have stepped from what was America into tyranny. What will be left other than one gigantic pretend game of politics?

The caller went on to say:

I do want to take issue with the 74 million figure. I keep hearing the 70 million figure, the 74 million figure. I think we need to add a plus on the end because I just have great doubts that that is accurate and that that is high enough.

Of course, the caller was right.  Joe Biden couldn’t fill the absurd circles at his rallies.  His campaign was a joke.  Nobody agreed with his policies and no one was thrilled about a Biden Administration.

Biden had arguably the worst candidacy in US history.  To argue Biden beat Hillary Clinton’s 65 million, Barack Obama’s record for a Democrat of 69 million in 2008, or President Trump’s record of 74 million this year, is a joke.  Everyone knows this didn’t happen.  Biden was lucky to break 50 million votes.

The Democrats cheated in every way possible in 2020.  The election will go down as the greatest fraud ever. 


Source: The Gateway Pundit

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