• December 8, 2023

Transgender Serial Killer Shopped at 99 Cent Store with Murder Victim’s Dismembered Leg (VIDEO)

 Transgender Serial Killer Shopped at 99 Cent Store with Murder Victim’s Dismembered Leg (VIDEO)

Harvey Marcelin

An 83-year-old transgender serial killer shopped at a 99 cent store in Brooklyn with one of his victim’s dismembered legs hidden on the seat of his wheelchair.

Harvey Marcelin, who now identifies as a woman and spent decades in jail for the murder of two ex-girlfriends, was arrested again on March 4 after a dismembered body was found in Brooklyn, the New York Post reported.

A human head was found in Marcelin’s home last week after police executed a search warrant when a torso of a 68-year-old woman was found in a shopping cart, The Post reported.

Police also found electric saws in Marcelin’s Cypress Hills home, the paper reported.

According to a new report, the leg of 68-year-old victim, Susan Leyden, was captured on surveillance video.

NYPD Crime Stoppers released surveillance video of Harvey Marcelin at a 99 cent store in Jamaica, Queens sitting on a dismembered leg.

Marcelin was charged with second-degree murder and is being held at Rykers.


NYPD release video of Murder Suspect 83y/o Harvey Marcelin in Jamaica, Queens store sitting on severed leg of a woman’s dismembered body
63y/o Susan Layden’s torso was found in a shopping cart in East New York, Brooklyn last week. Police found her severed head in his [email protected]/wvtJApDg3r

— Chantee Lans (@ChanteeLans) March 12, 2022

Yahoo News reported:

The octogenerian suspect in a grisly Brooklyn murder shopped at a 99 Cent store with her victim’s dismembered leg tucked away in her electric wheelchair, police said Friday.

The leg of victim Susan Leyden – cut off from the knee down – was captured on surveillance video when her accused killer Harvey Marcelin stood up from the wheelchair while inside the store, Chief of Detectives James Essig said at a Friday press conference.

“She gets up out of her wheelchair there and the leg is right there on the seat,” Essig said.

The chief did not specify when Marcelin, who also went by Marcelin Harvey, went on the horrific shopping trip.

The NYPD was able to piece together Marcelin’s movements around the time of the horrific killing.

On Feb. 27, Marcelin was seen entering her apartment building with the shopping cart in which Leyden was later found, according to Essig. On March 1, she and another woman went to a Home Depot in Manhattan and bought a “Sawzall” reciprocating electric saw, plastic bags and cleaning liquids.

The other woman, who was not identified by cops, has not been charged.

Cops say Marcelin was captured on video March 2 leaving her apartment building with a bag allegedly containing Leyden’s body parts.

Essig said there was “blood spatter and several trash bags” at the killer’s

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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