• December 2, 2023

UK Wants to Lock Tommy Robinson up for 2 Years Alongside Julian Assange Because James O’Keefe Showed his Film “Silenced”

 UK Wants to Lock Tommy Robinson up for 2 Years Alongside Julian Assange Because James O’Keefe Showed his Film “Silenced”

The British goveernment wants to lock Tommy Robinson up again on the bogus catch-all charge of “contempt of court” because his documentary “Silenced” was screened in Florida by O’Keefe Media to a US audience (Gateway reported

Tommy faces up to 2 years in prison again in general confinement where he will be in mortal danger with the largely Muslim prison population. Several attempts on his life have been committed against Tommy when he was previously incarcerated on similarly BS charges.

Or, he will be locked up in solitary again in Belmarsh maximum security prison alongside Julian Assange, the UK’s other prominent political prisoner.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft interviewed Tommy Robinson in July 2022 in London.

Here is the letter Tommy sent:

Dear Gateway Pundit Readers,


I have been making great progress lately, swinging back into action on all fronts.

After being reinstated by Elon Musk personally on X/Twitter, I am now reaching millions of new people again.

I have over 360,000 followers now – over 70,000 of them in just three days since being reinstated!

I have been trending on X/Twitter for nearly four days continuously – that’s unprecedented.

For days on end, I have featured in media report after media report, the Daily Mail, Sky News, the BBC, the Guardian, GB News, the Independent, the Telegraph etc etc.

I recently came back from Spain and announced by intention to launch a new street movement.

Episode 5 of the ‘Rape of Britain’ is almost finished – and it’s the best report yet.

I have been active reporting on important news again, like the recent Charlene Downes memorial.

All of the above has caused absolute panic in the corridors of Westminster.

The last thing they want is Tommy Robinson back on the streets rallying this nation when millions of Brits are increasingly angry and disillusioned.

So what have the crooks at Westminster dreamed up to sabotage me?

What’s their reaction to my reappearance?

What have they resorted to to de-rail me just as I am getting started again?

In response to my recent successes, they have decided to launch a full-frontal, brutal attack on me personally.

Please, let me explain, this is horrific news for me, so it must be

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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