• January 19, 2022

Vaccine or No Jab? It’s Your American Freedom to Choose

 Vaccine or No Jab? It’s Your American Freedom to Choose


Plus, latest map of states taking legal actions against Biden mandates.


You Decide!

🔹Option A: An experimental gene therapy injection that didn’t make it through animal trials because they all died.

🔹Option B: A nobel prize winning medicine that is included on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines and has been used safely in humans for decades.

3 days after his second jab.

🔹Option A is not only ineffective against Covid, it is the primary cause of the rising rates in infections and deaths. Option A is also leading to millions of moderate to severe side effects.

🔹Option B has shown in many different independent studies to have tremendous effectiveness against Covid with close to no side effects. Option B has also shown extremely promising potential to fight cancers, bacterial infections and viral infections.

As of morning 10 Sept. 11, states in red are taking action against Biden COVID mandates.


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