• May 28, 2023

(VIDEO) OANN’s Christina Bobb: “He Is Not The Most Popular President In American History And He Didn’t Win The Election”

 (VIDEO) OANN’s Christina Bobb: “He Is Not The Most Popular President In American History And He Didn’t Win The Election”

Inside The Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum Covering The Arizona Audit OANN’s Christina Bobb (left) TGP’s Jordan Conradson (right)

On Wednesday, Arizona Patriots rallied in commemoration of the historic 2020 election theft, on the one-year anniversary of the unforgettable 2020 election day.

Trump-endorsed AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake hosted this rally focused on fixing 2020 and preventing it from ever happening again.

LIVE – 6PM: One Year Later… President Trump To Give Remarks At AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Election Integrity Rally

Speakers rocked the house, demanding action from Attorney General Brnovich and preparing to dominate the 2022 midterms.

A special video message from President Donald Trump was also played for the audience.

OANN’s Christina Bobb spoke at the rally to congratulate Arizona’s hard work, share updates from around the country, and call for action out of Arizona Attorney General Brnovich.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich has received all evidence of voter fraud from the Arizona audit and he is continuing to gather more evidence. America is waiting for action.

Bobb covered the Arizona audit extensively alongside TGP correspondent Jordan Conradson.

TGP reported that Christina was once confronted by a weak leftist reporter inside of the audit facility and she ate her lunch. Lefty Jen Fifield shamefully went home and did not return for weeks.

“You’re Upset About This?? I REALLY Don’t Care!” – EPIC: Christina Bobb REFUSES To Take Leftist Reporter’s BS in Arizona

Conradson spoke to Christina Bobb after the rally for her current analysis of America’s audit.

Conradson: We covered the Arizona audit together, we saw firsthand how secure that process was. We saw the leftists’ hateful smears. Now that we know the election was stolen, what do you expect to happen next? Do you think AG Brnovich is going to be able to do the right thing?

Bobb: I think he better. I think he’s probably going to be nervous. You know, he’s demonstrated that he’s got some concerns and he’s not the hard charger that a lot of the people in Arizona want to see, but I do think he will ultimately do it. I think he knows he needs to it and I think the media is not letting him out the way that I think he probably hoped that he could get an out and just move on with something else. But the elections this week with Virginia and New Jersey, we see the importance of enforcing laws. Virginia took the time to ensure that they had their poll workers and they had everything in place, and New Jersey did not. Of course, we’re seeing the mess with that so watching all of that I think Attorney General Brnovich, I think he will step up. I think

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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