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Frank Lovell Author for Conservative Choice Campaign


Frank D. Lovell

American Patriot

Free State of Florida

During an electric vehicle’s life expectantly, it could never replace the emissions expended by fossil-fueled events necessary to produce the natural resources necessary to create an electric vehicle. You see the creation of an EV defeats the purpose of having one & that’s just the sad truth. Although along the process some people are making $ to continue this insanity & China will lead that list.

So, Calif is going to tell you what type of vehicle you can buy & 17 other states are considering doing the same. A major fact is the Calif electric grid can’t handle the demand today, they have already ordered blackouts so what will happen if they go all EV? Think about that, in America, the govt tells you what vehicle you can buy, does that trouble you? However, there is an important constitutional issue here, it’s called States Rights & I cannot hinder that for it is the core of our Freedoms, States must have Rights, that’s how people have Rights. So, I say if a state wants to ban fossil fuel vehicles let the People decide, isn’t that what Freedom is all about? If the People of a State want to ban fossil-fueled vehicles, fine, that is their Right, as it should be.

If that decision causes other people to move from that state to maintain possession of their fossil-fueled vehicles to a state where they can buy any vehicle they want, that is also their right. The reality is, that state’s economy will collapse causing more people to leave. It really is true, “All elections have consequences.” Personally, I don’t care because I live in a Free state & don’t have to worry about problems like that. All I can say is something better bless those 17 states because they are going to need it following that path.

On another issue, where have all those trillions of taxpayers’ $ gone, approved by Congress & what is being fixed? If ya take the time to research you may find a lot of $ going to entities that support the Democrat Party without any evidence of the activity improving America, hence Americans. Maybe Congress needs to focus on sending “our” $ to each individual state, all the states, & let them decide how it is best spent. In essence, give the $ back to the People. Now we are back to that saying, “The Government that governs least, governs best.” So, I must ask, just where is that government in America?

Now, this President is calling everyone who believes in making America great again a Fascist, someone who is a threat to America. What they fail to realize is everyone is not a follower of Trump but of his policies which include Democrats & Independents. So why would they say this? Basically, because they have nothing else to talk about, they can’t talk about the issues facing America, the economy, crime, immigration, education, and our standing on the world stage, because they created those problems, so they are forced to talk about Trump.

Let’s get to the bottom line, there are only two avenues to take against an abusive government & save this Republic. One is the 2nd amendment, the other is the vote, I would suggest using the vote. Now I don’t want to hear about voter fraud, or how voting is useless. The reality is the Democrats have been doing that for decades, the only difference is today it’s visible. The problem is those Americans who realize there are problems but it’s not a big deal, America will be fine.

Well, it’s a huge deal & if we don’t wake up to it & start communicating to our family & friends encouraging them to get out & vote America as we know it will cease to exist. I don’t care how much fraud is done, if Americans produce a massive voter turnout it will overcome any fraud, it’s Americans who don’t vote that allows for fraud. To simplify it, if a state has 100 registered voters & 150 votes are cast obviously there is fraud & it’s very easy to separate those 50 votes from the 100 valid votes. Don’t give them an empty voting slot, vote & fill that slot up.

Our Founders gave us a system to protect us from an abusive government, but it requires 3 things. 1-be aware of your environment, 2-make intelligent decisions, 3-vote. If you fail any of these, the government will control your life. I can’t make it any simpler than that. So don’t sit there & complain, stand up & fulfill those 3 requirements to preserve this Republic & further the goal our Founders set for us to create a “More Perfect Union.”

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