• December 8, 2023

Washington DC Refreshing Paint on Black Lives Matter Street Mural Despite Group’s Controversial Support for Hamas

 Washington DC Refreshing Paint on Black Lives Matter Street Mural Despite Group’s Controversial Support for Hamas

The city of Washington, DC is putting a fresh coat of paint on the Black Lives Matter street mural, despite the recent controversy of some BLM groups showing support for the terrorists of Hamas.

You would think such a thing would make the BLM brand toxic, but apparently not.

The people who run our capital city still revere the group enough to refresh this public show of support.

The Daily Signal reports:

DC Freshens Up ‘Black Lives Matter’ Street Art Despite Hamas Endorsements

The District of Columbia is freshening up its massive “Black Lives Matter” street mural even as the Black Lives Matter organization faces intense backlash for social media posts aligning with the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel earlier this month.

BLM affiliates have expressed solidarity with the “resistance” against Israel, compared attacks on Israel to racial struggles within the U.S., promoted imagery apparently depicting the paragliders who slaughtered Israeli concert-goers during the attacks, and more.

The controversial mural, commissioned by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser following rioting over the death of George Floyd, features the words “Black Lives Matter” painted in 50-foot-tall yellow letters along a two-block portion of 16th Street NW, just outside the White House. That area has been dubbed “Black Lives Matter Plaza” by the city.

In an October 2021 news release, the city said that the work to “transform Black Lives Matter Plaza cost $4.8 million,” promising that another $3 million would be spent on the plaza in the following months.

People have thoughts about this.

GP Should probably just add “… and Jewish lives don’t” to the (literal) street sign to take into account liberal sensibilities. https://t.co/diD2AWTaFn

— The Gormogons (@Gormogons) October 30, 2023

Dc residents: crime is skyrocketing, open air drug use block away from elementary school. Plz focus on this @MayorBowser: best I can do is refresh the BLM mural https://t.co/6xGCemOqC6

— Anton Vuljaj (@anton) October 31, 2023

Which street will the “We ❤️ Hamas” mural be painted on? https://t.co/g6a16gqaPu

— Mueller She Wrote’s Cat (@tommygtopher) October 30, 2023

Glad to DC spending $ on this when 13 year old kids are regularly committing armed carjackings. https://t.co/5zSRBae7z1

— Abigail Jackson (@abigailmarone) October 30, 2023

Congressmen are getting carjacked in DC and this is their priority… https://t.co/gTp1Bs0BOC

— \m/ -=EdVT=- \m/ (@CargoShortLife)

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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