• December 8, 2023

WATCH: BLM Is Protesting Against This Black Police Officer’s Use Of Self Defense In Wisconsin (VIDEO)

 WATCH: BLM Is Protesting Against This Black Police Officer’s Use Of Self Defense In Wisconsin (VIDEO)

Officer Joseph Mensah was not charged with murder in the death of Alvin Cole after the district attorney reviewed all evidence from dashcams and interviews.

The dashcam footage revealed that Cole refused to cooperate with the police while brandishing an illegally acquired firearm.

John Chisholm, Milwaukee County District Attorney said, “What took some time on this one is that we didn’t have that in this case. What we really had to rely on were statements of witnesses, the evidence that was collected, and some of the footage from video cameras that were in the squads themselves. Because this was a foot chase and it occurred some distance away from the squad cars.”

District Attorney Chisholm continued, “It took us some time to try to enhance those images, to put together the different segments so we had a good understanding of what took place. After doing all of that, I came to the conclusion that I would not be able to sustain my burden on charging officer Mensah with a homicide in this case.”

Cole’s possession of an illegal firearm in a fanny pack was verbally confirmed during a witness interview.

The witness recalled, “Come outside. I’m like man. Watch out nephew. I’m like man watch out. Cause he steady showing it like he finna draw it. So I’m like man, the only thing I can do is try to. I see that he a younger boy. You know what I’m saying, knows I’m a bigger dude. I was finna reach out to reach out and try to grab it. Right. Cause he never.”

The witness continued, “He kept pulling it out the fanny pack. He never pointed at me like as if he was finna fire. He kept flashing it but I know guns, you know what I’m saying say. I seent the slide and it had the green sightings. You know what I’m saying. Like the double sightings on the back. So I’m knowing that it’s real. And then when he flashed it again, I seent the extended clip. I’m like whoa. Like what is you doin with this? like.”

The Cole family continues to dent that Officer Mensah’s actions were a self defense response to an imminent threat to his life.

Taleavia Cole who is Alvin Cole’s sister said, “Joseph Mensah was the last to arrive on the scene when he shot Alvin twice. Then three more times while he was lay flat on the ground. But the media don’t want you to know that! The media not putting that in the media

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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