• March 23, 2023

WATCH: Comedian Trolls Texas City Council Meeting – Satirically Demands Reparations and Proposes School Bill and Policies to Honor George Floyd

 WATCH: Comedian Trolls Texas City Council Meeting – Satirically Demands Reparations and Proposes School Bill and Policies to Honor George Floyd

A comedian disguised as a BLM activist and Eminem wannabe trolled the Frisco, Texas city council meeting last Tuesday satirically demanding reparations and proposing a bill honoring George Floyd for schools.

Cassady Campbell, known for his hilarious and jaw-dropping pranks, hijacked the council meeting last Tuesday. He has 1.61 million subscribers on Youtube and 38k followers on Twitter.

“I create original comedy content on various social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram where I play numerous characters such as my most famous ones being the Wanksta, spoiled rich kid, Redneck and flamboyant character and many more,” according to his website.

On Tuesday, Campbell proposed “TO SAY HIS NAME BILL” to honor “my homie George Floyd” who has been “sober for two years,” during the city council meeting.

“So I just got my ancestry DNA test back, and I’m 2% black. The reason I’m up here today is because you all trifling and we need to honor my homie, George Lloyd, who has now been sober for two years. And this is going to be called, To Say His Name Bill,” Campbell said.

“So first of all, let’s take a knee to the Pledge of Allegiance of George Floyd. Well, I recite the pledge. Everybody take a knee, please,” Campbell demanded.

“I pledge allegiance to George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement and the causes for which they stand. One sentence, “I can’t breathe with methamphetamine and fentanyl for all.” he continued.

Unfortunately, nobody in the room listened to Campbell so he accused the crowd of being a racist.

“Nobody took a knee, I see. I guess you are all racist. You all were taking a knee back in 2020, though. Am I the only one still taking knees?”

Campbell then presented what will be included in the “To Say His Name Bill” for Kindergarten through Grade 12.

“So first of all, white kids need to hold their breath for eight minutes every day. White kids have to do the black kids’ school work. White kids have to give black kids their lunch money or else they go to the principal’s office. Everyone will watch George Floyd’s sex tape and write an essay on it. Every Veterans Day, we will honor George Floyd as he served as a security guard for the Salvation Army,” Campbell announced.

“Kids can receive bonus points in the classroom if they hold a pregnant woman at gunpoint. Kids can receive bonus points for using counterfeit $20 bills. Kids can receive bonus points if they record themselves having to fend all overdose and live. Students should purposely provoke the police because they’re racist and try their best to receive police mutation and be celebrated by BLM with a peaceful protest. Students will be encouraged to do everything possible to get

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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