• December 6, 2023

WATCH: MyPillow CEO Slams Fox News’ Election Coverage And Makes A Shocking Claim (VIDEO)

 WATCH: MyPillow CEO Slams Fox News’ Election Coverage And Makes A Shocking Claim (VIDEO)

The MyPillow CEO spoke at the Women For America First Rally where he slammed Fox News for prematurely calling Joe Biden the winner of Arizona’s presidential electoral votes.

Lindell stated, “It’s of epic proportions that this election was stolen. This isn’t a few votes here and there. This is like six to 10 million votes. This is-. This is a landslide victory for our great president. Why do you think Fox declared Arizona with only 14 percent of the vote in? They already knew what they did. They were in on it. You know, I’m serious. They had to be in on it! Fox had not had me on for four months because I was telling this as back when we had that therapeutic for the cure. Well, Fox didn’t have me on, but they had it live about two weeks ago at this rally. Well, you know what? The headlines were around the country. ‘Mike Lindell spews lunacy on Fox’. Well, it wasn’t lunacy. OK?”

Lindell also responded to Saturday Night Live for mocking him to diminish his election claims.

The MyPillow CEO continued, “And then, you know, you’re getting to them. When on Saturday Night Live this Saturday, they had a skit and they go and it was Rudy Giuliani, who’s your next witness? They said, well, we want to call Mike Lindell, the MyPillow guy.”

The SNL skit of the Lindell act said, “I will provide witness! Hi! I’m Mike Lindell, inventor of MyPillow. Do you know a ‘Demorack’ can hide over a million fake ballots in a MyPillos and still get a great night’s sleep? Refreshed and ready to steal an election! Thanks to MyPillow!”

Lindell continued, “And they had somebody up there, of course, they didn’t put the cross on there. Right? And they said, hello, I’m Mike Lindell. If you’re a Democrat, you can hide one million votes inside MyPillow and it’ll still be the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own. But they-. But they’re doing-. They do these things, but at least I didn’t mind because it’s getting the word out. Right? They called me everything. The attack started. The attacks have never let up. But you know what I want to tell everybody right now. We all know what [Trump] did. [Trump] kept his promises and he made this one of the greatest countries ever, in spite of the Fake News in the media. And we-. And we were on that great path when all this China virus comes in and all this stuff that came in. And he got us through that

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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