• February 5, 2023

WAYNE ROOT: The Perfect Roe vs Wade Ruling by Supreme Court Will Lead to Perfect Solution for America’s Divide: DIVORCE, American-Style

 WAYNE ROOT: The Perfect Roe vs Wade Ruling by Supreme Court Will Lead to Perfect Solution for America’s Divide: DIVORCE, American-Style

By Wayne Allyn Root

The Supremes finally got one right! God bless the US Constitution. This Roe vs Wade abortion rights ruling is literally the perfect decision. Although I am pro-life, abortion is (and always has been) a States Rights issue. Now red states & blue states can go their separate ways- just as the Founding Fathers envisioned. This was my exact recommendation 15 years ago when I campaigned for the Libertarian Presidential nomination.

Now let me get to the good and bad of this controversial decision. Let me start with the bad. As thrilled as I am with this decision, I can’t help feeling disappointed these same Supremes didn’t FIRST overturn the 2020 election.

That 2020 election ruling was far more important than this Roe vs Wade abortion ruling- if it had come first. If they had displayed the same courage in 2020 as they did today, we’d be living in a completely different country.

A courageous Supreme Court ruling then, would have saved America from today’s radical, treasonous, communist takeover. Then, living in a free and prosperous country, under four more years of a legitimate President Trump, the Supremes could have made the same courageous rulings on Voter ID, gun rights and Roe vs Wade. Wouldn’t that have been wonderful? Wouldn’t that have been perfection?

Instead they got Roe vs Wade right, but our country has been decimated from a thousand directions. So, it’s fantastic that you saved the babies (at least in red states), but that’s kind of a hollow victory, if the US economy is about to collapse; millions of poverty-stricken and disease-carrying illegals are pouring over our border; gas, meat and chicken are unaffordable; diesel fuel and diesel engine oil are in short supply; barren farmland will soon lead to mass food shortages; and the middle class is being systematically destroyed.

Saving the babies is great, but this is kind of a pyrrhic victory, don’t you think? It’s a case of the chicken vs the egg (excuse the pun). I’d rather we saved America first, and then we could have made the exact same Wade vs Roe abortion ruling. Saving the children, but losing the country is not a great tradeoff.

But now to the good news. All is not lost. This Supreme Court abortion decision is the first step toward the solution I’ve been preaching for what ails America.

I call my solution “DIVORCE, AMERICAN-STYLE.”

It’s clear we are a nation terribly divided. It’s clear we can’t live together. There is no longer compromise possible- the divide is too wide. There is no compromise for open

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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