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We Are Witness To The Most Historical Event Occurring In America

 We Are Witness To The Most Historical Event Occurring In America

January 10, 2021

by Sheila G


What is happening today, makes us witnesses to one of the most historical events occuring in America during our lifetime.   Many of us have heard of Agenda20, Agenda30, and the New World Order – all the same thing by the same people but changed names to keep us unfamiliar and to keep us blowing all three off as a conspiracy. Many thought each of these endeavors were unrelated and new conspiracies. They are very much the same initiative designed by the same globalist people, updated annually on how to achieve the same goals.

There has been a lot information out about the Global Reset.  The Global Reset is the new name for everything listed above.  It involves the same elite globalists and it is on a fast forward roll for implementation and success.  You can google any of this and find the end goals of what is to be accomplished for success of the Global Reset.  As you read the goals, be sure to ask yourself whatwill the globalists do to accomplish the goals. I encourage you to do this – for the sake of yourself, your family and friends.

In the last four years Democrats have publicly announced their buy-in to socialism.  It is very important to make a distinction here.  We are not talking about abundunt social programs.  Every responsible country has some or many social programs to assist the indigent but have a capitalist economy.  Canada, Sweden etc. are examples of countries with many social programs and a capitalist economy.

There are no true socialist countries that have socialist economies in the world today.  Socialism that practices a so-called socialist economy is only a point on a timeline before resulting in communism.  Both Cuba and Venezuela are modern day examples.  This is what the communist Democrats want.  They want universal income, free medical, free education, electric cars, climate change regulations for every person, every company, every industry, rail transportation, urban living in government housing for all, income redistribution, vaccine cards or implants,  free, free, free. This is the goal of the Global Reset. The Global Reset wants one world order.  What is meant by that? They want one world government, one world military, one world police force, one world medical and health service, one world communication and media system, one world currency and so on. Sounds insane, crazy.  But it is not to the globalists who are well on their way to achieving it.
The globalists have no intent of redistributing their wealth.  It is our wealth they want to redistribute while they sell America’s land resources to the highest bidder.  Knowing this one fact is important to understanding why America will never experience a nuclear attack.  It would make our country uninhabitable.  The globalists would not be able to profit from the sale of America’s resources. This was happening under Obama’s watch.  He is a big player in the Global Reset.  Obama went into office virtually at the high end of middle class income.  He left a multi-millionaire.  Prior to becoming Vice President, China Joe was not extremely wealthy at all. But when he left office in 2016 he was living high. Examples are the sale of our Uranium (Uranium 1),  planeload of millions of taxpayer dollars to Iran, foreign aid packages with built in kick backs to those who wrote the bills and package with payouts factored in for Obama and Biden. Sponsoring bills written by lobbyists with kickbacks to the congressional sponsors.

If you don’t know, you need to know, that very few bills are ever penned by a congress member.  Most are written and authored by the lobbyist to benefit the company or organization they lobby for.  Bills are not written for the benefit of American citizens.  Bills are written for to benefit the globalist companies. Please understand the globalists are not limited to the Democrats. We have many many conservatives who participate and are actively involved in the overthrow of our government.  For the global reset to occur our government must be overthrown.

Enough on this.  Let’s examine what we have experienced since 2016 to present.
Our President has been accused of everything and anything.  People have been paid to lie to perpetrate a crime that he did. The same happened to our SCOTUS nominees.  We, the average conservative American have been labeled thugs, ignorant and uneducated.

This is a fundamental tactic that will be used throughout the many roads to the global reset.  Smear and accuse your opposition of crimes that have been done by the accuser. This tactic will be used until the end result is achieved and in the future to maintain control. The globalists will pour money into buying people to do their bidding.  We have seen that in abundance.  Hillary, paid for the fake dossier, the Democrats funded, paid for the creation and implementation of ANTIFA and BLM.  The globalists have a lot money and will use it to buy people to cheat, lie and murder their opposition.

Hmm, I  wonder if Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s reversal on the Antifa and BLM thugs destroying his city is a result of the globalists telling him he will never have a coveted seat in the One PerCent Club of Elites.

The first step to achieving the goal is to create civil unrest and control the narrative.

The Chinese Communist Party intentionally launched a manmade virus upon the world on behalf of the Globalists. The globalists in our country accused the President of closing the borders too soon and that he was a racist for doing so.  This was happening while they continued to impeach our President. This happened while the Department of Justice and the FBI withheld information that would have stopped the impeachment in its tracks. Impeachment failed. These two government organizations run a great protection racket handing out a 2 tier justice system. There is justice for us and their is system for the elite called “Just-Us”.

Our Congress shifted strategy and accused him of not closing the border soon enough.  The very people making these accusations were paying no attention to the virus because they were consumed with the impeachment. They blamed the President for not providing hospitals and states with temporary hospitals, personal protective equipment and supplies.  Our President achieved that in record time.  Again, the globalists failed.  The globalists absolutely believe in never letting a good crisis go unused.  They employed globalist governors to send covid patients into nursing homes.  The deaths must increase to place the blame on the President.  Doctors Redfield and Fauci are two of the biggest globalists in our government perpetrating heinous crimes against Americans.  They are responsible for many unnecessary deaths.  They have known for many years that Hydroxychloriquine was 100% effective in eradicating covid.  We have seen the videos of Fauci speaking at two different  conferences praising the efficacy of HCQ in the treatment of covid.  The globalists employed the media to lie to the public around the world about the efficacy of HCQ. The media owners and high level executives are globalists and are avid supporters of the Global Reset.  This is the crisis needed to put the Global Reset on the path to victory.

The shooting of George Floyd presented another opportunity to create crisis and division among Americans.  Black against White.  Left against Right.  Deify the thugs that were shot by our police.  Defund the police. Take the riots to left large cities. Have the media sell the narrative these were peaceful protests.  We watched while journalists standing in front of buildings burning stated the protests were mostly peaceful.  Make the narrative that America has a systemic race problem.  The globalists funded and paid the thugs to destroy our cities and to blame the President. We do not have a systemic race problem.  We do have a problem with systemic corruption.

The globalists of which Nancy Pelosi is a member of, denied Americans aid not once, not twice but three times.  We had not been locked down long enough and were not hungry enough to be broken.  The globalists needed middle class completely broken before the next phase begins. Completely broken means businesses closing for good, people losing their jobs, lack of income to feed and house their families,  suicides to prevail resulting from emotional and financial trauma.  We all viewed the tweet that intellectually deficient Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent to the governors stating “we need to keep the lockdown in place-more time is needed.” She committed a crime against humanity.  She is unfit for human society.

For four years we put up with conservative Senators and Republicans who betrayed our President and through him they betrayed us – the people who put them in office. But we too are responsible.  We did nothing to hold these traitors accountable.

We had leaders of large groups on Twitter and Facebook who didn’t want to band together and develop effective strategies.  They preferred to do their own thing.   Instead we tweeted and posted to each other hour after hour, day after day our gripes and frustrations. Essentially we were talking to ourselves, we were talking to people who were powerless to make change.

There were some and they were not the majority, that did direct their tweets and posts to specific congressional members who have the power to create change. There were many conservatives who were afraid their accounts would be suspended and they would lose their followers.  Is losing followers more important than losing our country?

The real digital warriors put themselves out there and took the risk.   The real digital warriors resurrected themselves over and over until they ran out of phone numbers and emails to recreate a new account after suspension. The rest of us chose to follow our egos and build large numbers of followers and large numbers of group rooms – so that we could complain to each other. The rest of us were cowards who were afraid to put ourselves out there.

How many of us can honestly say we opened our pocketbooks to the many new and great candidates that were trying to make it to the primary.  Did you know that neither Twitter or Facebook produces any significant donations for candidates? We lost some stellar new candidates because they couldn’t afford to make it to the primary. We did nothing to help them.

Then we have the election.  We experierenced deceit and lies from the left, our own party and incumbent candidates.  We reelected many of the RINOs because the RNC didn’t find any suitable replacements. New candidates do not receive any funding from the RNC as a general rule. We had many open slots where we did not have any candidates against a poorly favored Democrat incumbent. Our state and national GOP failed us. They were lazy and entrenched in the good ole boys club.

We have governor recall efforts going in different states and failing.  Why? Why didn’t or don’t the states band together and make it a national effort like the car rallies.  The car rallies brought people together, put them on the street. The car rallies made us the unsilent majority. Rally dates were coordinated across the nation.  The intent was to maximize and make known both our presence by showing vast numbers of conservatives and our support for the President.

Governor recalls could be a powerful mechanism if the leaders of these efforts banded together, selected the same dates and did drive through signings of the petition.  There are so many of us with websites, social media groups that would have proudly distribute this information out. The goal is to make it big, stand together and do something to make it happen and to take the effer communist governors out. It is still not too late. This could be one of the most powerful weapons we have in our arsenal.

The FBI issued a warning for possible terrorist (us) activity and have begun bringing in 15,000 armed national guard.  I haven’t heard anything until today January 11, 2021 about any conservative armed protests.  My question is that this is nonsense.  Why would conservatives protest with arms and broadcast it? If we were going to make a tactical strike it would not be during an inaugural event with thousands of armed soldiers.  It would be both carefully and covertly planned and communicated. How do we know that the flyer going around was not developed by the Democrats or Antifa.  How do we know it is not another setup like January 6?

January 6, 2021

The conservatives hold a massive protest in DC on January 6, 2021. I was so proud of the many Conservatives who showed their support for our President.  True to history, the Globalists needed to have this event turn tragic.  They funded, paid and transported ANTIFA thugs to infiltrate and pose as MAGA patriots.  We saw the Federal police open the barricades, hold the doors open and waive people in.  Why would they do that?  We saw videos of conservatives inside telling others we don’t destroy statues or government property.  We saw videos of conservatives walking through the halls of Congress just looking at the statues and the architecture.  I can understand why conservatives went in.  We back the Blue.  When the Federal police waived them to come in, it was viewed as an invitation and they did just that.  In my view that was an innocent mistake. In my view, we should not have entered.  The only acceptable reason to enter would have been if our President had left office and our congress was writing legislation to enact gun confiscation and we go inside with massive amounts of people for the express purpose of taking out congress.  Without this being the sole purpose for mass entry into the building it had to be a setup.  Someone gave the order to  allow ANTIFA to infiltrate and create chaos.

The Globalists in congress have already set up the narrative and are in complete control of it.  They blame the President for inciting violence.  They claim he is deranged.  They have already established who will make comments to the media and then hand selected the media and platforms that will be used.  They have coordinated with other world leaders to make statements to the world that America’s conservatives are thugs, our behavior disgusting and our President unhinged to incite us into violence.  Even our own conservative Senators and Representatives turned on us and released inflammatory statements with the press, on social media stating it was unacceptable for us to protest in this manner.  All of this occurred within 24 hours of the protest. It was one after another in rapid succession. All of them are part of the globalist regime.  Here are two examples;

You can be assured the public statements condemning our protest and the President for inciting it was well planned and staged.

The Communication Strategy is on a high speed rollout.

Within 48 hours Nancy is attempting to invoke Article 25 to impeach the President so that he can never again run for office.  This woman looks crazed – she is fighting against time for a reason.

US Rep Cori Bush-MO, introduces legislation to sanction, remove all House members who supported election challenges


Twitter, Facebook and other not so popular social media sights who want to play like a big boy ban our President and employ tactics to make us conform to their rules- completely trampling on our rights to free speech. The Campaign Monitor, who the President used to send his emails will no longer do business with him.

Both FaceBook and Twitter banned the President. Twitter allows the government account to continue to operate. Amazon announced they will no longer provide data storage to Parler.  Parler cannot operate without data storage.

Apple and Google are banning the Parler app because they do not agree with Parler’s censoring rules.

CNN is now lobbying for Fox (who laughably is a member of the Global Reset), NewsMax and OANN to be taken off of the air.

Today, Marriot, Blue Shield, and Boston Scientific stop donations to the “treasonous Republican Caucus” who voted to overturn the election.  Calls for our heroes Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are mounting for them to quit after the MAGA mob descrated the capitol.

Marriot Hotels bans all donations to 147 Republicans led by Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and Kevin McCarthy. Threats of mass desertion by big business of scores of Republican lawmakers puts McCarthy’s leadership in question. It is predicted to spread to the entire Republican lawmakers after re-electing Trump loyalist Rona McDaniel as the national chair.

Ford, CVS, Target and Exon Mobil said they would review all future donation plans to the so-called treasonous caucus.

Amazon cut Parler’s data storage plan off and shut them down.  Parler has filed a lawsuit in Seattle.

Republican Candidate Laura Loomer reports that two of her members sponsoring her fan club were notified their personal PayPal accounts were suspended.

Then Paul Speery tweeted this:


This is the most laughable action that I have seen yet!

Wall Street banks are freezing political donation after the Capitol Hill Riots and threaten pro-trump politicians with blacklisting.  Some of the largest financial institutions announced they are halting donations to their political action committees and considering permanently cutting off politicians accused of attempting to overturn the 2020 election. This includes, J.P. Morgan Chase halting donations through it PAC for six months, Citigroup stopping donations for the first quarter of 2021, Goldman Sachs halting donations pending a review of “how people acted during the period”.  The NY Times states the likely result will exclude Republic politicians who challenged the 2020 results. Morgan Stanley also said it is stopping political contributions and is considering withdrawing support for politicians who voted against certifying Biden’s win.  Bank of America and Wells Fargo are considering the response.

God bless Idaho! T1 WiFi reportedly said it would block both platforms for customers who requested such actions after being informed that “Twitter and Facebook are engaged in censorship of our customers and information“.

I am proud of our Republican legislators who proved they are not cowards.  I sincerely thank our brave Republican House members for shutting down the implementation of Article 25 against our President, we know who you are. Likewise, we know who the treasonous senators and house members are who have proven themselves to be traitors are and hold them entirely responsible for where we are today.  They are globalists who have sold their souls to China and the global reset.  It is my opinion these should be the first to face a firing squad.

Do you see the pattern?  Do you see the rapid, high speed need to eliminate conservatism in America.  The reaction to the incursion of the Capitol building by ANTIFA infiltrators posing as MAGA patriots stands in stark contrast to the response of social media, banks, businesses, financial institutions response to the burning, looting, and destruction of our American cities.  I do not recall any of these not so fine institutions speaking out against the Antifa and BLM thugs who terrorized citizens in these cities.


What will be next?

Will the NYTimes, WAPO, lobby for conservative news outlets such as the Epoch Times, conservative news radio, etc to be banned? Will DirecTV, Dish, Comcast drop conservative news from their lineup? Will Netflix, Amazon, Roku other streaming services drop all and anything conservative?

For those that did not know, we have Conservative Choice TV on ROKU. We added Q to our line up. ROKU dropped it in the fall of 2019 and did not bother to tell us or provide a reason. Yes, Q is controversial – some believe it and some don’t. We think it is an individual choice to watch or not. We certainly do not believe it was Roku’s decision to make that decision for anyone.

Democrat Representative Cory Bush, MO 1 authored a house resolution written January 5, 2021 calling for “expulsion of Republican members who incited this attack in their attempts to overthrow the election”. How could she possibly know to write this when the event had not yet happened? She was in on it.  That makes her a traitor to her country and complicit in the overthrow of our government.

We have the photo from inside the House chamber with a few members cowered on the floor behind seating while others are sitting up with their arms resting on the back of the chairs looking unconcerned. Was this a staged photo op? The photo was taken by someone inside the chambers with them.

The Democrats and Republicans have taken the protest to a knew height and are using it as an event to ensure our President can never run for re-election. They want to use Article 25 to ensure he can never run for President again.  They planned, funded, paid and transported Antifa to create the chaos.  It was a set-up.  They again used us and abused us to keep their pockets lined with our taxpayer money. The democrats are stating this was the most heinous event of thuggery they ever witnessed. What a laughable and deranged statement to make.

My message to the GOP is if they ever again want to win a Presidential election or ever again have control of the chambers of congress, it is incumbent upon them to take the trash out of the party.  They will never again receive one dollar from me.  The Republican Party is dead to me.  I believe they deceived us from the very beginning.  There is certainly a lot of evidence that points in that direction. The good ole boy’s club needs to be put to bed.  Yes, I have officially removed my name from the Republican voter roles.

Phase 2 – Disarm the Citizens

The second step to a regime takeover is to disarm the citizens.  As I write this there are bills being written by House Democrats with precisely this in their line of site.

I have read many comments from Patriots ranging from – “they will never get mine or they can come to get mine bullet by bullet”.

Does anyone really believe that a police officer, county sheriff, US Military member will come knocking at your door, and politely announce we are here to collect your guns? If you do, please know you are in denial.

It will be none of these people.  Special militia’s will be hired. They might even use UN soldiers.  They will have lists of known dissenters, they will use federal and state gun registries.  They will first target known dissenters while militias target  specific locations of known gun owners.  A militia will be at your door while armored trucks manned with special militia to operate the guns to protect the milita at your door.  If you don’t answer, they will break the door down, search your home and if you were there and did not answer, you be classified a dissenter and there will be a special place for you.

Democrats are writing away on legislation for gun control:

H.R.30 – To increase public safety by punishing and deterring firearms trafficking.

H.R.121 – To provide for the hiring of 200 additional Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents and investigators to enforce gun laws.

H.R.125 – To amend Title 18, United States Code, to provide for a 7-day waiting period before a semiautomatic firearm, a silencer, armor piercing ammunition, or a large capacity ammunition magazine may be transferred.

H.R.127 – To provide for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms, and to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition.

H.R.130 – To require the safe storage of firearms and ammunition, and to require the investigation of reports of improper storage of firearms or ammunition.

H.R.167 – To prohibit the transfer of a firearm at a gun show by a person who is not a federally licensed firearms dealer.

Meanwhile, additional and more sweeping bills are likely inbound.  For those who were not old enough to remember  when Phnom Penh citizens were disarmed by Khmer Rouge here is a photo.  The smiling children and citizens did not know they would be marched to the killing fields and executed in mass.

Starting in phase two we will see the building of reeducation camps begin.

Sunday – January 10, 2021

Pelosi announces plan to go forward with impeachment of the President.  It must be for sedition or treason so that he can never run again for President.  She doesn’t have the time or the votes. Tactic 1 – always accuse your foe of the crimes you have committed.

We are at the pivotal time

The time period between the first and second steps is a pivotal point of time and one that will be worthy of a special place in our history.  Why?  What we do or don’t do as citizens is the same decision that had to be considered in 1776 – are we going to cross the Delaware or not?

If we choose at this pivotal time to not cross the Delaware means we are ready and willing to accept without argument or fight the fate of our future as. Dictated by the Global Reset.

If we decide at this pivotal moment to cross the Delaware we have made a declaration of civil war which means we accept there will be many casualties with the possibility of China unleashing a far more deadly disease upon us.  What condition will we be in at the end?  What price are we willing to pay for freedom?

I pray our President takes every possible action in his reach to take these evil people who are willing to sacrifice human life for greed and put them in their special place in hell.

If you study battles and war at all, this is the only pivotal time that citizens have to change the direction of the regime. My prediction is that in the coming years, the working class left and right will unite in ideology but will have no power, no weapons and no method for overthrowing communism.

Lastly, I made an important decision last week.  I decided that I no longer will be part of Twitter or Facebook and deleted my twitter and FB accounts. For me staying would  violate both my principles and self respect. As users, we are not viewed as customers. We are considered products. The more products they have the more ad revenues they rake in. My presence, your presence helps them to become richer, bigger and more powerful.  As products they expect us to adapt and respect their many written rules built to support their corporate social governances which are designed to support the Global reset. By staying, I would be helping them fund the effort to destabilize our country to usher in communism.

It is like being in a Chinese Communist Party re-education camp. When we buck the system and do not follow the established written rules, even though the system they design allows us to, we are thrown into solitary confinement for a period of hours and days. When we use our freedom of speech and publish our thoughts and responses that they disagree with, they sentence us to death by throwing us permanently off of the platform. They select what news will be allowed on their platform and what will not. This is one of the prime goals of the Global reset – control control control. Control what news we can see, what tweets or posts we can view, and what our tweets and posts may or may not say, contain or depict.

The most costly expense of any company – big or small is the workforce. The general average cost of manpower (payroll) is 80% of all operating costs.

When a company loses half of its products (us), it loses advertising revenues because fewer of us to see their ads. An advertiser will not continue to pay the same dollar amount for 1,000,000 people to see their ad when the company now has only 500,000 people to see it.  Both Twitter and FB guarantee their advertisors will have product revenue increase from advertising with them.

So when the product and advertising both decrease, the operating budget must also decrease. Most often it results in reducing payroll costs (80%). There is little slop in the remaining 20% to reduce. This means workers are laid off.

Twitter’s stock has declined 11% after the great purge. Twitter stockholders, of which I am one until January 11, 2021 are either incredibly stupid to allow Jack Dorsey and the board to reign over this company  or they are globalists as well. I suspect many are globalists. We have the power to take Twitter down by simply deleting our accounts.  The stock will free fall.  I will no longer hold stock in this tyrannical, deceiving, disinformation distribution platform.

I decided to stop funding communism by removing my product – me – from the shelves of the communist companies. Believe me when I tell you they are in bed with the Global reset. There are no number of followers that are so great that will keep me on the shelf and to continue putting money in the pockets of these traitorous companies.  My principles, self respect, and the love for my country far exceeds anything they have to offer.  I will not allow myself to be sold to line the pockets of communists. Period.

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