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What are the differences between Globalism and Communism?

 What are the differences between Globalism and Communism?


by Sheila G, March 14, 2022

Many are asking what are the differences between globalism and communism. Some say there are no differences. However, while very similar there are some significant differences. Here they are:

  • Globalism encompasses the world and impacts every single nation in the world.
  • Communism is generally confined to the boundaries within one nation. Examples of communist states are Venezuela and Cuba.


  • Globalism is made possible by and ruled by many wealthy elites who WILL OWN EVERYTHING.
  • Communism is made possible by the rule of one dictator.


  • Globalism uses a CAPITALISTIC ECONOMY MINUS the trickle down economics it can bring (no self employed, no mom and pop stores). All profits earned will go to wealthy elites.
  • Communism uses a COMMUNIST ECONOMY. All profits earned go into the dictator’s pocket. The dictator determines if anyone else shall share.


  • Globalism – includes using genocide to depopulate the world. Human life is meaningless. Humans are expendable. The goal is to leave enough serfs to support the world’s elite. This has been evidenced today with the genocide occurring around the world due to covid and the withholding effective drugs to eradicate the disease.
  • Communism does pretty much the same as above. Dictators as we all know have no compunction about murdering those that dissent.


  • Globalism is a two class society. The wealthy and the poor. Those who are not wealthy and survive depopulation are destined to be serfs.
  • Communism does not always use depopulation because there would not be enough serfs within the nation to do the work. It is however, a two class system as well.


  • Globalism will have a one World army, made up of paid mercenaries, a one world police force with paid mercenaries, a one world medical service – with special privilege and treatment for the rich and death panels for the serfs determining for the sick who lives and dies.
  • Communism has a one nation army of paid mercenaries, a corrupt police force with mercenaries, private physicians tending to the medical needs of the dictator and his/her special friends and no medical treatment for the poor.


  • Globalism will employ serfs to do the work. Globalist owners for which you will work will determine how much you are to be paid based upon what they feel you need to have a minimal life existence. You will live in urban cities in housing provided by the wealthy. You will own nothing. You will use only public transportation. The rural areas you once lived in will be classified as protected land.
  • Communism – serfs do the work or die. You may or may not be paid. You live wherever you can find shelter. You scrounge the streets and trash cans for food.


  • Globalists will divide the World into regions. Each region will be responsible for growing food and manufacturing certain items that the rest of the world will need. For example, the goal for the Americas is to become one huge nation state from South America to the Canadian border. This is an example of a region.
  • Communism as stated above is confined to one nation. Make no mistake, communism like globalism can spread


  • Both Globalism and Communismdisarm all serfs. Neither “ism” leaves you with a way to protect yourself.


  • Globalism will replace the US dollar as the world’s fiat with a new global currency.
  • Communism relies on whatever dollar from whatever country to support themselves. They sell off land resources one by one for profit to the highest bidder. They wash the money converting into the US dollar or into their local currency.


  • Globalism will result in serfs becoming vegetarians and consuming artificial meat and GMO products. Beef, pork, chicken, game, fresh vegetables and fruits, etc will be reserved for the wealthy only.
  • Communism – the serfs eat what they can find laying on the streets, in trash cans or from scavenging or stealing. The dictator eats like a king.


  • Globalism will use digitized banking and ID controlled by the region. They will have the ability to know where you are at any given time on any day. They will have the ability to decline your purchase if they so choose. Perhaps they feel it is a frivolous purchase, or a purchase reserved for people above your station. If you are a dissenter your account will be frozen just as Canada recently did with the perceived truck protestors.
  • Communism – the dictator is not going to spend his/her money on such an expensive tracking system for worthless serfs. To do so, would take money from the very pockets S/he/it is earning from the toil of the serfs and the sale of land resources.
  • Both Globalism and Communismwill have black market activity. It is inevitable. However, with Globalism it will be more difficult with 24/7 tracking of your location.

Globalism is a worldwide effort to control and hold power over every nation in this world! It is exponentially more dangerous to mankind than a single communist nation. Both are based upon power, control and greed.

I am certain that Globalism has many more facets to it – I just don’t know them all. I do know the purpose of Globalism is to make the wealthy richer. I do know the purpose of Communism make the dictator the sole benefactor of wealth. Both are based upon power, control and greed.

Who exactly is behind the Globalist movement? Professor Klaus Schwab, Leader of the World Economic Forum is the designer. Do you have any idea of where they currently stand in achieving their goals and the strategies they are using? Do you know who the participants are in this grand plan? Do you know who the members are? Do you know the globalist members of this organization who are currently implanted into our federal, state and local governments?

If you do not then you have no idea who our enemy is. You only know the organizational name of the enemy – the World Economic Forum.



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