• January 21, 2022

When protests become riots by Don Frost

 When protests become riots by Don Frost

Don Frost Author / Contributor for ConservativeChoiceCampaign.com

By Don Frost
            Ever since those brain-dead Minneapolis cops killed George Floyd the country has periodically been ripped apart by what the news media is pleased to characterize as mild-sounding “protests” or “unrest.” Not all of these street demonstrations have been over Floyd’s death, there being no shortage of white cops shooting black men and news media eager to exploit it. The justification for such shootings is always debatable and should be subject to serious investigation, but the mob won’t wait. It always assumes it’s premeditated murder and utterly unjustified regardless of the circumstances.
            Inevitably these protests devolve into riots, featuring arson, trashing of stores, and looting. The Democratic Party and their sycophants in the press, predictably, downplay the actions of their supporters as “mostly peaceful,” while magnanimously conceding that there may have been “some sporadic violence.” Then, too, they are at pains to blame the entire mess on President Trump. But seriously? Who among the arsonists, looters, and rioters sports a red MAGA cap?
            Black Lives Matter, on the other hand,  hasn’t missed a single riot. Its devotees are at the forefront in all the riots and that organization is the spawn of the Left, of years of feeding at the “liberal” trough. Ariel Atkins, a BLM organizer, is an unabashed supporter of Vicky Osterweil, author of a book called “In Defense of Looting.” Atkins considers looting a legitimate form of “reparations.”
            And that’s what scares the crap out of the Democratic Party. Joe Biden et al can huff and puff all they want about how the riots are Trump’s fault, but increasingly people aren’t buying it. The reason is simple: There’s no denying the arsonists, rioters, and looters are children of the Left, not the Right. If they can carve out time from their “protesting” to vote come November, the rioters will cast their ballots for Biden, not Trump, and everybody knows it.
            Only recently, with more and more polls show the nation’s voter’s growing disenchantment with BLM’s assertion that they seek only “justice” and “racial equality,” has Biden and the rest of his party “condemned in the strongest terms possible” lawlessness.
            One “liberal” member of the mob said, in an attempt to justify arson, looting, etc., “Who ever said protests are supposed to be ‘peaceful?’” Well, the Constitution does. It’s right there in the 1st Amendment, our vaunted freedom of speech: “Congress shall make no law . . . [abridging] the right of the people peaceably to assemble . . .”
            Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi understood the value of peaceful protests and marches, and it worked. But, alas, the rap music generation is in charge now and they find peaceful protests so boring. Besides, no peaceful march ever resulted in a free big screen TV from a looted store.
            NEWS MEDIA have adopted a new style. Hence forth the word “black” shall be capitalized when referring to a race of people. They will not capitalize the word “white” in reference to a race of people. This double standard was adopted because white supremacist groups have for decades capitalized white as a reference to a race of people as a means of demonstrating racial superiority.
            But if the media recognize “White” as racist, what is “Black”?
            A FINAL WORD about Black Lives Matter. To call it a “movement” is to elevate it to undeserved lofty heights. It’s a business. With people like Atkins running it, any claim to nobility of purpose is a sick joke. Go to the official BLM website, https://blacklivesmatter.com/ , and click on “Shop.” There you’ll find a tote bag for $25; face masks for $15; coffee mug for $20; T-shirts run $30 to $40; hats are $30; and hoodies run $45 to $60.
            You also will be encouraged to donate. Your donation will be funneled through ActBlue, a fund raising organization. ActBlue also raises funds for Biden. It does not raise funds for Trump.
Don Frost blogs at www.commonsense931.wordpress.com 

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