• May 17, 2021

When You See Something and It Resonates!

 When You See Something and It Resonates!


by Sheila G, April 12, 2021

I am an avid reader.  I am also on various social media sites. I can literally spend my days reading posts.  I am not one that just hits the repost key.  I read what I repost and I don’t repost what I don’t read. I was on Telegram the other night and I came to a post that caught my eye.  After reading it, it lingered in my mind.  It was a post by Em Reid. Em and I are in a telegram room together. My first thought was the message was spot on.  My second thought was here is a person who gets it.  My third thought was it needs to be shared far and wide.  With Em’s permission, I am reposting here for everyone to see.

“Look, Guys.

We know.

We know HCQ was a valid and affordable medicine for Covid-19.

We know HCQ has been safely used for 60+ years.

We know the left and mainstream media lied to us. We know “fake news” is a big thing.

We know the Lancet created a fake study on how HCQ was ineffective fighting COVID and had to retract it.

We know the AMA in JANUARY suddenly indicated HCQ is a good treatment for Covid-19 and stated it will save lives.

We know the left and the media virtually attacked Donald Trump unfairly and ridiculed him for indicating HCQ can help us.  Turns out, he was RIGHT.

We know MANY people died unnecessarily because of this.

We know the WHO decided right after the inauguration to reduce the cycle counts needed in the CpeloOVID-19 testing, REDUCING the number of FALSE POSITIVES the world will see and reducing the cases states will see.  WHAT A MIRACLE.  (The Same WHO that China BLOCKED from investigating Wuhan when the virus broke … and did little to condemn China’s actions.  Why??)  Oh and Fauci backed the Wuhan lab! https://www.newsweek.com/dr-fauci-backed-controversial-wuhan-lab-millions-us-dollars-risky-coronavirus-research-1500741

We know our politicians are not being fully honest with us.

We know Faux Fauci does not know.  No mask needed. Wait – mask needed.  Wait … two masks needed.  No HCQ. Wait. Okay HCQ.  Six Feet.  Hold up. Okay – Three Feet.  Just Two weeks. Wait. Longer. Six Weeks … Wait.   No Cred.

We know there’s no logic or reason: Close your business. Close your schools.  Close your restaurants. But we’ll keep bringing people in at the border!   WTH?

We know they are foreshadowing their next planned virus.   (Bill Gates warned the next pandemic could be 10 times worse.   He seems to know …)

We know the elections were rigged and corporate media and Big Tech were part of the coverup.

We know the mainstream media is owned by SIX ENTITIES (That’s all) who are controlling the narrative precisely as they wish.

We know many of our politicians and many courts are controlled (blackmailed) by others … and these “others” are corrupt evil doers.

We know Hunter Biden is a sick pedo and his laptop has disgusting files incriminating him and the Biden family.

We know the media doesn’t report the full truth. They buried the Hunter Biden laptop story before the election and barely acknowledge the CRIMES even now.

We know Antifa and BLM were PART of the plan in the Capitol upheaval and SOME of the DC police were in on it opening barriers and doors, waving people in.

We know “magically” democrat run states suddenly began opening up after January 20 as though the threat of COVID-19 diminished when the three-volley salute for Biden took place.

We know Mockingbird is legit and gaslighting has been ongoing as the MSM pushes FEAR and LIES to DIVIDE us.

We know the left uses bots and foreign players online to give the impression of an “army” from the left.

We know when Trump signed EO 13848 in September of 2018 and it was foreshadowing for those paying attention.   

We know the election fraud evidence is ABUNDANT and the Military knows the truth about this Cyber attack. We know much of the judicial system has been corrupted and blackmailed preventing justice.

We know those who readily consume the MSM’s crafted narratives of fiction prefer to homogenize anyone who does not go along with them, absurdly condemning even mild moderates as crazy zealots.

We know CENSORSHIP is the latest tool to silence practically all dissonance, even the most tame statements that go against MSM’s fake narratives and all are “fact checked” by first amendment killers.

We know we are the majority.  Know that.”

EM also attached this Newsweek article to the post:

Click here to read the Newsweek article

 Em nailed it!  Thank you Em!

You can find me on Telegram, Gab and Parler @TheSheilaG2020. You can email me at [email protected]



Sheila G

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