• March 31, 2023

Why Trump?

 Why Trump?


By Frank D. Lovell
American Patriot
Free State of Florida

First, realize we are at war to save this Republic so be careful of what you see, hear & read concerning events in America, our only concern should be facts. Any other info is intended to deceive us & mold our opinion.

Now I’m hearing things that are negative concerning Trump, blame for lost elections, etc. so what is going on? So far Trump’s endorsement rate in state elections across the country is Senate 68% & House 87% many states elected republicans, some sent them to Washington others are in state legislatures, and over 200 people he endorsed won elections. If I had to blame someone it would be the Republican Party for failing to support those candidates in various states, some they wouldn’t even endorse & that is a critical error of leadership, THEY cost us elections & that is just one issue.

Also sensing some conflict between Trump & DeSantis, etc. & like you I have no idea what is going on behind the scenes & there is always ‘something’ going on behind the scenes. I do know we have to be careful of what the media tells us because something like this is what they will twist & build up to divide us, dividing forces is one of the 1st rules of war. As for me, as I said I have no clue only guesses, but I do know whatever is going on if anything, that is between Trump & DeSantis, etc. to make right & put America First. Maybe you should tell them that.

Back to why Trump. so, let’s look at some facts. He didn’t take a paycheck, & as far as I know, he never made any $ for being President. He & his family were under constant attack, and the number of subpoenas issued to his family is mind-boggling. Keep in mind Trump is looking at all these attacks on his family, because of who he is, how would you feel? Survived 2 impeachments which was a degrading insult to the integrity of the impeachment process, that was as they say, ‘an attack on democracy;’ Survived numerous investigations, Russia, Russia, all made up, numerous attacks from the NY Attorney General, attacks on his friends who support him, swat teams, handcuffs, jail, etc. And not once any evidence of Trump’s wrongdoing, not once.

During all this, what did Trump accomplish for America in his 4 years? I won’t even go there, you were here, you remember how your life was 2 years ago, you know what he did or at least felt what he did while living your life. You lived in a thriving economy, you had jobs & opportunities, you were free. I don’t have to tell you how you were better off then. During all this history I only see 2 mistakes he made & I’m sure he won’t make them again. 1. trusting certain people he dealt with who he felt believed in America First & 2. not completely draining the swamp, he left a lot of people who had the power to oppose his policies simply by slow walking them, etc. This time he will ‘drain the swamp,’ by cutting off their $ flow, etc., or dismissing them from govt.

Do you know why Ulysses S. Grant was the general of the northern army during the Civil War? Because he won battles, he was proven not by what he said but by what he did. So, history says he was a drunk & he was kinda ornery, the reality is he got the job done, became Secretary of War & later the 18th President. A little unknown piece of history, he brought his wife’s slaves to the town hall & signed papers granting them freedom because it’s what he believed, it was his character. So here comes Trump who made us promises & kept them during all the attacks against him & his family which continue to this day. He is now making us more promises if we elect him, so what are the odds he will keep them? All we have is history to rely on & his history says we can trust what he says. I really don’t care if some people don’t like him, what I care about is what is he going to do for America which translates to what is he going to do for us.

Now another critical battle before us takes place in the House of Representatives not only to stop America’s bleeding but to expose facts to the American people on what this govt has been doing before we vote for a President in 24, we need information & the House can produce that through investigations. You know what would be good, another Jan 6th hearing, a real hearing, to reveal exactly what happened on that day & days leading up to it. We need many investigations on many issues in America, the people need to have facts before them before they vote in another election. That burden falls on every one of us to be aggressive with our Representatives & demand they uncover the facts on so many issues, this is yet another critical battle we must win. Saving America takes time & effort by everyone so let’s focus on the battle before us, we will protect America (& ourselves) one battle at a time. The House should be mindful that the goal shouldn’t be about compromise, we can no longer compromise with the Democrats, they are not interested in that. The only objective of the House should be to stop the bleeding & expose facts, that’s it.

We have another battle in December in Georgia for the Senate, if Herschel Walker wins that evenly divides the Senate & if by some miracle, we have another state conduct a Senate election recount that favors a Republican we win the Senate but let’s not count on that, we must concentrate on reality.

An afterthought, why did the Democrats give illegals cell phones, and for what purpose? Could it be those phones are receiving a lot of text messages informing illegals of all the services & funding they are ‘entitled’ to offered by the Democrats? Could it be the Democrats are nurturing & conditioning the illegals to become Democrat voters? Pay attention to the Democrats & don’t be surprised if you hear a lot about offering amnesty & a path to citizenship for illegals who will become the new Democrat voting bloc.

We all have a lot to do, not only with contacting our Representatives but everyone we know to keep them informed with information. The bottom line with all this is it’s going to come down to a Presidential election & we better make sure Americans have all the information they need to make intelligent votes.

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