• July 25, 2024

WSJ Columnist Calls Climate Change Obsession a ‘Real Mental Disorder’

 WSJ Columnist Calls Climate Change Obsession a ‘Real Mental Disorder’

A new column in the Wall Street Journal by Allysia Finley suggests that the left’s obsession with climate change is a genuine mental disorder.

She points to very real examples from politics and the liberal media to show how the obsession with climate change has even been substituted as a stand-in for other legitimate mental disorders.

None of this is surprising when you see elected officials like AOC and others spreading doomsday prophecies about the world ending in ten years due to climate change. It’s a hysteria.

From the Wall Street Journal via MSN:

Climate Change Obsession Is a Real Mental Disorder

The media wants you to know it’s hot outside. “ ‘Heat health emergency’: Nearly half the US at risk,” CNN proclaimed last week as temperatures climbed above 90 degrees in much of the country.

If heat waves were as deadly as the press proclaims, Homo sapiens couldn’t have survived thousands of years without air conditioning. Yet here were are. Humans have shown remarkable resilience and adaptation—at least until modern times, when half of society lost its cool over climate change.

“Extreme Temperatures Are Hurting Our Mental Health,” a recent Bloomberg headline warns. Apparently every social problem under the sun is now attributable to climate change. But it’s alarmist stories about bad weather that are fueling mental derangements worthy of the DSM-5—not the warm summer air itself…

The New Yorker magazine earlier this month published a 4,400-word piece titled “What to Do With Climate Emotions” by Jia Tolentino, a woman in the throes of such neurosis. “It may be impossible to seriously consider the reality of climate change for longer than ninety seconds without feeling depressed, angry, guilty, grief-stricken, or simply insane,” Ms. Tolentino writes.

Ms. Tolentino goes on to describe how climate therapists can help patients cope. “The goal is not to resolve the intrusive feeling and put it away” but, as one therapist advises her, “to aim for a middle ground of sustainable distress.” Even the climate left’s despair must be “sustainable.”

Climate therapists? That’s a real thing now?

Here’s a perfect example of how this happened. Kamala Harris says in an interview that young people are scared about the future because of climate change. Who put that fear in them?

VP HARRIS: “Climate anxiety — [young people] are concerned about their future in almost a doomsday fear about what might be within a couple of decades of now. They’re concerned about whether they should have children,

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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