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WTF? New York Governor Says the Vaccine Is from God

 WTF? New York Governor Says the Vaccine Is from God

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Published September 28, 2021 




Rumble — The new governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, quickly showed she could be just as insane as her predecessor. Hochul went on a religious rant, saying the “vaccine is from God” and that she wanted the “apostles” to help spread the message. On top of this, New York started firing health care workers for the heinous sin of refusing the divine dose. Comedian Lila Hart joins us in-studio to discuss her experience being kicked out of places in L.A. despite being vaccine-exempt. Harvard Business School is moving classes online for first- and some second-year students due to a COVID outbreak, even though the campus has a vaccine requirement. One has to wonder, are the mandates actually preventing outbreaks at all? During a press conference, a Victorian politician announced that 78% of the people hospitalized were fully vaccinated, apparently unable to comprehend the implications of what he was saying. Are these people actually this dumb, or is this just willful ignorance on full display? Pastor Artur Pawlowski faces six years in prison for the crime of opening his church because the only worship allowed right now is at the altar of Big Pharma. The insanity of the Left is finally beginning to backfire, with multiple high-profile individuals seeing through their lies and deception. NBA players Bradley Beal and Jonathan Isaac are questioning the rationale behind mandates, while comedian and podcast host Russell Brand is calling Russiagate a Democrat conspiracy. Is the facade of the narrative finally beginning to fall? Only time will tell, and hopefully that time is now.

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