• May 6, 2021

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(CAIR) Antifa

FRANCE: Terror investigation opened after Tunisian Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar”

APRIL 23, 2021 BY BARENAKEDISLAM French authorities opened a terrorism investigation and detained three people after a police official was stabbed to death inside a police station outside Paris. Officers shot and killed the attacker at the scene Friday, authorities said. FOX


White House points to ‘systemic racism’ in shooting of 16-year-old

by Mike Brest, Breaking News Reporter |  April 21, 2021 White House press secretary Jen Psaki invoked the phrase "systematic racism" in discussing the fatal police shooting of a 16-year-old Ohio girl who was seen on video attacking another female


CDC Admits 5,800 FULLY VACCINATED People Became Infected with COVID-19

by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News In a clear example showing how the CDC and Big Pharma control the corporate media, the CDC today apparently sent out emails to the major corporate media outlets allegedly explaining that about 5,800

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When You See Something and It Resonates!

Opinion by Sheila G, April 12, 2021 I am an avid reader.  I am also on various social media sites. I can literally spend my days reading posts.  I am not one that just hits the repost key.  I read

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