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13 Traitor Republican House Members Vote Yea!

 13 Traitor Republican House Members Vote Yea!

by Sheila G

November 7, 2021

Part 1

It is time to wake up, folks. We have been deceived again by members of our party. 

If the 13 Republicans had voted no, the infrastructure bill would have failed because 6 Democrats also joined the Republicans in voting no.

Two of the thirteen are stepping down from Congress – Gonzalez, and Kinzinger. I say good riddance. That leaves 10 for us to consider. It comes down to the same members repeatedly voting with the communists.  

Are you prepared to re-elect them in 2022 because we need to hold the seat? Is your reason for re-electing them based upon holding the balance of power?

If you answer yes, please look at the following information. The following information is based upon the top 50 votes for the most current six-year period or, if less, since






I have messaged Conservative Review and asked for Rep. Van Drew’s voting record. He is also new to office (2019).




I am embarrassed that I donated and supported Nicole Malliotakis!






And this is the man that allowed the infrastructure plan to go through.  This is the man that doesn’t censure or hold any congress person accountable for their traitorous actions:


✅ These voting records prove these individuals are not Republicans. It also shows they have contributed nothing to the balance of power in the last six years or since they have entered office. What it does show are the members of congress who are aiding and abetting our enemy – the communists! They are aiding tyranny to prevail.

✅ The Republican Party is going to continue to fund their re-election. They will not back a suitable candidate to primary. The spineless GOP chairs in these states will do absolutely nothing to censure these traitors. The former Utah GOP Chair, Derek Brown, stated they are pleased with their two senators’ differences. Notice I said former GOP Chair. I don’t know who the new chair is.

For the record, Senator Mike Lee is a good man who makes decisions based on what’s best for the people. Senator Mitt Romney is a dirtbag. He is a member of the elite. He will undermine and stab his constituency in the back and us at every step of the way. If you aren’t in Romney’s circle, you are treated as an outsider – even if you work for him. He makes a mockery of the Morman faith.

✅ Every single one of us must take action – calling and writing these House members, the GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, and the GOP chairs.  

What do you tell them? I can only provide you with what I have told them. However, you will need to determine your own position and just how far you are willing to go and when you have had enough of this nonsense and are ready to stand up for our country.

?? I no longer consider myself a member of the Republican Party. I will vote for solid Republicans, Tea Party candidate, Libertarian candidate, and lastly, a Democrat to take the traitor out of office. That is the order that I will apply my vote. From here forward, my vote will be based upon the best person. I won’t tie myself to vote straight party-line – ever again. 

If I must choose a Democrat or the traitor, I will choose the Democrat. In my view, we have nothing to lose. We can always fix it in two years. My reason for doing that is it takes the traitor out of office. I will know I am dealing with a communist, and President Trump will know he is dealing with a communist. 

If we vote the traitors back into office, we will have four more years of squandered time, chaos, and duping us. What has re-electing them gotten us? Zero, nada, zip!

If the DNC, is wise they will handpick candidates to run against these traitors! If we have conservative citizens who are willing to step up, please do. People, we have to open our pocketbooks to support new candidates. We have to give directly to their campaign account. I do not want to vote for a Democrat, but I will do so if that is my only choice. 

It is time to recognize the foundation of the Republican Party is built upon fraud and deceit. It is the good ole’ boys club. The club of the wealthy elite who believe we are too small-minded to participate in the governance of our country. The Republican Party will continue to fund and promote the traitors and will do nothing to place them on notice. They will do nothing to find or support suitable candidates to primary against these traitors. 

The state GOP Chairs are spineless. They know how we feel about the traitors. Their lack of action is the most unmistakable evidence that they don’t care what we think. We, the middle class, are nothing to them. They want us to shut up and give them our money and our vote!

 I no longer donate $1 to the RNC. Period. You can write a note and ask them to forward the money to a candidate of your choice. Do you really trust they will do that?

 I will not vote for any Republican traitor. I will no longer volunteer my time to the RNC. 

New Candidates: PayPal has an FEC-approved election account. When you use WinRed, the party will take a portion of your donations. Do not use Go Fund Me, regular PayPal accounts, Venmo, or other private funding accounts. That violates the FEC and is often viewed as a scam. 

  • New candidates get your websites up. Be sure you have your issues clearly stated. Be sure you clearly state your support for the Presidential candidate, whoever that may be. 
  • New candidates, previous elections have proven that you don’t raise much in the way of donations from social media. However, it has proven to get you votes. If your website fails to meet the above requirements, we will blow you off. Sadly, the Republican Party does not hold classes for new candidates and teach them the elements of building an effective political campaign website and fundamental fundraising. The Democrats are already out grooming and training their people. 

?? For all of us, now is the time to decide how we plan to vote. Now is the time to start looking for the candidates you support. Now is the time for us to stand up together and take Republican National Party to task!

?? We produce a voting guide for you. We aren’t paid a dime; we don’t sell it or allow data mining. Our fantastic volunteer IT specialist, Jim @whilelooping has automated it. We update the guide weekly. It contains all republican candidates and incumbents. The traitors are indicated with a Red X in the last column. Tap on the Red X, and it will display what actions earned them the title. The voting grades you see above for incumbents can be found as well in the last column. Tap on the blue link, and their voting grade and history will appear. If you want to know their websites, social media handles you will find those in the guide and they too have tappable links that take you to the site. 

Click here to open the KAG Info voting guide

Part 2 will be out soon and will feature the Republican Senators who voted for this bill

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to Conservative Review for providing their Liberty Scorecard.  You can find any conservative Senator and House member by using this link:


You can find me here https://linktr.ee/thesheilag2020 or email me direct [email protected] 


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