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30 Big Hoaxes and Lies on Americans

 30  Big Hoaxes and Lies on Americans

by Corey Dig


30 BIG Hoaxes & Lies Perpetrated on Americans

September 24, 2019

Confused by what’s real and what’s a hoax or a flat-out lie? The magnitude of hoaxes and lies being perpetrated by Deep State is so expansive, they had to cover their tracks by having Google/YouTube conceal search results for “hoax,” “hoax crisis actors,” and “false flags.” Chew on that for a moment, then kick back with a cup of coffee and expand your consciousness with just how many hoaxes and lies have been perpetrated on the American people. Since the exposure of Google/YouTube, they have reversed their Blacklist, but make no mistake, they are owned.

They have a narrative to fulfill, and power-hungry allegiances to serve. Tempted by money and control, feeding desires of wickedness and evil, they care not who they harm in the process. They care not who they steamroll, whose lives are shattered, and those who are raped or murdered along the way. They. Care. Not.

Who Are “They”?

• Deep State, which stems from family bloodlines going back hundreds of years, has operated as a shadow government, and has maintained power over everything in this report
• Factions within government departments
• Select groups within the CIA, FBI, and other 3-letter agencies
• Portions of Hollywood and the music industry
• Numerous philanthropists, billionaires, and operators of NGOs
• Many leaders and decision-makers in big universities
• Players in big pharma, the health industry, and scientists going along for the ride
• Representatives in political positions of power
• Many in law enforcement, military, the courts, all the way up to judges

YES, “they” are many. We have been infiltrated, and what wasn’t infiltrated, was established for these purposes right out the gate.

What is it “They” Want?

• To perpetrate propaganda on the world to feed their agendas
• To control your mind, thoughts, desires, behavior, and beliefs
• To control your finances and your function in the world
• To strip you of your right to bear arms so they have greater control
• To reduce the population. “They” all say so themselves
• To one day replace you and your job with artificial intelligence (AI)
• To produce mass scale hoaxes of great proportion to produce a stream of money to line all their pockets
• To own and control everything they can on God’s green earth
• A new world order with a single global governance

THEY want it all. And, they want you to be the sheep that serves them, keeps their businesses rolling, be forced to give up a huge percentage of your taxes that flows through the government and into their hands. All the while, they keep you living paycheck to paycheck so you don’t have time to see the truth, nor the energy to dig for it. They were very creative in their endeavors. It’s served them quite well – until now.

30 Big Hoaxes & Lies

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but shows some of the most egregious abuses perpetrated on mankind. Make no mistake, there are a LOT more.

Spygate and the Russian-collusion Narrative
This is most certainly the biggest hoax on this list because those within our government, intelligence agencies, and many outside of our government, all colluded to take down our elected President. This in itself shows just how real Deep State is.

Mainstream News Media
This deserves its own article, but by now, most people have seen the level to which the media goes to spin, manipulate, and out and out lie. They too are owned by Deep State, operate with the CIA, and have propagated the hoaxes and lies since their inception. They are dying a slow death and being replaced by legitimate journalists and reporters who cover the real news.

Climate Change
It is a never-ending source of income between tax credits and government grants, and they’ve had a steady stream of income for quite some time. Of course, all of the big companies they are invested in pump out the new and improved “green” product lines that have become mandatory as well. Their biggest push is using climate change for population control, while also terrorizing children to believe the world is going to end very soon. To date, their so-called climate experts are batting a big 0-41 with their doomsday predictions over the years. While Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tries to push the “Green Deal” and wants to control cow farts, Andrew Yang wants to bankrupt cattle farms. There are so many clowns involved in these games, there are too many to mention. Here is a 4-part report on a climate change agenda involving Bill & Hillary ClintonGeorge SorosBill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Tom Steyer, Mark Zuckerberg, Marc Benioff, Jack Ma, Reid Hoffman, Dennis O’Brien, and countless others, in addition to 26 governments.

Just how hard are they pushing their agendas while using “climate change” as the backbone? “At a summit for food of the future (the climate-ravaged future) called Gastro Summit, in Stockholm on Sept. 3 to 4, a professor held a PowerPoint presentation asserting that we must ‘awaken the idea’ of eating human flesh in the future, as a way of combating the effects of climate change,” reported The Epoch Times. Yes, cannibalism is another one of their favorite topics, but we won’t get into that in this report.

Vaccine Industry
Those overseeing the vaccine industry have weaponized it. From the false swine flu epidemic, to the measles scare to change legislation, HPV causing deaths, thousands of reports of them causing autism, and over $4.1 billion in injury and death claims – it has been weaponized. Big Gov. holds all the liability so the manufacturers can continue without accountability.

Health Industry
It is narrated by producers of falsified info to create fear, so as to monopolize the industry, keep you sick, and line their pockets, while holistic doctors are mysteriously dying. Big pharma equals big bucks. Meanwhile, google/YouTube created a blacklist to bury search terms such as “cancer cure,” “cure cancer,” “depression,” “health care tips,” and several terms around concerns after an abortion, just to be certain you don’t get too carried away with trying to find answers. Meanwhile, Trump is advocating for lower prescription drug pricing, and recently signed a bill on ‘Right to Try.’

Organic Food Industry
They hijacked the organic food industry over two decades ago, before it was allowed to grow its own arms. They ran with GMOs, took over Whole Foods, and working on making lab-grown meat.

Child Protective Services & Foster Care
Child Protective Services (CPS), and the foster care system are two of the most deceitful programs on this list. Though there may be some wonderful people working in these systems or fostering children, those at the top have created these structures for purposes of kidnapping and trafficking children. Yes, this is the reality. A simple search will provide story after story, nightmare after nightmare, and report after report of the negligence, abuse, and criminality of these systems.

Education System
It has been designed to indoctrinate children with disinformation, teaching them about fabricated historical events, and pumping them full of false narratives.

Overpopulation Myth
This is perhaps one of the most appalling hoaxes they’ve leveraged. They’ve had countless “population control” organization setup for decades, to monitor and control populations. Thousands of couples heeded their advice and opted not to have children based on their purported concerns. The reality is, the world has been in a population growth decline for a long time and the US is at an 80-year low. The lies these people have perpetrated, and the lengths they’ve gone to control the population through abortions, war, manufactured diseases, GMOs, geoengineering, and quite possibly via vaccines, is reprehensible.

us population growth decline

This is the WORLD population growth rate that has been declining for a very long time while they continue to state that we need population control for climate change, among other things.

You are being charged income taxes, taxed on all products, food, and numerous services, to take away nearly 1/3 of your hard earned income to intentionally keep you living paycheck to paycheck, while those taxes are used to fund NGOs and a myriad of other things that never truly see the light of day because the money is pocketed. Billions.

Nonprofit organizations are by far one of the biggest scandals in history. They are not only used to extract government funds, prey on citizens to donate, and act as fronts to slush funds, they are used for political agendas as well. Many are also used for child trafficking. The history of NGOs is quite fascinating.

Spirituality & Higher Consciousness
They infiltrated spirituality, intuition, and higher consciousness to keep you dumbed down so you lose your innate connection that is within all living beings, to strip you of your power. One such example is the Maharishi “guru.”

Conspiracy Theory
The term “Conspiracy Theory” was coined by the CIA to call out people who were honing in on exposing true conspiracies. The term has been used for decades, only NOW most “theories” are proving to be true. Isn’t that something? Take the term “Deep State” for example – Wikipedia would have you believe it’s a “conspiracy theory.” They are ALWAYS covering their tracks and trying to control the narrative. Even when they know they’ve been caught, ousted, or even imprisoned – it’s still deny, deny, deny. Catch my drift?

Big Government
Surely there are numerous politicians who grew up thinking they were going to make a difference in the world, until one day they were either tempted or blackmailed to go along with agendas. Just look at the Arkansas swamp as one example. We’ve watched every kind of corruption from wire fraud to money laundering, altering legislation, pay-to-play schemes, and seen senators be charged with felonies for child pornography. None of this even begins to take into account laws they put in place that dictate what you must allow to be injected into your children.

Justice & the Courts
There has been a 2-tier system since the beginning of time. Where billionaires, celebrities, politicians, and key people get criminal charges dismissed, or pay a minimal fine, and serve little to no time, regular citizens or key people they do not want in positions of power, they frame and try to lock them up and throw away the key. Just look at what they’ve done to General Michael Flynn as one example. Democratic mega-donor Ed Buck got away with two murders in his Los Angeles apartment before they finally arrested him on a third overdose victim.

Entertainment Industry
Hollywood’s been tied to the CIA for decades, Disney’s had its own dark connections and pedophilia issues, and the Music Industry is filled with those propped up to brainwash the masses and push the agendas of those in power.

Advocators for Children
NGOs, churches, daycares, schools, doctors, hotlines, databases, and agencies claiming to help children are oftentimes the very people that are trafficking the children. They seek positions of power in environments where children are plenty, trusting, and vulnerable.

This has been an ongoing hoax for decades. Where the Democrats once used to speak out about building a wall – all for show – now they oppose it. Why do they oppose it? Aside from the obvious drug running and child trafficking, it’s about votes, and building toward creating open borders to meet their 2030 agenda. The growth rate in immigration has exceeded our natural growth rate, and their goal is to continue on that path so that by 2050 America will be dependent on immigrants having babies to maintain our population.

us immigration increase

MIT & Ivy Leagues

From Hollywood buying their children’s way in, to Universities such as Harvard, publishing false documents to push an agenda for their NGO counterparts, Ivy Leagues are not what they are cracked up to be. Meanwhile, Dartmouth dumped six professors recently, three for sexual misconduct, MIT has ties to convicted and now deceased child sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein, and the list goes on. These schools are all supported by Deep State ties, and whereas hundreds of individuals will attend and get college degrees with an education that varies from reality, there is a lot of nefarious dealings going on behind the scenes.

Ilhan Omar Loves This Country
Nothing could be further from the truth, and it’s high time people open their eyes to the reality before it’s too late. This is perhaps one of the most dangerous hoaxes fueled with lie after lie. But it’s not just Omar. Rashida Tlaib, Linda Sarsour, CAIR, and countless others intertwine into this web. There has been a long, planned out, infiltration to take over our country. This would require an entire article all by itself. A simple search will show you that Muslims themselves state they have long been planning this. Here is a shocking video of children singing, “we will chop off their heads” for Allah, in the Philadelphia Muslim Society. And no one can forget the Muslim terrorist camp in New Mexico. Review this important thread on Omar’s connections.

The United Nations
One of the seediest organizations is the UN. They are behind the 2030 agenda, have been called out numerous times for rape, sexual misconduct, and pedophiles. When Bill Clinton was made the UN special envoy to Haiti in 2010, that should have been your first red flag, if not your tenth.

The Rescue of Haitian Children After The 2010 Earthquake
This one has had folks puzzled since 2010. Where did all of the children go? How did they get here so fast, before the dust even settled? Most are already aware of the millions of dollars the Clintons pocketed off the aftermath of Haiti’s earthquake, and the devastation they caused to the people of Haiti. This report includes details about the children being airlifted to the US, as well as corruption surrounding a child welfare agency in Florida.

The Clintons are Heroes
The greatest myth of all time is that the Clintons are heroes, child advocates, and women’s rights activists. From Benghazi to uranium one, the Steele Dossier, destroying Haiti, working with China, Hillary’s email server, illegally run Clinton Foundation, and Hillary’s more recent fraudulent company ‘Onward Together’ that was registered by Perkins Coie, who can keep track of all the investigations that began back in 2018? The Clinton list is too long to include. The “Clinton body count” list was a search term Google decided to remove from its auto-complete feature in search results, despite the facts tons of people were legitimately searching it. They have since reversed this search, after they were exposed.

Barack Obama was Born in The US
No. He was not. Documents reveal he was born in Kenya. His own brother backs this.

Whereas USAID may have been a helping $ hand in some cases, the amount of $$$ doled out to corrupt NGOs and ministries, where the funds never reach those in need, is unfathomable. One such example is the $1.2 billion that went to Guatemala over an eight-year period, compliments of Barack Obama. There are endless examples of this happening repeatedly, and there is little to no oversight. This has been intentional.

One of the most tragic events in our lifetime is still lied about eighteen years later. There has been so much evidence to the contrary of “the story” that has been told, from fire fighters who were there, to engineers and architects. In fact, this was one of the big awakening moments for many people in this country. In July 2019, the NY Area Fire Commissioners called for a new 9/11 investigation.

But perhaps one of the most telling clues is that Deep State doesn’t want you looking into it, so Google/YouTube had added “9/11” to the Blacklist as well, being the good little puppets that they are.

Gun Control & False Flags
Disgustingly, there have been orchestrated shootings so as to fuel the need for “gun control.” Of course there are disturbed individuals out there, but when people can begin to predict when shootings will happen based upon timing of key events taking place, something is awry. And, when seconds following these events, all the usual suspects begin yelling “gun control” right on cue, that too is very telling. Do you know what else is telling? Here’s a short list of Google/YouTube Blacklisted terms and phrases they didn’t want you knowing about or digging into. Now keep in mind, any shootings that were “false flag” events, does not mean that people did not get injured or die. It means the event was orchestrated to serve an agenda. It’s sick. These folks went above and beyond to bury the facts on the Las Vegas shooting, from law enforcement to the FBI on up – buried.
False flag
False flags
Over 900 search terms for the Vegas Shooting and Stephen Paddock
Numerous search terms for the NYC truck attack
Texas shooter
Tahama shooter
Crisis actors
Sandy Hook
Breaking news New York
David Hogg hoax
Florida shooting
The list goes on and on and on.

Social Media
Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have been controlling minds, narratives and elections. If you believe that any of these were created for your benefit rather than theirs, you would be sadly mistaken. Use them wisely and to your advantage to expose all of the corruption.

The Vatican
The Vatican has long been influenced by those connected to Deep State, population control, and a one world governance. Just last year, Pope Francis responded to all of the accusations and charges coming out regarding pedophilia in the church. Instead of supporting the victims and holding these despicable individuals accountable, he said that “accusers are friends or relatives of the Devil,” shaming victims and saying “he who loves the Church knows how to forgive.”

Abortion and Planned Parenthood
Whereas they purport they are all about “family planning” and “women’s rights to choose,” that is merely a cover story for their true agendas. The abortion agenda and anti-fertility methods have been pushed upon the population since the early 1900s. In fact, 60,000 Americans were sterilized well before the Nazis sought advice from California on perfecting their own efforts. The Clintons got heavily involved with Planned Parenthood dating back to 1993. It is not just about preventing more births through contraception, birth control and abortion, which they have succeeded in. We are at the lowest birth rate in 80-years. It is also about selling body parts, experimentation, big money, and God knows what else. And many politicians, such as Kamala Harris, have gone above and beyond to cover it up. Guess who else wants to cover it up?

Google/YouTube doesn’t want you knowing the truth behind “Planned Parenthood” either, so they made certain to Blacklist the search for “Planned Parenthood.” But it’s much worse than that. They made certain Ireland couldn’t search for “The 8th amendment of the constitution of Ireland” in regard to abortion and a repeal. They blocked a myriad of search results around “abortion” while legislatures across the US tried to push for full-term abortions.

As more and more comes to light, they will be totally exposed for who they are and what they are about. Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood Director was involved in upwards of 22,000 abortions. The true story of her experience was shared in the movie ‘Unplanned.’

Too Many to List

There are so many hoaxes, illusions, and lies that have been perpetrated not just on America, but across the Globe, for eons. We could go on and on and do an entire dissertation on the Federal Reserve alone. We could get into manufactured wars, technology suppression, patent interference, the space program and outer space, or medical cures that would surely drain them of their power and endless streams of cash. Or, we could go down the rabbit hole on the Red Cross, or the creepy rituals performed by some of these “elite,” or their illuminati symbolism. But, you get the idea. They are about power, control, money, children, AI, transhumanism, and a one world governance, and they don’t care who they harm along the way. In fact, some of them relish in it.

Still not convinced? Perhaps this short VIDEO of KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov who specialized in Marxist-Leninist propaganda and ideological subversion, can explain how these tactics are being used against us.

Everything You Thought You Knew, Was an Illusion

Yes, it is everywhere, in everything, consumed by the masses since the beginning of time. What does this leave you? Where does this leave you? Did Free Will really ever exist or was it twisted into an unknown, complex pretzel? Ah, but there is something you retain, something very important – your mind, your soul, and your heart. These are yours to nurture, build strength, protect, reconcile, and develop so that you can move forward, armed with knowledge, to manifest that which you seek, and to shed that which doesn’t serve you.

Are there constraints? Do they make it difficult given that they have infiltrated and control nearly all things one touches, explores, or requires on some level? Yes, they do. But, and this is a big “but,” much of it can be navigated, circumvented, overpowered, or worked around. You must be creative, have faith in yourself, and learn how to function within a corrupt system, while it is on its path to being cleansed. After all, you’ve been doing it your whole life, the difference now is, your eyes are open, so your choices just expanded. This is a good thing.

Rather than follow their lead, move to the beat of your own drum. Don’t look at things as a challenge, see them as opportunities, explorations, and adventures. Changing one’s perspective can go a long way. The box they have designed around you needs to be stripped away. You are no longer caged. Access your Free Will fully. Come up with new plans, new desires, new directions, and care for yourself, your family, your neighbors, and your friends in ways you may never have thought of before. Build the communities they so desperately want divided and destroyed. There is strength in numbers.

Stay strong. Forge ahead. Be brave. Make a difference. Above all – look out for yourself and those you love while we navigate these murky waters. You can choose to take it lying down, or you can hunt the hunters and you can take action. Whatever you choose to do, don’t be content with being blissfully oblivious. Knowledge is power. Use it wisely.

All of the above has been known about for a long time. We have observed it being carried out first-hand. We are now watching the battle to dismantle it, and they are going down kicking and screaming while playing dirty in every way possible. Watch this video of R.W. Welch, Jr. in 1958 on Elitists insider strategy for undermining US sovereignty.

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