• February 25, 2024

Conservatives – Call to Action!

 Conservatives – Call to Action!

by – Sheila G

Representative Cat Cammack – FL03 is asking for everyone to please call their House of Representiave to vote no on the reconciliation bill.  She is stating this is urgent action! Below are the key contents:

Food  Source

$6500 methane tax on 30,000,000 dairy cows in America

$4500 methane tax on 93,000,00 beef cows in America

$2500 per hog

They do not want agriculture in America any more.

Teacher’s Union

$300,000,000 give away to the teacher’s union.

Apparently union dues paid the teachers aren’t enough. Now they want to rape the taxpayer piggy bank and give it to the Teachers Union! The Brandon administration and Pelosi want to give more power to the Teachers Union.

Bailout Community Newspapers

When the federal government gives them money, the federal government will control content!


Yes, it is in the package!

Doubling IRS -Agents

$80,000,000,000 (that’s right it is billion) to double the number of IRS agents


Get on the phone and call your member of Congress asap. The vote is tomorrow, 11/5 .

Light up the switchboard and tell them to vote no!

Click here to find your House Representative

Put in your zip to find your Congress person

Click here to watch Part 1 of Cat’s message:


Click here to watch Part 2 of Cat’s message




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