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Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself: Graphic Death Photos Reveal

 Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself: Graphic Death Photos Reveal
January 7, 2020 

On January 5, 60 Minutes released photos from Jeffrey Epstein’s cell the morning of his death. Epstein, 66, was found dead on August 10, 2019 in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

His death had been ruled a suicide by the New York City Medical Examiner’s office. Epstein’s brother Mark had hired Dr. Michael Baden, a forensic pathologist and a former New York City medical examiner, to investigate his brother’s death. Dr. Baden was witness to the four-hour autopsy, and after seeing all of the evidence below, he believes this is more consistent with murder. The majority of the population weighing in on this would agree.

WARNING: Graphic Photos


A Quick Recap of The Last 24hrs of Jeffrey Epstein’s Life

• August 9, 8:00 a.m. – Epstein’s cellmate is transferred out of the prison in a routine, prearranged transfer and he is not assigned a new cellmate.

• August 9, 7:49 p.m. – Epstein returned to the SHU from a visit with his Attorneys, who reported him to be “upbeat.”

• August 9, 10 p.m. – All inmates are locked in their cells for the night.

• August 9, 10:30 p.m. – Allegedly, this is the last time a guard walked up to the entrance to the area where Epstein was held, until Epstein was found around 6:30 a.m. They were supposed to do rounds every 30-minutes, but had allegedly skipped them all and falsified records.

• August 10, 6:00 a.m. – The two guards, Noel and Thomas, received a delivery of the breakfast carts and at 6:30 a.m. entered the tier where Epstein was housed.

• August 10, 6:33 a.m. – The guards find Epstein alone in his cell and unresponsive with a noose around his neck, and activate the alarm in the SHU.

• August 10, 7:30 a.m. – The paramedics arrived with Epstein at the New York Presbyterian-Lower Manhattan hospital where they eventually pronounced him dead.

Many are still under the belief that Epstein was on suicide watch. He was not. He had been taken off suicide watch on July 29th. Side note: The last suicide at MCC was 14 years ago.


Autopsy Report


Autopsy Report pertaining to the alleged hanging:

• Ligature furrow of neck

• Petechial hemorrhages of bilateral palpebral conjunctivae and of oral mucosa

• Confluent hemorrhages of right bulbar conjunctiva

• Plethora of face and head with petechial hemorrhages of face

• Fractures of bilateral thyroid cartilage cornua and left hyoid cornua with accompanying soft tissue hemorrhages

Other details can be seen in the report above.


The List

One big misconception floating around on social media is that the note was a “suicide note.” Quite the opposite. In fact, this was a list of complaints. Why would he write down complaints to share if he had no intentions of sticking around?

The list says: “Kept me in a locked shower stall for 1 hour. Sent me burnt food. Giant bugs crawling over my hands. No fun!!”


The Mystery Noose & Cords

Two nooses were photographed in the cell, while other pieces of bed linen remained tied to various areas of the bunk. One was taken into evidence, seen in the photo above, presumably because it was thought to be the noose used to kill himself. There are several things off about this.

• The guard who found Epstein allegedly cut him down. If that were the case, this noose shown above would have cut marks in the fabric and it does not. “It doesn’t look like anybody ever took scissors to it,” said 60 Minutes’ Sharyn Alfonsi. “So there is some question—is that the right noose?

• There doesn’t appear to be any blood on it, yet the photo of Epstein’s neck clearly indicates a band of blood across it.

• Dr. Baden said the noose doesn’t appear to match the wound on Epstein’s throat. He also stated, “there were other wires and cords present that it would’ve been easy to use to hang oneself within a few minutes.” He is referring to the cords from Epstein’s sleep apnea machine.

• What they are referring to as the “second noose,” shown in a photo below, appears to have a tiny loop in it with a knot and a knot at the other end, hardly making it a “noose.”

• The noose that was put into evidence is perfectly intact. Aside from having no apparent blood on it, how did they possibly slide this loop over his head, when the head is considerably larger than the neck? So much pressure was applied that he had fractured his thyroid cartilage and hyoid, leaving a band of blood across his neck. It would seem it would have had to be extremely tight to cause that level of damage. Can a bed linen sheet stretch that much to pull it over his head, and if so, how the heck did he hang himself with it if it were that stretchy?

• The location of the blood mark across his neck seems to be low for a “hanging,” and more in line with strangulation. The mark also would be more consistent with a cord or wire. I cannot imagine a bed sheet causing his neck to bleed.

• One of the pieces of bed sheet tied to the ladder on the bunk bed is measured at 35” off the ground. That would put Epstein on his knees. He was nearly 6 feet tall. The only conceivable way to cause that much damage to his neck and throat area, would be for him to continuously thrash his head forward with great force. It is difficult to image how simply trying to “hang” from that position and height could cause that level of damage. The small fray of fabric tied to the window grate appears to be nearly twice that height, but there is very little room between the bed and wall to squeeze a nearly 6 feet tall man.

Were two nooses, along with multiple pieces of bed sheets tied to the bunk frame and window, laid out intentionally to create confusion of what was truly a “murder scene?”


The Ligature Marks, Fractures & Other Markings

Epstein sustained fractures of bilateral thyroid cartilage cornua and left hyoid cornua with accompanying soft tissue hemorrhages, in addition to several other abrasions and hemorrhages as indicated in the autopsy report. Dr. Baden has seen his fair share of hangings and noted that “going over a thousand jail hangings, suicides in the New York City state prisons over the past 40-50 years, no one had three fractures.”

They also found an injury to the back of his neck and an injection mark on his left forearm but they don’t know where it came from. The mark on his arm seems to be located exactly where they would stick you for an IV or to draw blood. I can’t imagine they would have hooked up an IV to a dead man, but the autopsy shows they ran a toxicology report. This makes sense.

The mark on the back of his neck seems ideally positioned for where someone’s hands would be placed while applying pressure to a cord or other weapon wrapped around his neck. It doesn’t line up with someone hanging themselves.


Position Found in Wasn’t Disclosed

What I find intriguing about all of the evidence and photos provided, is that they would not tell Dr. Baden or 60 Minutes what position his body was found in, leaving out the most critical detail of all. Why? Clearly this is still an ongoing investigation, but why even release all of these graphic photos then? Whereas the photo of the front of his neck was clearly taken on the floor of the prison cell, this photos was not.

Something I’m very curious about is his postmortem lividity, as indicated in the above photo. If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of finding a dear friend dead, as I have, you have observed lividity. After the heart stops, the settling of blood begins. Livor mortis begins 20-30 minutes after death but generally can’t be observed until a couple hours after death, though some sites speculate it can be seen sooner. With each hour, the areas pooling become broader and darker. It forms around gravity, so if one is laying face up, it will settle toward their back. However, if one were to hang themselves – completely off the ground – it would naturally settle in their feet, or if sitting upright it would be in their lower extremities. In this photo it settled around his side, partial back, and upper neck area. It won’t settle in areas pressed against the ground or object. You can see the blood pool around the crease marks from the sheet, so it clearly shifted once they put him on the gurney.

Coroners often use this as a means to determine approximate time of death and if a body has been moved. If the position of the body is shifted, it will cause the blood to settle down in the newer dependent areas, but due to postmortem coagulation, the shifting may not be possible after 6 to 8 hours of death. The only photo of Epstein they provided from the cell was the closeup of the front of his neck. They won’t provide photos or information on the position they found him in.

My point to going over all of this is that he could have been dead in that cells for hours since they hadn’t checked on him since 10pm the night before, in which case lividity would have built up. Had they moved him before officers got there and took photos, the lividity would have shown his original position because it likely wouldn’t have shifted yet. These are the photos they don’t want us to see.


The Mountain of Sheets & Mattress on the Floor

Is it that odd? I don’t see any blankets, so perhaps it’s standard to have “extra” sheets in a room. What is odd is the fact that they are strewn all about in a mess, presumably because they were being torn into pieces for making nooses. As far as the mattress, it appears he preferred to keep his belongings on the top bunk. Maybe the floor was cold and disgusting, so he preferred the mattress on the floor. There is also a sleep apnea machine next to it which may have been easier to manage at floor level, with the tubes and all. Those tubes and electric cords sure would make a good weapon for strangling someone. Why is it still sitting on the floor in this photo and not bagged for evidence? There is another piece of equipment on the floor by the bunk that appears to have a gray tube coming off of it. It could possibly be a second sleep apnea machine. It’s hard to say.



• “Epstein is still alive.” – False. He is more dangerous to them alive than he is dead. He was not the top dog. I don’t care how much money he had – the man had handlers, and they handled him.

• “It’s not him. The photos are fake – they are Photoshopped. That’s not his ears or nose. His eyes shouldn’t be closed.” – False. Have you ever seen dead bodies? Have you ever seen a strangled dead body? Fluids drain, lividity sets in, and depending on how they died, some areas may appear slightly different. Lay down on your back. Now take your finger parallel to the floor and put the point of it into the side of your head so it just barely touches the back of your earlobe. Finger should be horizontal and parallel with the floor. Now very carefully sit up without moving your hand. Your earlobe no longer touches your finger. Why? Because gravity causes your earlobes to fall in toward your head. Now add a “plethora of face and head with petechial hemorrhages of face” after being strangled. Comparing a dead photo of Epstein laying on his back to a photo of him standing up when he was alive is not comparing apples to apples. With exception of possibly the one closeup of his neck, all other photos were shot at the hospital prior to the autopsy. If his eyes had been open, they closed them for the photos. This is after the scene where it happened.

There is no need to create an illusion of Epstein to portray him as dead, when they wanted him dead. Why keep him alive, having to spend the rest of his days in hiding? He no longer serves a purpose for them. He is expendable.

Does the media lie? Yes. Have they fabricated information or swapped photos to use in other stories? Have they staged scenes before taking photos? Absolutely 100% on both counts. Have they created false flags to give the appearance people died? Yes. Have they shown numerous postmortem photos with evidence tags on those people? Not that I have ever come across. Are these photos of Epstein’s body Photoshopped? I have been working with photos in Photoshop for over 25 years, and I cannot find a single pixel on his body that appears to have been manipulated in any of these photos.   

“But this isn’t him.” If it’s not him, you are suggesting this is a clone of Epstein and he managed to escape. One of the only escapes from the MCC was thirty years ago in 1990. If he were to pull off an “escape” that would mean the following people were all involved: Dr. Baden, all of the nurses and staff at the hospital who saw him brought in and those in the room with him, the paramedics, any individuals at MCC who saw him being taken away in an ambulance were in on it, police officers, the FBI agents at the hospital, and the entire morgue was in on it. Most importantly, you are suggesting that Attorney General Barr was in on it. Don’t think for one minute that he didn’t verify Epstein’s body in person while he kicked off this investigation. “No, nobody knew it was a clone except for those who orchestrated the escape.” OKAY, explain how that escape worked. Have you worked out all the details on that from the time they found him in his cell to the hospital? Prove it before selling it.

“Barr took him away to witness protection, and they planted a clone of Epstein for the rest of the show, so the other people didn’t know it wasn’t really Epstein.” Stop It! Do you really believe they would carry out this charade, could keep him safe and get him to sing like a canary at some safe house as opposed to keeping him in prison, when they likely already have mountains of evidence? This would mean that you also believe Barr had a clone made of Epstein, because those photos are legit. Mossad didn’t smuggle him anywhere. He is not singing like a canary. And he’s not sipping cocktails on a remote island. He’s dead. Sometimes things are exactly as they seem, despite how you may want them to be.

That said, he may have already sung like a canary. We don’t know what that last meeting was about with his attorneys the night before. We don’t know if some sort of plea deal was in the works or if affidavits were being signed. We don’t know. What we do know is, by Epstein being dead, his attorneys aren’t in the way of them accessing information and his estates (as we’ve witnessed), and additional women have come forward with more information on other sick players that were involved with Epstein and his sex trafficking of minors.


Now What?

Keep exposing all of these child predators. Demand justice. Stay on top of this trafficking ring and keep bringing awareness to it. One thing that people tend to forget while they are focused on getting justice – by exposing all of the players, it warns others to stay away from them, to be more observant of their surroundings and the people trying to take advantage of them, which ultimately could be saving their lives. Isn’t that a big part of what we are here to do? To save the children? Justice would be grand, and I pray we see it on so many levels, but never forget how important exposing these crimes are in and of itself.

One thing is for certain, Jeffrey Epstein will never hurt another child or adult ever again.

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