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Expression – the one commonality all human beings embody, but so few are able to truly express themselves. It’s not because they lack the words, the imagery, or the ability to do so. It’s because the system has used the mute and pause buttons on society since the beginning of time. Be quiet, wait your turn, I’m talking, you can’t do that, that wasn’t the assignment, I don’t care what you think, you’re not an artist, wait in line, there’s no time for that, don’t speak, you have to do it this way, and on and on the “rules” go. For a child to be shut down when brilliance is about to emerge, can be detrimental, and for adults it can compound insecurities. One thing is for certain – everyone has been shut down hundreds, if not thousands of times throughout their life. Think about that for a moment.

Expression is the key to discovering who you are and exploring greater ways to express yourself. Whether it’s through words, writing, singing, creating, dancing, or art – it is all sacred to your soul, your well-being, and your state of mind. Imagine if we could extract all of the lost thoughts, theories, inventions, compelling art, and profound discoveries made by wonderful human beings, that have been kept corked in a bottle. Just imagine.

Many people are afraid to speak up, fully be themselves, and try new ways to express themselves because they were shut down for so long and are concerned about how others may perceive them. Maybe they don’t realize that uncorking the bottle can only go one direction – freedom. It doesn’t matter how it is perceived, interpreted, or translated to others, for it will find its way. You may think that’s the most important part to expression, but it isn’t. What is important is allowing your soul to be free, to explore, and to express itself for itself. This is true expression.

Intention is different than expression. Intention is definitive with a precise course of action or outcome in mind, whereas expression is being in the moment, in the flow – allowing yourself to feel the guidance of your soul as you move through it, while sometimes surprising yourself in new territory. One could have the intention of evoking a dark state of emotion from a painting they wish to create, then as they get lost in the brush strokes while expressing themselves, they find they have created a masterpiece that evokes feelings of love and comfort. That is the true beauty of expression. Our soul is our greatest guide.

Don’t bottle up those beautiful thoughts, those grand discoveries, that freedom you feel when you dance or run a paintbrush across a clean canvas. LIVE and live fully. The only voice telling you to be quiet, to be still, to keep it all inside, is YOURS. No one controls your mind, your spirit, and your sense of freedom, you only think they do. Distractions are just that – distractions.

Find your way back to all of the expressions you bottled up, and uncork that bottle, exploring and delivering one new expression each day! Soon, there will be a flood of expressions pouring out of you, letting your soul breathe again, and feel free again, with infinite possibilities ahead of you.

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