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How did Hunter’s laptop get assigned to an existing financial case – It’s called a favor

 How did Hunter’s laptop get assigned to an existing financial case – It’s called a favor

by Sheila G.

Otober 24, 2020


Unless I am wrong, and I could be, US Deputy AG Rosen, the second-highest in the Department of Justice, would be the one to sign off on the warrant for the Biden laptops. I base this purely on the fact that it was Rosenstein who signed the visa warrants. 

Why do we think the FBI will treat Hunter any differently from the way they did Hillary Clinton or the men who used Epstein for sex with underage teens, including Bill Clinton and a litany of other well-known names?

In the last four years, our Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, our federal judges, and our Congress have revealed who they are. The rules do not apply to them – they only apply to us. 

They know:

  1. We know the full story of why, how and who tried to unseat our elected President. The Feds know we understand this, and they don’t care. 
  2. We know sedition and treason were committed. People’s reputations, livelihoods, and families were wrecked and bankrupted. Their privacy was illegally monitored. The FEDS don’t care that we know it. 
  3. We know that Anthony Weiner continued to sext the 15 yr old girl after his laptop was seized. The DOJ, the FBI, Huma, and Hillary knew it was happening. No one did anything because of the election. The victim even wrote a letter to Comey, begging him to do something. He didn’t even contact her, but he told us her name. Sure, Weiner ended up in jail – after the election and that young girl was made a target. Action initiated after the election was protection for corrupt Hillary Clinton – another favor. 
  4. The Ghislaine Maxwell depositions released a few days ago redacted names of every man (and woman) named. The names of the two victims were left in the Feds’ printed material for everyone to see. Who does that? Was the release of the girls’ names the only reason the depositions were released? Without the redacted names there is no plausible reason even to put it in print. It was horrible to make those two woman targets – horrible! Again, the rich and famous are protected, and the two victims shut down. 
  5. The story breaks with Hunters laptop containing 6,000 emails and child pornography. We find the FBI had Hunter’s financial information and opened a money-laundering investigation in September 2019. They had the info for a year but did nothing. They have let Hunter run free for a year. 

Someone at the DOJ and FBI gave Joe a favor.

The Delaware PD was given copies of the hard drives by Rudy Giuliani. Delaware PD gave them to the FBI. The FBI attaches it to the financial investigation. No one, the FBI or law enforcement, has opened a child pornography or trafficking investigation as far as I know. Financial analyses are investigated very differently from a child pornography or trafficking investigations.

We have read some of the emails, we have seen some of the pics. It is reported that one photo and one email was about a specific 14 year old relative – I will not say who. This means the 14 year old is also related to Joe Biden. Again, someone at the DOJ and FBI are doing Joe a favor. 

We know that Joe Biden lies by splitting hairs. He enriches himself by proxy through his siblings and his kids, who market access to Joe Biden to foreign governments who pay for the favors he grants them. 

The late Beau Biden was the Delaware State Attorney General. The Bidens own the Delaware justice system- including the judges. Delaware PD is not and will not do anything. 

It’s pretty simple – the Department of Justice and the FBI are running a protection racket. Those in their circle of influence are eligible for a different set of rules. The Department of Justice and the FBI are privy to the kickbacks, the payoffs, and payouts made by our Congress. They are all dirty, and this is the evidence;

  1. The 3 1/2 yr investigation of our President continued while the DOJ and FBI sat on evidence. Evidence that would have prevented the impeachment of our President while the real criminals are free via a protection racket
  2. Holding the reveal of the Weiner sexting until after the 2016 election – another protection racket!  
  3. Holding a fake review of the Clinton emails – another protection racket! 
  4. Ghislaine Maxwell’s redacted deposition – smoke, and mirrors to show us the DOJ and FBI, and our judges are applying the rule of law- joke. 
  5. Why did the FBI not open a separate investigation for child pornography/sex trafficking? Instead, the Biden child pornography/sex trafficking case is now attached to an existing money-laundering scheme that has gone nowhere in a year.  This fact alone is the epitome of a protection racket. 

This next statement is the most important of anything that has or has not been published to date:

The porn gets hidden in the money-laundering scheme. It is much easier for the FBI to say the case is closed when it deals only with finances. Joe Biden and his family are liars and crooks. Period. The DOJ and the FBI are protecting the BIDENS. PERIOD.

I am deeply disappointed that Attorney General Barr and Director Wray haven’t blown the lid off the place and cleaned house. I no longer respect either one. 

Our President’s only solution in his second term is to completely dismantle the present organization and establish an entirely new justice, investigative and CIA unit. I support reducing the number of government organizations/agencies and rolling the front line workers/law enforcement into existing agencies. 

I am firm of the opinion the present organization cannot continue.  

I am also firm of the opinion the DOJ, FBI, and the CIA owe an apology to the President and the American people.  

Lastly, I will be happy, joyful, and delighted to say I was wrong, should Barr and Wray prove me to be so. 

Here is some additional information on Deputy Attorney Rosen:

  1. He has no prosecutorial experience. He is a financial attorney. 
  2. Attorney General Barr had urged President Trump to choose Rosen as his deputy.  

You can find more on Wikipedia.

Sheila G is a member of the Conservative Choice Campaign, sponsoring the KAG Coalition. You can follow her on Twitter and Parler @TheSheilaG2020 (same handle for both)

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