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Impeachment Vote January 13, 2021

 Impeachment Vote January 13, 2021

January 12, 2021
by Sheila G

Dear Congress,

I listened to the dialogue between Rep Jim McGovern Democrat from Massachusetts-MA02. I quote him,

“Our Capitol was attacked. Five people are dead. Countless people are wounded. A group of domestic terrorists, home grown fascists came to the Capitol building to desecrate this symbol of democracy and freedom to people. With all due respect, I am glad for all it took was for you to call for unity and healing was for you to say our freedom and democracy to be attacked. But for the last several months, the gentleman from Ohio [Rep Jordon] and others has given oxygen to the President’s conspiracy theories. We all want healing but to get to healing we all need truth, and we need accountability. People came to the capitol building to launch a coup to stop us from upholding our constitutional responsibility. I was one of the last people out the door and I saw this mob break glass doors to get access to the floor and God knows what else. They defied the capitol police who were trying to protect us. I saw in their eyes hate and evil. I was just grateful more people weren’t harmed. They came here to destroy things, to desecrate things. They did so because the President of the United States told them to do so. I was looking at some of the commentary and some of them thought he was here. But he incited that mob, and unfortunately some of our colleagues joined in that effort to gin things up. Our job as elected officials is to tell the truth. My question for you is, will you admit that Joe Biden won fair square and the election was not rigged or stolen?

What this President incited last Wednesday is unforgivable and unconscionable. I am used to the excesses of this President – the over the top statements the pandering to the most intolerant groups to this country. But I never thought I would see what he said at that rally. So my question [to Jim Jordan] is very simple. Was that the election was not stolen and that Joe Biden won fair and square. And one of the ways for healing is for you to say and to put thatn into your Twitter account so that all these people who bought into a lie that were pushing this would hear this…You refuse to answer that . I asked you to lay bare to fact that Joe Biden won the election fair and square. The President today continues to perpetrate that. Jim Jordan then asks, “Mr. Chairman are you then saying there were no problems with this election?” The Chairman doesn’t answer and yields to another Congress person.

The democrats so want our Congressman to validate their position that Joe Biden won fair and square. Thank you Jim Jordan!

Then we have Twitter ban the President for stating the obvious – the Democrats cheated. However, Twitter did not have a problem when Pelosi tweeted the night before of Robert Mueller’s appointment as a special counsel to investigate the false allegations Russia collusion. Her tweet on May 16, 2017:

“Our election was hijacked. There is no question. Congress has a duty to #ProtectOurDemocracy & #FollowTheFacts.”

Then we have McConnell, furious with the President with Mitch stating he supports the move to initiate impeachment proceedings. He thinks impeachment will get rid of Donald Trump and the stain he has left on the party. The first GOP representatives to support impeachment are Rep Liz Cheney – Republican, WY at Large and Rep John Katko, Republican, New York CD25. Today, freshman Representative, Peter Meier, Republican, Michigan CD03 had this to say;

“I was in the house sitting on the upper level. I was watching on Twitter what was going down and I had a feeling of betrayal. It was a definitive time we needed a message. Everything this administration has accomplished was immediately erased in that heinous act on the Capitol.”

Honest congressman? No. Drama Queen? Yes. Dishonest? Definitely. By the way, Peter is a globalist.

House Minority Leader Rep Kevin McCarthy is open to censuring Trump. McCarthy is not going to lobby members to vote against impeachment. D

Washington Post editor Eugene Robinson, said on Tuesday, “there are millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed. It is as though they are members of a cult, the Trumpist cult.”

Tonight on Tucker Carlson’s show, journalist Brit Hume was featured to discuss impeachment of the President. Brit’s take on the situation is the Republican Party believes the President cost the 2 elections in GA. They don’t want the President around for the 2022 or 2024 elections because it will take votes away from the Republican Party. In the Georgia election they say a lot of Republicans stayed home because they are offended by trump. The Republicans think he is bad news politically. Even Tucker said there was a lot of Republicans mad at the President. You know nothing that you claim to be true. What you state, is what you want us to believe. But we know the truth.

Brit concluded by stating that impeaching him could make him stay in the minds of the public with the competing mindset of impeaching him would erase him from our minds.

This is why I am writing to you and especially to those we just elected in November, 2020. You – our party – broadbrushed us all as low life thugs who participated in the siege on the Capitol. You blame the loss of the two Georgia Senate seats on us as being offended by our President and staying home. Your description of us clearly shows how much you loath us, how little you respect us and differently you see yourself in comparison to the people who elected you.

Many of you in Congress are technological idiots, dinosaurs. You are so far behind in technological advancements that you can’t see what happened. Let me give a much simpler answer. You are such dinosaurs, that you have yet to realize there is nothing you can do that we cannot find utilizing technology. You have secrets, dirty ones, big and little ones, sinister ones that you believe are well kept and no one will find out about. That makes you very vulnerable. You need to smarten up and understand, there are citizen researchers tearing up the archives just looking for something to expose on you.

You have the audacity to say that Republicans stayed home because they were offended by the President. The President has not offended us at all. You have offended us. You call us names but pander to us when face to face. You lie to us and pretend to support us but then stab us in the back. You are who was offended by the President. He exposed to us how most of you entered congress as middle income citizens and have amassed fortunes from our taxpayer dollars.

We learned that almost all of you, if not all of, have never put a pen to paper to author a bill. We also learned that many of you do not have the intellect to do so. Your bill’s are written for you by lobbyists. You reap handsome rewards for sponsoring those bills. Your bills are never in the best interest of the American people. Your bills are based upon what you receive in return to line your pockets and that of the company or organization for which it was written. We now understand that foreign aid packages are stuffed with pork to provide kickbacks—we even how they filter back to you. We even know which of you take kickbacks and payoffs. We now know the aid to humanities is directly tied to the Chinese Communist Party and that they too have kickbacks galore.

Which brings me to China. We know which of you are directly tied to China along with the identity of the governors and mayors who also are in China’s hip pocket. We know who is corrupt and who is not. Mitch, we know you sold your soul to China. We know why Mrs. Chao stepped down and it wasn’t because she could not work for a President who condoned the heinous crime of inciting an attack on Capitol Hill. That is plainly a fraudulant claim.

Let there be no misunderstanding. It is you, our Congress, courts, judges, and our country’s highest level of law enforcement that offends us. We loathe you. We see you as thieves who steal our tax money, who are liars, perverts and sexual deviants. We see you as someone who will do anything to anyone for anything you want. It doesn’t matter to you if they are destroyed financially, their reputation in ruins, their family thrown into chaos and despair. What matters, is for you to get what you want.

We have learned that our country’s highest level of law enforcement, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the CIA run a protection racket. There is justice for us and there is a system called Just US for you, the elite.

I do want to thank you for something in particular. You taught us more about the constitution, how to destroy and defile it in the 2016 and 2020 elections than any lifetime of learning ever could. I would put money on the fact that there are a number of citizens who could get a Presidential candidate across the finish line rather than the recycled, has been, failing campaign managers out there.

Like Doctor Phil says, “You can’t change what you won’t acknowledge”. I think that is a true statement for some of you. I also believe that some of you are so entrenched in corruption for so long, it is the equivalent of being a serial liar.

Lastly, it is not us that should be ashamed. It is you. Wednesdays protest at the Capitol building was a set up. The federal police waving people in, holding the doors open for people to enter. I can understand why people went in – it looked like they were being invited by people that we trust and back. It was a deception, a lure without any critical thinking of why are they doing this. It was Antifa posing as conservatives and yes, some conservatives breaking the windows to get in. We saw the picture of the swat officer giving a thumbs up less than 2 seconds after the lady was shot and hit the floor. What was the thumbs up for? Was it signifying, mission accomplished? We have seen numerous pictures of the horn guy with Pelosi’s son.

Equally disturbing is to listen to those of you who were frightened for your lives, disgusted by desecrating the Capitol with thugs coming from everywhere. Your words, not mine. I wonder if the people in our democratic cities experienced the same feelings you describe when their property and businesses were torched, looted and destroyed. I wonder if the people in those same cities had the same feelings as you when they had no jobs to go back to, watched their family members being beaten and murdered by thugs. Those thugs were and still are ANTIFA and BLM. None of you cared. None of you spoke out. None you wrote bills to classify them as terrorists. None of you did a damn thing.

The most current meme on the internet is red with yellow print (Chinese flag colors) calling for all patriots to come to DC armed on 1/17/20. We aren’t coming. We know it is another setup. We cannot determine the source of the meme. We believe China is helping to create the chaos and the Chinese Communist Party is responsible for making that meme and that strategy. If not them, it is a setup by the FBI and CIA and the globalists in Congress. Really, who with an ounce of sense would schedule a coup to take place when there are 16,000 armed soldiers around? If for no other reason, we would not do it because we cherish our military. There is no way we would shoot or kill a member of our beloved military.

You and you alone, not us, have made America the laughing stock of the world. The only reason you hate the President is that he exposed who you really are to us. He exposed the sweetheart deals foreign countries, the UN, WHO and so many others recceived. He is the greatest President in history. We will make sure our children and grandchildren know this. They will also know who you really were as well. What a legacy you leave behind.

You go ahead and vote for impeachment. And, while you cast your vote, know that American’s know you have done nothing about Eric Swalwell, who compromised himself, his family, and our country by sleeping with a Chinese spy.

It may erase our President for you. For us, it will cement our hatred for you for the rest of our living life. I so despise you, that I removed my name from the Republican voter roles. I view you as America’s trash. The Republican Party will never again receive a penny from me. There are many of us who share this perception. I do not see how the Republican Party will survive. You surely will never win an election without our votes. I pray your ignorance doesn’t result in civil war. I do not see how civil war will work out for us, and I see it especially difficult for you. You really do need to stop speaking of unity and healing. The next time you want to say this, keep a picture in your mind that the public is laughing at you, mocking you.

Sheila G.

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