• February 24, 2024

It’s Too Bad The First Black President Was Such A Criminal, What A Wasted Opportunity

 It’s Too Bad The First Black President Was Such A Criminal, What A Wasted Opportunity

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It’s so nice to wake up after the end of the Obama years and see the country so united, races of all colors living in harmony, the seas calmed, and the mountains of racial harmony moved.

Oh wait, that didn’t happen…actually it did happen, but only after Obama left, under Donald Trump.

Yesterday polls were released that showed racial tensions subsiding measurably under The Donald. You can read them here. The corrupt legacy media didn’t cover that of course, but the polls were there just the same.

To say Obama overpromised and underdelivered, is a galactic understatement.

What the first black president of the Untied States did bring was racial hatred, mostly from the Left. This was by design of course. That is the essence of cultural Marxism, or as we call it in America…identity politics. The agenda is the simple stoking of envy between different groups, the nurturing of entitlement, straight out of Lenin’s mouth.

In addition to all this animosity stirred up amongst hyphenated Americans, Obama brought third-world politics — excessive criminality.

It’s become quite obvious, even for those on the Left, that Obama was a Chicago gangster at heart. The corruption of all branches of the federal government was completed under his watch.

Even worse, Hussein turned Washingon, D.C. into an aristocracy — a group of people that only care for themselves, who steal whatever they can, and look down upon the unwashed serfs, destroying those who stand in their way.

This was not what America was meant to be…but we are seeing the conseqeunces of this agenda play out in front of our eyes in the impeachment charade, the illegal spying, Biden’s theft of millions, et cetera, et cetera.

These people have no sense of right and wrong.

They will steal, lie, kill, spy, do whatever they can to maintain their grip on the power, the money, and the control of YOU.

Hillary would have put the fork in this diabolical scheme. The Democratic Party is nothing but highly organized crime.

Luckily, we have Trump. But we also have a big job ahead of us to put America back on the right track for our children, and grandchildren.

We can start by re-electing POTUS.

Like I said, it’s too bad the first black president of the United States was such a criminal. What a wasted opportunity to build a better America.

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