• April 15, 2024

“Liberal” propaganda by Don Frost

 “Liberal” propaganda by Don Frost

DON FROST Author for ConservativeChoice Campaign.com

There’s a particularly nasty piece of propaganda making the rounds of social media that purports to prove that all President Trump supporters/voters are ignorant boobs if not actually evil. However, it proves nothing except what is already well known: The Left/“liberals” really excel at hating. This particular insult to everyone who voted for Trump in 2016 (all 62,984,828 of them) was authored by Adam-Troy Castro, whoever he may be.
I came across this mean-spirited propaganda in a Facebook posting. It begins with this hypothetical question from a conservative: “Why do ‘liberals’ think Trump supporters are stupid?” Castro proceeds to answer that question by listing some of Trump’s most outrageous statements or actions and points out that in various ways Trump supporters expressed approval.
Here’s one example: “When you saw him brag that he could shoot a man on Fifth Avenue and you wouldn’t care, you chirped, ‘He sure knows me.’”
Another: “When you saw him mock the disabled, you thought it was the funniest thing you ever saw.” (I don’t recall anyone saying that was funny. Chalk this one up to Castro’s eagerness to pile on insults without repeating himself.)
One more: “When you heard him proudly brag about his own history of sexual abuse, you said, ‘No problem.’”
How’s that for reasoned political discourse? Well, it was never intended to be evenhanded. It’s just one more “liberal” exercise in hate.
This sophomoric diatribe elicited a lot of Facebook approval along the lines of, “That’s tellin’ ‘em! Boy, those Trump people sure are stupid!” After 19 such examples the list ends on this sarcastic note, addressed to those Trump supporters that Castro had just vilified: “If you’re NOT stupid, we must turn to other explanations, and most of them are less flattering.”
It’s difficult to imagine how Castro could be “less flattering.” But do let’s take him at his word and “turn to other explanations” for Trump’s election. Castro wouldn’t like them. He’d insist until there are ice cream parlors in hell that everyone who voted for and supports Trump is stupid. This would spare him the painful necessity of thinking.
American “liberals” would much rather blame Trump’s election on James Comey, the Russians, the Electoral College, sexism, and Hillary Clinton’s and Castro’s “basketful of deplorables.”
Here are a few “other explanations” of why Trump won in 2016. That election was a repudiation of eight years of Barack Obama’s over reach; of his attempts to micro-manage our lives; of his burgeoning bureaucracy; of his dividing us up into tribes; of his back room deals; of his contempt for the Constitution via executive orders, committing every man, woman, and child in America to courses of action that Obama knew he could never get our representatives in Congress to approve.
There was one huge hope for America in an Obama presidency. Finally, we were justified in thinking a black president could end the racial animosity that has plagued America since its founding. What a colossal disappointment. He not only was a dismal failure in this area, he widened the racial divide as he pitted the Black Tribe against the White Tribe at every opportunity. Under Obama, with his love of the hyphen, we ceased to be united as Americans. With his enthusiastic approval we were divided up into tribes of Irish-Americans, Polish-Americans, Mexican-Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, ad infinitum. He celebrated defining these tribes as “diversity,” which is just another word for “divisive.”
So Clinton ran not only under the crushing weight of her lies, her record of corruption, her naked lust for the job so she could hear the band strike up “Hail to the Chief” as she exited Air Force One, but for her repeated promise to expand on the Obama legacy. How many votes  Trump were actually votes  Clinton is incalculable.
The political truth is hard for “liberals” to swallow, but they have no problem believing 62,984,828 people are stupid. That’s a remarkable admission, something only an ostrich with its head in the sand could admit to. If Trump was so despicable, our choice must have been unsavory in the extreme to persuade so many millions to vote for him – or, perhaps, they were simply voting against his opponent.
That support for Trump will continue, thanks to the dismal array of Democratic candidates that have been coveting the presidency. No matter who they pick to carry the party’s banner, the campaign will have two themes: A) “I’m not Trump,” and B) “I’ll give you free stuff.” Pretty pathetic.            Don blogs at www.commonsense931.wordpress.com

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