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McConnell, Collins, Tillis Endorse Historic Deal Making It Extremely Difficult for Americans to Change Contested Election Results

 McConnell, Collins, Tillis Endorse Historic Deal  Making It Extremely Difficult for Americans to Change Contested Election Results


By Sheila G

July 20, 2020

I find the deal that McConnell, Collins and Tillis  is endorsing and touting as a historic deal that would make it extremely difficult for Americans to change the results of contested elections something to be proud of, is actually one of the most shameful acts in history.

Folks, the Americans they refer to is the American working class. Let’s face it, they are not concerned about the one percent making up the elites. They are not concerned about the poor who typically aren’t concerned with elections. We are the largest voting base in America. We are an impediment to them reclaiming the power and control they once had. We are preventing them from obtaining buckets of our money to line their pockets.

You can be certain that the people who vote to pass this are not incompetent. What they are doing is contributing to the deliberate destruction of America.

This is an excerpt from Becker news:

“A bipartisan group of U.S. senators is ‘very close’ to brokering a historic deal that would make it extremely difficult for Americans to challenge the results of contested elections.

The senators have agreed “on a series of provisions to reform the Electoral Count Act, a move aimed at clarifying the role of the vice president and Congress in confirming the winner of a presidential election in the wake of Jan. 6,” NBC News reported on Thursday. “The working group is finalizing legislation and expects to release text as early as next week.

We’re very close. We’ve got a few technical issues that we need to iron out, and I’m very hopeful that we’ll have a bill early next week — or bills,” Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) told reporters Wednesday. “That’s one of the issues that we’re deciding: whether it’s better to introduce more than one bill or one bill.”

The working group met Wednesday afternoon to hash out the remaining issues and are close to a deal they hope both parties can support. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., have both blessed the bipartisan talks aimed at closing loopholes in election law.

“We gained consensus on presidential transition, the Electoral Count Act, the responsibility of the vice president about certification proceedings,” Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) told NBC News

Click here to read the Becker News article

These are three members out of 33 of the Grand ‘Ole Party of elites who are mad that the American working class took their power and control away in 2016 for determining who would run for Senate, House and President. Because the working class is the largest class in America, the only way they can regain control is to ensure Trump doesn’t run in 2024 and we won’t come out to vote if he doesn’t win. That is why they give their votes to the liberal agenda and support the Nazi genocidal cult World Economic Forum whose members consist of elites only.

Do not think for one minute they share our conservative principles and values! These people are dangerous to our principles and values. They view us as excrement.

Let’s take a look at how well these three Senators have performed over the last six years.

💢 33 out 50 Senators are failures or 66% of our Senators are serving the Grand Old Party and NOT the people who elected them.

💢The worst performing conservative senator in the chamber is:

     Susan Collins – has given 84% of her votes to the liberal agenda

💢The fifth worst performing conservative senator in the chamber is:

    Mitch McConnell – has given 60% of his votes to the liberal agenda

💢 The ninth worst performing conservative senator in the chamber is:

     Thom Tillis – has given 53% of his votes to the liberal agenda

The percentages above do not represent one year, two years of votes. The percentages do represent the most current six years of their votes.

These are the same senators who endorse gang raping the taxpayer vault over and over and over. These are the senators who endorse giving foreign 3rd world shithole nations buckets of our money in the name of foreign aid.  These are the same senators who speak against green energy but fund it. The only thing green they like is the green they put back in their pockets. These are the same senators that deny election fraud and will soon be voting on this bill to ensure stolen elections cannot be overturned and objected to.

These are the same senators who squandered their two year majority by doing everything they could to undermine President Trump which ultimately transcends to we the people who elected him. There is not one of the 33 that did not participate actively and underhandedly in attempting to take President Trump down. These are the members who called us terrorists – including those of us who did not attend the J6 protest. These are the members who are allowing the J6 prisoners to languish in prison without due process. Please don’t misunderstand me. I do believe there are some who deserve to be in jail but do not deserve to have their rights violated. I also believe there are many J6 people in jail who do not deserve to be there. These are the people that support the weaponization of the Justice Department, the FBI and CIA against Americans and do nothing about it. These are the members who sit back and allow the liberal congress to call us supremacists and nationalists as if those two terms were interchangeable. These are the senators that support the liberal agenda calling us racists.

In my opinion, the real purpose of this bill is to position the steal of both the midterms and the 2024 general election leaving the American public with absolutely nothing they can do about it to challenge results. This makes them traitors! They are not upholding their oath of office.

Let’s take a look at these 33 Senators in total. All 33 are complete and total failures!

This is public data obtained from the Liberty Scorecard – Conservative Review

When I hear Fox News or any media refer to Republicans I now find myself now asking who in the Republican Party are they addressing? Are they addressing the elites in the Republican Party, the members of the Grand Old Party or the working class Republicans? Which is it? I need to know who because we are not the same – we are the polar opposite of these 33.

The moral of this story is simple. If you are satisfied with your rights being eroded bill by bill, then by all means give your vote to these fuckers. Maybe, just maybe you might be one of the lucky ones who remains above ground once these people have achieved depopulating the world from 7.5 billion to 500 million. Now that you know the desired population goal, how many of America’s 331 million people do you suppose will be included in that 500 million?

There is not one of them that is worthy of our vote. In fact, if there is no alternate choice, I will vote for the democrat. Say what you want, none of these 33 have contributed to the balance of power in Congress in over six years. They have given all of their support to the liberal agenda to get rid of us. Their votes prove it beyond any doubt. At least with the Democrats, they tell us in advance what they are going to do. With these traitors, we expect them to uphold our rights and then they deceive us. I am all for getting rid of my anger and hatred of these traitors. I might get mad at the Democrats but they do exactly what I expect they will do.

Either vote them out or put your white flag of submit and surrender up for all to see, stop complaining and accept you will lose your rights. It’s really that simple.

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