• February 24, 2024

NBC’s Mitchell Touts Liberal ‘Good Republican’ Chris Shays on GOP

Who did MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell feature to respond to RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s Tuesday speech about the future of the Republican Party? Chris Shays, the liberal, former Republican Congressman with a lifetime American Conservative Union score of 44, appeared on Andrea Mitchell Reports to critique the chairman of the Republican National Committee. After Shays insisted that Dick Cheney shouldn’t be deciding who is and isn’t a solid member of the GOP, Mitchell complimented: “Chris Shays, a good Republican.” Responding to the Steele speech, Mitchell pontificated, “No mention of Dick Cheney. No mention of Rush Limbaugh. Is he [Steele] trying to move the party to a broader party, one that would include you? You were the last standing moderate from the northeast.”
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