• May 27, 2024

Report: Coronavirus Could Be A Bioweapon That Only Targets A Certain Race

 Report: Coronavirus Could Be A Bioweapon That Only Targets A Certain Race


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There are many theories flying around the internet as to the cause, and even the effect, of the novel coronavirus that is sweeping through the Chinese mainland, killing thousands, possibly tens of thousands.

Here are some observations of the facts we know…

  1. The virus originated in Wuhan, which just happens to be the location of a Chinese bioweapons lab of the highest security.

2. The Chinese communist government has refused to allow the American Center for Disease Control (CDC), the foremost authority of disease control in the world, to enter the region of the outbreak for testing as to the origin, and the characteristics of the virus.

3. China lied about the virus originating in a food market and did not tell the world for several critical weeks about the problem.

4. China is still lying about the extent of the epidemic and the number of casualties.

5. Several Chinese agents were arrested in Canada in November of last year, on their way to China with sample vials of coronavirus taken from a secure Canadian bio lab.

6. There have been no confirmed deaths from coronavirus outside of Asia, except for Chinese, or Asian citizens who traveled abroad from the outbreak region.

Now news outlet Zero Hedge has reported some simply astounding additional information — the virus seems to not affect those of European descent in the same manner. In other words, it is more dangerous for Asians, than for Europeans.

With SARS (sudden acute respiratory syndrome), another coronavirus, researchers discovered that one of the ways the disease attaches itself is through an enzyme known as ACE2, a ‘functional receptor’ produced in several organs (oral and nasal mucosa, nasopharynx, lung, stomach, small intestine, colon, skin, lymph nodes, thymus, bone marrow, spleen, liver, kidney, and brain).

ACE2 is also “abundantly present in humans in the epithelia of the lung and small intestine, which might provide possible routes of entry for the SARS-CoV,” while it was also observed “in arterial and venous endothelial cells and arterial smooth muscle cells” – which would include the heart.

This has led some to speculate that Asians, who have higher concentrations of ACE2 (per the 1000 genome project) may be affected to a greater degree than those of European ancestry, who produce the least of it – and have largely been the asymptomatic ‘super spreaders‘ such as Diamond Princess coronavirus victim Rebecca Frasure.

One thing is for sure — we are not being told everything about this outbreak.

There must be a reason for that. The only question is what it is.https://youtu.be/TAafDOqfN3M

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