• February 22, 2024

Biden Regime Admits to Math Error in Gas and Oil

Gas prices reached $4.59 on Friday. This was a new all-time record high for gas prices in America. It was the 11th straight day of all-time record high gas prices. Despite this massive burden on the American public, the Biden regime has done nothing to ease the burden. Prices are expected to continue to increase […]Read More

INSANITY: Gas Stations In Washington State Are Preparing For $10

Gas stations in Washington State are preparing to program their pumps for double-digit pricing. While gas prices are rising everywhere, Washington State is preparing for the price to rise to the shocking level of $10 a gallon. This is simply not sustainable. Even the lefties in Seattle are probably going to lose their minds over […]Read More

Biden Gas Crisis Spiraling: California tops $6 as Pumps in

As Biden’s Gas crisis kicks into overdrive, setting record highs for 10 straight days, gas stations across the United States are beginning to run out of fuel as prices at the pump continue to rocket upwards. The situation has become so bad in areas like Washington that gas stations are reportedly reprogramming their pumps in […]Read More