• July 31, 2021


DOJ Sues Texas Over Governor Abbott’s Order Outlawing Ground Transportation

Merrick Garland US Attorney General Merrick Garland on Friday sued Texas over Governor Abbott’s order outlawing most ground transportation of illegal aliens. On Wednesday, Texas governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order banning ground transportation of illegal immigrants by anyone other than law enforcement officers. The new guidance was issued just one day after he ordered Texas National Guard troops […]Read More

Republican Rep. Chip Roy Goes Off On House Dems For

Nancy Pelosi recently implemented a new mask requirement in the House of Representatives. Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas recently went off in a rant over the fact that Democrats are worrying about masks in the House while ignoring the thousands of potentially unvaccinated people flowing over the southern border. He talked about how the […]Read More

Demon DOJ Attorney Kathryn Fifield Says She Will Not Have

DOJ Attorney Kathryn Fifield told Judge Trevor McFadden on Friday that she will not have evidence ready against political prisoner Timothy Hale-Cusanelli until 2022 at the earliest. Hale-Cusanelli did not even commit a violent crime. He has no criminal record. His charges relate to trespassing, obstruction, and disorderly conduct. Julie Kelly wrote about Timothy Hale-Cusanelli […]Read More

Wisconsin is Waking Up – Popular Radio Host Vicki McKenna

The Vicki McKenna Show in Wisconsin discussed a number of topics on Thursday.  She was excellent and then she praised the Republicans in Dane County who voted for a full forensic audit of the 2020 Election.  Earlier this week the members of the Executive Council of the Dane County Republican Party voted unanimously to support […]Read More

Chuck Schumer Says Climate Crisis Will Be Worse Than COVID

Do you remember when Democrats used to accuse Republicans of using the politics of fear to advance their agenda? Chuck Schumer doesn’t. He recently claimed that if the Democrat infrastructure bill isn’t passed, that climate change is going to be worse than COVID. That doesn’t even make sense. What does an infrastructure bill have to […]Read More

Los Angeles Unified School District will Require Weekly Covid Testing

Los Angeles Unified School District will require weekly Covid-19 testing for students and staff regardless of vaccination status. Children have virtually no chance of dying from the China virus, but here we are. “This is in accordance with the most recent guidance from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health,” LAUSD Interim Superintendent Megan […]Read More

MyPillow Founder Mike Lindell Pulls Ads from FOX News After

Popular conservative Mike Lindell pulled ads from FOX News this week after the once conservative network refused to run ads for his August election integrity conference. Mike Lindell’s Sioux Falls, South Dakota cyber composium is scheduled for August 10-12. ***To support Mike Lindell and benefit Gateway Pundit, go to MyPillow.com and use promo code “TGP” […]Read More

Biden Admin Takes Action Against Cuban Refugees In 21-Foot Vessel

The Biden administration this week announced the repatriation of more than two dozen Cuban refugees fleeing their country’s oppressive communist regime after they were caught attempting to navigate Florida waters. The 27 Cuban refugees were ordered to return even as waves of migrants from other parts of the world continue to enter through the country’s […]Read More

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