• May 6, 2021


President Trump on Arizona Audit: “Let’s See What They Find…

President Trump spoke this week at his home in Mar-a-Lago about the ongoing forensic audit in Arizona. President Trump warned what was coming next following the Arizona audit. President Trump: “Now let’s see what they find… you’ll watch Pennsylvania…Georgia… Michigan… Wisconsin…New Hampshire. They found a lot of votes up in New Hampshire JUST NOW…” The […]Read More

100 Days from America First to America Last: GM Joins

Joe Biden tells off workers at an automotive plant in Michigan in 2020. 100 Days from America First to America Last– In March, just two months after President Trump left office Ford announced plans to move a major manufacturing plant to Mexico. America Last: Ford Announces Plans to Move Plant to Mexico 2 Months After […]Read More

Juan Williams Of FOX News Claims Riots And Fires In

Juan Williams is a liberal contributor on the FOX News channel and a regular member of the panel show “The Five.” During a recent episode, Juan denied that the left wing riots over the last year even happened. He seems to live in an alternate reality. The Federalist reports: Fox News’ Juan Williams Falsely Claimed […]Read More

Giuliani: DOJ Secretly Went into My iCloud Account in 2019,

FBI agents raided Rudy Giuliani’s New York City apartment and office this week in a pre-dawn raid. The FBI agents seized Rudy’s electronic but they refused to take Hunter Biden’s hard drives. Giuliani is reportedly being investigated over his alleged lobbying efforts in 2019 regarding Ukraine when he was investigating allegations of corruption involving Joe […]Read More

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