• July 31, 2021


SICK: FOX Host Bret Baier Uses Maricopa County Official Who

Earlier tonight President Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington joined FOX News host Bret Baier to discuss the latest results announced by the forensic auditors in their explosive testimony on the historic Maricopa County forensic audit. During her segment, Liz pointed out all of the fraudulent numbers coming from Maricopa County.  She also reported on the 100 […]Read More

SURPRISE! Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Has Ties To China

Hunter Biden’s new career as a highly-paid artist continues to get shadier. Last week, we learned that Hunter will meet with his supposedly anonymous buyers. Now we are learning that his dealer has ties to China. You couldn’t make this up. FOX News reports: Hunter Biden’s art dealer said he wanted to be the ‘lead […]Read More

“Now Would Be a Very Good Time to Study the

President Trump released a statement on the phoney and partisan investigation into January 6th led by the corrupt Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The President stated the obvious in his statement – why is the individual who is running the investigation the same person who should be investigated the most? The President writes: Nancy Pelosi is spending […]Read More

President Trump: “They Are Fighting Like HELL – Why Are

President Trump was welcomed by a packed house of supporters in Arizona for his speech at Turning Point Action’s “Rally to Protect Our Elections” on Saturday afternoon. Thousands of Patriots Attend Trump Speech in Phoenix – Crowd Circles the Arena – ‘Trump Won’ Banner Dropped from Balcony (Video) During his speech, he gave a special […]Read More

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers: “DECERTIFY NOW – RECALL THE

rizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is leading the fight for decertification in Arizona. Team Trump: “Based On Today’s Hearing, Why Even Wait to Decertify?” Today on Twitter, Rogers shared her bottom line. There is a lot of noise out there. Here is the bottom line: DECERTIFY NOW – RECALL THE ELECTORS Arizona’s certification was clearly […]Read More

Joe Biden Responds with Gibberish When Asked About Amnesty (VIDEO)

Joe Biden returned to the White House Sunday and, as usual, had the boot-licking media waiting for him. As he approached the press area, a reporter asked him about his opinion on reconciliation and amnesty. Biden responded with gibberish. Video: Asked about amnesty in Democrats’ reckless spending spree, Joe Biden responds with gibberish and doesn’t […]Read More

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