• April 15, 2024


Far Left Squad Member Cori Bush Blames Problems With Power

Photo: Cori Bush/Fox News Far left squad member and Missouri Rep. Cori Bush is blaming issues with the U.S. power grid on white supremacy and climate change. It’s amazing that this woman is a member of congress. She is so obviously not a serious person. The country definitely has power grid issues, but they do […]Read More

Joe Biden Holds St. Patricks Day Brunch at White House

Joe Biden held a St. Patricks Day brunch at the White House on Sunday for Catholic leaders and Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. AP News reported: In Washington, President Joe Biden held a St. Patrick’s Day brunch for Catholic leaders in the East Room on Sunday. The room was decked out for the holiday, with […]Read More

REPORT: Trump Won’t Pick Strongly Pro-Life Candidate For VP, Tim

Photo: Gage/Skidmore Donald Trump will not pick a hardline pro-life candidate as his running mate over concerns that it would be electorally unwise, according to latest reports. NBC reported on Sunday that Trump has been asking about the positions of various potential vice-presidental picks on the issue, with particular concerns raised about Sen. Tim Scott […]Read More

Electric Transmission Buildout Could Cost Americans Trillions of Dollars

Image: Z3lvs, Wikimedia Commons This story originally was published by Real Clear Wire By Bernard L. McNamee Real Clear Wire Though windmills and solar panels get the headlines, the big energy topic in Washington is electric transmission. Whether it is Congress’s newfound interest in permitting reform, the U.S. Department of Energy’s new Grid Deployment Office, […]Read More

REPORT: AOC’s New York District Now Overrun With Illegal Aliens

The New York district of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now reportedly overrun with illegal immigrants and prostitution. In prior years, it was a much more family-friendly area but the Biden years have been harsh. This is not surprising, however. People have been asking for years what AOC actually does for the people of her district. […]Read More

FDNY Official Who Wanted to ‘Hunt Down’ Staffers Who Booed

The FDNY commissioner who wanted to ‘hunt down’ the staffers who booed AG Letitia James last week (and eventually backed down) was jeered herself during a St. Patrick’s Day parade this weekend. It’s hardly surprising. The backlash against the department over the controversy was harsh and swift. She earned this heckling. FOX News reports: FDNY […]Read More