• July 31, 2021


Judicial Watch: New Documents Reveal CDC Coordinated with Facebook on

On Wednesday Judicial Watch announced the CDC coordinated with Facebook on COVID messaging and alleged “misinformation.” The CDC and Facebook targeted media outlets, mostly conservative, that posted any factual information that differed from the CDC propaganda. Via Judicial Watch: Judicial Watch announced today that it received 2,469 pages of new documents from the Centers for Disease […]Read More

Antifa Goons Get Beat Up at “We Are Israel” Rally

Antifa goons brawled and got beat up at a “We Are Israel” rally in El Cajon, California over the weekend where Mike Pompeo spoke. Dozens of Antifa thugs dressed in black bloc showed up to the rally in SoCal to cause problems. The two sides brawled and the conservatives gave Antifa a good beating. Antifa […]Read More

Inventor of mRNA Vaccine: Some Covid Vaccines Make the Virus

Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., M.S.,, a distinguished physician who discovered RNA transfection and invented mRNA vaccines, was on Steve Bannon’s War Room Weednesday with some alarming news–new data indicates that people who have taken the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are at greater risk of getting Covid than someone who is not vaccinated. Before you watch […]Read More

BREAKING: Mask Mandate in St Louis County is Overturned by

St. Louis County Commissioner Sam Page implemented a mask mandate effective on Monday, July 26th.  The mandate ended on its second day. St. Louis County Commissioner Sam Page’s most recent mask mandate was something very few in the St. Louis area wanted. Missouri AG and Two St. Louis County Councilmen Plan to Prevent County Commissioner […]Read More

Democrat Florida Agriculture Commissioner Suspends Concealed Weapons Permits of 22

Democrat Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried on Tuesday suspended concealed weapons permits of 22 January 6 protesters. “The deeply disturbing events that occurred at our nation’s Capitol on January 6th were sedition, treason, and domestic terrorism – and those individuals involved in the insurrection must be held accountable for attempting to subvert our democratic […]Read More

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