• October 24, 2021

Key Part of Biden’s Climate Agenda – to Get Rid

A key part of Joe Biden’s climate agenda will likely be cut from the budget bill because of Democrat Senator Joe Manchin’s opposition. The West Virginia Senator threw cold water on Joe Biden’s plan to get rid of coal and gas-fired plants – and replace them with wind and solar energy. Recall, Joe Biden vowed […]Read More

Biden Flirts with Man’s Wife, Rambles About “A Man on

What did we just watch? Joe Biden’s CNN town hall in Cincinnati, Ohio Wednesday evening is a total dumpster fire. Biden is unable to string a sentence together because of his dementia. The third question of the night came from a Democrat newlywed who asked Biden about vaccine hesitancy in the black community. Creepy Joe […]Read More

Even the Audience is Fake: Check Out the Crowd at

It’s well known that whenever CNN has a town hall event for a Democrat it’s always a pre-staged and packaged event. CNN hack Donna Brazile cheated and gave Hillary the questions before her debate with Bernie Sanders. CNN filled up its 2007 Hillary Clinton town hall with Democrat operatives. CNNstacked its anti-gun town hall in […]Read More

Key Crossing Falls to Taliban and Opens Direct Access to

Days after The Washington Post, in an editorial about President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan policy, editorialized that “tragedy appears to be unfolding more quickly than even many of the pessimists imagined,” Taliban troops cemented their hold on the deteriorating nation. The Taliban on Thursday seized an Afghan border crossing with Iran, according to The Associated Press, […]Read More

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