• December 3, 2021

Joe Rogan Calls Out The Media Over The Russia Collusion

During a recent episode of his incredibly popular podcast, Joe Rogan called out the media over the Russia collusion hoax, lamenting the fact that no one has been held accountable. At moments like this, it’s easy to understand why the media goes after Rogan so often. He tells the truth and makes them look bad. […]Read More

“This Is Cult $hit. We’re In a Cult. This Information

Joe Rogan concurs.  The liberal media is a cult.  Their reporting is not based on reality.   After going through a list of crimes the individuals who were shot by Kyle Rittenhouse were charged with, and Big Media’s reporting of the case, Joe Rogan had this to say: This is cult $hit. We’re in a cult. […]Read More

Quarterback Aaron Rogers Catches COVID, Says He Will Follow Joe

The elites are losing the messaging war. Maybe it’s because they lie so much? Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers announced this week he has coronavirus. Rogers says he will follow Joe Rogan’s advice and take Ivermectin. Joe Rogan is more trusted than the medical elites in the country today. Aaron Rodgers says he’s listening […]Read More

Joe Rogan To CNN Employee: ‘Do You Think That’s A

Joe Rogan had CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta on his incredibly popular podcast this week and called him out for CNN’s lies. When Rogan recently came down with COVID, CNN pushed a blatant lie that Rogan was taking a drug made for horses, when in fact he was taking an award winning drug which had been […]Read More

Joe Rogan Threatens to Sue CNN Over Ivermectin Smears, ‘Making

Joe Rogan on Tuesday threatened to sue CNN over their Ivermectin coverage after the podcaster said he used the medication to treat Covid-19. Highly popular podcast host Joe Rogan last Wednesday announced he had to move his comedy tour schedule around because he came down with Covid. Rogan, 54, said he was “feeling weary” last […]Read More

Woman Who Escaped From North Korea Describes The Horrors Of

Yeonmi Park is a young woman living in America who escaped from North Korea with her mother when she was a teenager. She recently appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast and described her escape and what life is like in North Korea under communism. She described scenes of death, constant starvation, life without electricity or […]Read More

Joe Rogan: Media On The Left Is Ignoring Joe Biden’s

Joe Rogan is not a conservative, but he is honest and he hosts one of the most watched podcasts in the country. During a recent episode, Rogan asserted that the liberal media is actively ignoring Joe Biden’s diminishing mental state. Rogan is absolutely right, and his remarks have sparked outrage from the left. Here’s a […]Read More

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