• May 18, 2024

Wisconsin GOP Elections Commissioner Resigns – Slams Trump on Way

Dean Knudson and Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Republican Dean Knudson, a republican member of the WEC, abruptly resigned today after serving five years. Knudson slammed President Trump on the way out the door saying there was no fraud in the 2020 Wisconsin Election. Knudson chose to ignore the voter fraud discovered by the Wisconsin Special […]Read More

“Speaker Vos Election Thievery Is NOT Something You Simply Let-Go

Adam Steen and his family Republican challenger Adam Steen published a blistering attack on Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos this week accusing the Speaker of downplaying and ignoring the “election thievery” in his state. Vos has fought every step of the way to investigate the 2020 presidential election where Joe Biden saw a mysterious drop of […]Read More