• May 18, 2021

Defending the right to challenge your government

Sidney Powell Update Dear Patriots,Every day, Sidney and Team Kraken are fighting election fraud on many fronts. One part of this battle is to support and defend fellow patriots who were punished for doing the right thing by corrupt elected officials and bureaucrats. That is the case here. It was apparent to Charles Ritchard, the […]Read More

Stephen Miller Continues Media Blitz Condemning Race-based Biden Administration Policies

Yesterday at 6:31 AM ·  AFL President Stephen Miller recently joined Mark Levin on Fox News to discuss America First Legal’s work to: Stop a Biden Administration proposal that would impose the teaching of the racist “critical race theory,” undermine civil rights, and destroy the American spirit. Stop the Biden Administration from opening our borders to illegal immigration during […]Read More

How I Ended Up On the TikTok Station of the

My (adult) kids send me endless TikToks with dog rescues and military reunions knowing that it will turn on the waterworks.  But I fought the urge to have my own account for many of the obvious reasons.  Some of you may roll your eyes, but stay with me. I used to use social media platforms […]Read More

Huge News In Michigan

Behizy Huge News In Michigan Well Well Well, once again Michigan proves that every lie will be revealed. Who knew God would use such an insignificant case to rock the whole state of Michigan, Matt Deperno and @Sons of Liberty​ are going back to court with something no one can deny. Support this lawsuit and […]Read More

This HUGE scandal is still being censored

I’ve had enough of the lying liberal media’s absolute refusal to investigate the scandal-laden, sleazy business dealings of Joe Biden and his son Hunter with Ukraine and Communist China … and the liberal media and Big Tech’s censorship of these scandalous deals! Not only were deals made to enrich family members and business associates of the ruling class elite, […]Read More

John Ratcliffe says law enforcement knows it really is Hunter

by Jerry Dunleavy, Justice Department Reporter |  | April 11, 2021 Former President Donald Trump’s top spy chief claims law enforcement knows the laptop purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden is indeed the laptop of President Joe Biden’s son, blasting the former intelligence officials, politicians, and members of the media who suggested the laptop story was […]Read More

Heartbreaking Photo Shows ‘Hand of God’ Created by Nurse For

This is heartbreaking. A Brazilian nurse created a contraption made of disposable gloves filled with warm water to simulate human contact for Covid patients suffering in isolation dubbed, “The Hand of God.” Newsweek reported: Brazilian nurse technician Semei Araújo Cunha posted her glove contraption to her social media accounts on March 20, according to a […]Read More

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