• February 6, 2023

Most of the Local Texas Border Patrol Agents Skipped Meeting

Illegal aliens ready to cross into the US at Del Rio crossing on the Rio Grande River. Joe Biden traveled to Uvalde, Texas on Sunday following the mass shooting by a deranged teenager earlier in the week. 18-year-old Salvador Ramos killed 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday. Joe Biden was […]Read More

America LAST: US Senate REJECTS $48 Billion Aid Package For

On Thursday – just hours after approving another $40 billion in US taxpayer dollars for Ukraine – the US Senate blocked a bipartisan $48 billion aid package for restaurants, gyms, and other small businesses that have been struggling in Biden’s post-lockdown economy. Presumably, they can’t launder that money as easily as shuffling it off to […]Read More

Bernie Sanders Calls for Senate to End Filibuster and Pass

Protesters outside the US Supreme Court in Washington DC Monday night. The US Supreme Court reportedly voted to END Roe v Wade in a DRAFT OPINION by Justice Samuel Alito according to a report leaked to Politico this evening. The draft opinion was leaked to the press – something that is unusual. BREAKING: Supreme Court […]Read More

Dirtbag Chris Wray Calls Jan. 6 a Terrorist Attack –

Dirtbag Chris Wray, known for terrorizing communities across the nation with early morning raids on patriots who WALKED into the US Capitol on Jan. 6, was interviewed Sunday night by fake news media outley “60 Minutes.” Scott Pelley was perfect in his role as FBI lackey and stooge for the powerful. During the interview, Chris […]Read More

What Are They Hiding? Secret Service Claims to Have “No

Throughout his time in office, the US Secret Service has kept “no records” of who visits Joe Biden when he is away from Washington at either of his Delaware homes, according to a newly released Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that was published by the New York Post. In all, Biden has spent over […]Read More