• December 7, 2021

Why Alec Baldwin Had His Finger on the Trigger (VIDEO)

Even people experienced in handling a pistol can inadvertently put their finger on the trigger and not realize they are doing so. The following video shows you why it is impossible for the 19th Century revolver Baldwin had in hand to fire itself. Baldwin’s acting job with George Stephanopoulos may have persuaded people who know […]Read More

Ohio Senate Candidate J.D. Vance Calls for “Mass Civil Disobedience”

On Thursday Joe Biden announced his proposed illegal and unconstitutional covid mandates. Biden declared war on vaccinated Americans and demanded that ALL federal employees be vaccinated. Biden also announced he will be forcing companies with more than 100 employees to either test workers or prove they are vaccinated. In response to his unprecedented and unconstitutional […]Read More

CDC Changes Definition of “Vaccine”, Vindicates Alex Berenson

If you think that our establishment medical community is honest, think again. They are not. The litany of lies and deception grows with each passing day. The latest victim of the new Orwellian world of redefining truth comes courtesy of the CDC. They have changed the definition of “vaccine” and “vaccination” because so many vaccinated […]Read More

TGP’s Jordan Conradson Joins Alex Jones to Talk About the

The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson joined Alex Jones on Infowars to discuss the HUGE findings presented at the Arizona audit hearing. On Friday morning, Info Wars brought TGP’s Jordan Conradson on to talk about Maricopa County’s noncompliance with the Arizona Senate. It appears that they are hiding something. On Wednesday, audit officials displayed their current […]Read More

Biden Nominee For Bureau Of Land Management Allegedly Worked With

Democrats and the Biden administration are constantly talking about how concerned they are about domestic terrorism. They claim that it’s a very real threat. And yet, Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management is accused of working with eco-terrorists in the 1990s. Shouldn’t that automatically disqualify her for this job? FOX News reports: […]Read More

Survey Finds Democrats’ Greatest Concern Is Scary Trump Supporters

A new poll has found something that is at the same time disturbing and hilarious. It asked people about their greatest concerns. Republicans listed traditional issues like the economy and illegal immigration. The number one issue for Democrats was how scared they are of Trump supporters. Seriously. The Blaze reports: Survey: GOP is concerned about […]Read More

Democrats Work with White House on Plan to Crack Down

This really should come as no surprise.  It’s who they are – complete fascists. Congressional Democrats are meeting with the Biden White House on how to crackdown on political dissent in America today.  Democrats want to make it impossible for ordinary Americans to challenge their authority. Democrats installed razer wire around the US Capitol in […]Read More

14 State Attorneys General Warn Biden They are Reviewing Legal

14 state attorneys general warned Joe Biden they are reviewing legal options over his decision to cancel the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Joe Biden’s first order of business was to kill tens of thousands of jobs. Biden signed an executive order canceling the Keystone XL pipeline that runs from Alberta, Canada through several […]Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s the Breakdown on the 80 Cases Related to

The media in the United States is no longer interested in the truth.  They are corrupted beyond belief.  They used to be biased, now they are clearly dishonest.  Over and over we heard how President Trump didn’t win a single case in the 2020 Presidential election related to fraud in the election.  The media called […]Read More

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