• January 21, 2022

HUGE! Glenn Beck on Tucker Carlson: US Doctors Were Reviewing

Glenn Beck was on Tucker Carlson’s show on Wednesday night and he discussed the many actions taken by Dr. Fauci and friends before the China coronavirus (COVID-19) hit the US in early 2020. Beck mentioned that Dr. Ralph Baric reviewed Moderna and Dr. Fauci’s coronavirus vaccine in 2019.  Something we reported early this year in […]Read More

Fauci Calls Out Tucker Carlson, Peter Navarro, Says Media Figures

Dr. Fauci on Tuesday lashed out at media figures and politician who criticize him for his endless lies about Covid. Fox News host Tucker Carlson has routinely criticized Fauci, the “Saint of Wuhan” for his involvement in funding gain-of-function research which led to the Covid pandemic. Former Trump advisor Peter Navarro has called for Fauci […]Read More

Tucker Carlson Reveals What Biden’s Relatives Have Told Him About

Recent polling indicates that a growing number of Americans are concerned about Biden’s mental state. Tucker Carlson apparently knows some members of Biden’s family and recently revealed what they have told him about this topic. He made the comments during a conversation with conservative commentator Guy Benson. From Townhall: Tucker: Here Is What Biden’s Relatives […]Read More

General Michael Flynn on Tucker Carlson: The Assaults on Our

General Michael Flynn joined Tucker Carlson on Friday night following the news that former Chief Strategist for President Trump, Steve Bannon, was indicted by corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland. Flynn, who was persecuted by the deep state, Democrat Party, and fake news mainstream media for years was asked to comment on the increasing threat of […]Read More

NJ Republican Ed Durr Tells Hilarious Story About Phone Call

Ed Durr, the New Jersey Republican truck driver who shocked the country earlier this month by defeating a powerful Democrat incumbent, appeared on the Tucker Carlson show this week and told a very funny story. He was recounting the phone call he had with the Democrat he defeated and he even had Tucker Carlson laughing. […]Read More

Tucker Carlson Begins Series on How Jan 6 Was Instigated

It’s never too late to tell the truth. Tucker Carlson is reporting this week on the January 6 protests and noting that there were ‘agent provocateurs’ embedded with the Trump supporters that day. The January 6 MAGA riot was was instigated by left-wing ‘agents provocateurs,’ including Insurgence USA founder John Sullivan, who revved up the […]Read More

“This is Wrong and It Will Not Stand:” Lt. Col.

On Monday, Marine Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller was arrested and sent to the brig after he publicly excoriated Biden’s leadership over the United States’ catastrophic evacuation from Afghanistan that left 13 service members dead and several more critically injured among countless other atrocities. Despite tendering his resignation over a month ago, he now […]Read More

We May Have Left Afghanistan, Mr. President, But We Are

by Pete Hoekstra Investigative Project on Terrorism September 23, 2021 This article originally was published by the Gatestone Institute. I never liked that term, “war on terror.” Terrorism is a tactic; it is not the enemy we fought every day. The term has done more to confuse us than enlighten us. [O]ne can see why the phrase […]Read More