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The Best and Worst Conservative Senators of 2023

 The Best and Worst Conservative Senators of 2023


By Sheila G

March 24, 2023

    Sheila G is a wife, mother, author of fiction, contributor to local news, and one of two Editors at Conservative Choice Campaign. 

We have all seen the dismal congressional surveys stating approval for Congress is at its lowest performance score in history. Surveys are all based on public opinion, which means the survey is subjective to each person participating. What data was used to complete the survey?

Is there a better way to measure congressional performance? Oh yes, there is. There is only one accurate measure for sorting political rhetoric and our personal opinion (words) from their action, and that is by looking at how each cast their vote when passing legislation (action). When words and actions are incongruent, it is one of the first signs of deception and deceit. The only accurate and meaningful performance measure is based on each vote they cast. Period.

Are they supporting the liberal agenda, or are they supporting the conservative agenda? That is 98% of the information we need when it’s time to vote for our Senators. For those who give their votes to the liberal agenda, it is time for us to wake up and face the fact these individuals do not share our conservative principles and values. And, I believe they have little to no desire to change their ways.

I will show you where our Senators stand in the cesspool of Congress and those outside it.

My data source is the Liberty Score by Conservative Review. CR counts the number of votes each Senator gives to each the liberal and the conservative agenda. They use simple math to arrive at the percentage of votes given to the liberal agenda and then assign a Grade A through F based upon the results. They use the top 50 votes for the most current six years to compute the percentages. This is the grading system:


We have 20 senators with passing grades.

We have 23 senators with failing grades

We have six new senators who do not have votes or grades posted by CR.

Our Six New Senators


Our Top Twenty Best Senators

 We have 20 senators standing above the cesspool with passing grades. I say thank you to each one of them. I also say thank you to the citizens who voted for them. I appreciate their work and believe most people, maybe all 20, share my conservative principles and values. Here are those Senators:

Some say they should all be A’s. That is not necessarily the case. Grades B and C can be representative of a bipartisanship effort. The grade A’s could very well base their votes on their view that they don’t get anything whatsoever from the liberals, and they stick to the conservative agenda.


Who Are Our Failing Senators

Who Are the Top Five Worst Senators


Are you surprised Leader McConnell is the Chamber’s fourth worst-performing Conservative Senator? Think about this. Based upon his top 50 votes for the last six years, he has given 56% of his votes to the liberals. Let’s compare what Mitch has given away and what Schumer has given to him.

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has given 100% of his votes to the liberals. Mitch has gotten nothing from the liberals. I am going just to come out and say this. I believe that China owns McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao. China owns the Democratic party, and Mitch marches to the tune of the Democratic party, or China makes the family business go away. Mitch sold his soul to China.

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Chao immigrated to the United States when she was eight years old. Her father founded the Foremost Group, which eventually became a major shipping corporation. During her tenure as Transportation Secretary in the Trump administration, the Transportation Department’s inspector general wrote a report with numerous instances where Chao used her office to promote her family’s shipping business.

As Secretary of Transportation, Chao appeared in at least a dozen interviews with her father, James, a shipping magnate with extensive business interests in China. The Transportation Department’s inspector general cited numerous instances where Chao’s office helped promote her family’s shipping business. The inspector general asked the Trump administration’s Justice Department in December 2020 to consider a criminal investigation into Chao, but the DOJ refused.

Of course, the Department of Justice refused, and the reason they refused is that they run the protection racket for the elite within the circle of privilege.

Federal disclosures cited by The New York Times revealed a gift to Chao and her husband Mitch McConnell from Chao’s businessman father, James, valued between $5 million and $25 million. The company her father founded (which her sister, Angela, currently runs), The Foremost Group, has extensive ties to the Chinese state and elites. It obtained hundreds of millions of dollars worth of loans from a bank owned by the Chinese state with substantial interests tied to a major shipyard funded by long-term contracts with a steel producer. In what The Times described as “a rarity for foreigners,” Angela and James Chao have served on the boards of a Chinese state-owned shipbuilder. Angela has been on the board of the Bank of China and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (created by the government of China.

The Foremost Group has almost no footprint in the United States besides its New York headquarters. From January 2018 to April 2019, 72% of the total tonnage shipped by Foremost was shipped to and from China. During the period when Chao appeared with her father at promotional events for the family company, the US Department of Transportation repeatedly sought to cut funding and loan guarantees for domestic American shipping companies, shipyards, and shipbuilders. Congress rejected these proposed budget cuts in a bipartisan fashion. Chao’s Department also sought for three years to prevent funding for a program that supports the viability of small domestic US shipyards and a separate program that issues loan guarantees for the construction or reconstruction of ships with American registration.


In June 2019, Politico reported that in 2017 Chao had designated her aide Todd Inman as a special liaison “to help with grant applications and other priorities” for Transportation Department projects in Kentucky, the only state to have such a liaison. Inman was to act as an intermediary between the Department, local Kentucky officials, and Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, who is Chao’s husband. This resulted in grants of at least $78 million for projects in Mitch McConnell strongholds Boone County and Owensboro. Inman had worked on the 2008 and 2014 re-election campaigns of McConnell; McConnell and local officials brought up the grants when he announced in Owensboro in December 2018 that he was running for re-election in 2020. Inman later became Chao’s chief of staff.

Source: Wikipedia

McConnell and Murkowski

In the 2022 election, Mitch diverted RNC money to Murkowski, the second worst-performing Senator in the Chamber. He ensured that Trump’s endorsement received nothing. I don’t doubt that Murkowski bought the Tribe’s votes by promising them the pipeline would go through. How could she do that without obtaining a guarantee from Biden? What did Biden get in return for his guarantee? Was it RNC money laundered back to Biden? Did Murkowski guarantee all of her votes would go to the liberal agenda?

For the last six years, her top 50 votes show she gave the liberals 71% of the votes. Something dirty is at play here.

Summary of McConnell

Now you know the true Mitch McConnell. Doesn’t it make you wonder why our Senators re-elected him as the minority leader? You know they must see and know this information. Bottomline, Mitch McConnell is compromised and in bed with China. He should never have been elected. He should be behind bars.

However, the problem runs even deeper with the Republican party. The party elites belong to the grand ole club, which, in the past,  determined who would run for President, Senate, and House. They feel the MAGA crowd has stolen their power and hate us.

The Republican National Committee re-elected Ronna McDaniel and the Republican National Chair. They re-elected a three-time loser—a loser who used donations to fly on private jets and for spa days.

The problem is simple. There is no accountability starting at the very top of the party, and it permeates its way down to State and Local GOP chairs and ultimately to those elected into office.

If this were any legitimate party, the National Chair would demand accountability. The National Chair would be working with and demanding excellence and accountability from the Republican National Committee, which sets the party rules. Those rules would include sanctions and resulting action for those elected officials who do not stand with the conservative agenda. Those rules would consist of steps to remove party funding from campaigns by those who don’t maintain an acceptable voting record. Those rules would include removing State Party Chairs who refuse to notify their elected officials and put them on notice. Those rules would consist of required State and local chairs to train citizen volunteers in unison across the United States. Those rules would include a set amount of funding to develop, train and utilize outside resources.

Instead, they allow elected officials to deny there was any election interference. They allowed elected officials to call us terrorists. They allowed elected officials to call for our tweets to be censored. They allowed our elected officials to stand behind the clot shot that neither prevents covid, hospitalization, nor death. They are allowing our elected officials to support vaccinating our children. They have done nothing to shut down the vaccine. With the number of deaths and life-altering injuries that continue to occur – it’s a matter of choice that should no longer be on the table. The vaccine needs to be stopped.  And our Senators must stand together and support Rand Paul in his endeavor to take down criminal Fauci.

Did the Republican Party demand Twitter provide the names of the government and NGO employees who were given the delete tweet option on their app and were permitted to delete any tweet they wanted without any review? Is the party pursuing those employees and demanding they be fired for censoring our free speech? They don’t care about that. I am pleased to see them investigating Fauci, but let’s be realistic about the outcome. Nothing will happen because Fauci falls into the circle of elites and is protected by the racket run by the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Why is no one demanding the IRS investigate George Soro’s foundations and organizations, pull his 501c3 certificate, seize his money, and prosecute him for flooding our country with illegal immigrants? Why aren’t our elected officials coming out with both barrels loaded and stopping the CBDC? Why aren’t our elected officials on top of the Great Reset, Professor Klaus Schwab, The World Economic Forum, the UN, Nato, and WHO? Of course, continued war produces huge kickbacks not only for the Democrats but also for members of our party.

Do you think the Democrat Party operates this way? Did you know the DNC hired an international company to harass us on social media? Do you know the DNC pays large social media users to tweet and post harassment online to other users? Do you know the DNC and NGOs pay and fund Antifa and BLM to destroy and torch public and private property, beat and murder innocent civilians, infiltrate Maga rallies, and create disturbances? The democrats are highly organized and will fund anything and do anything, including padding votes to get the win. They view anyone who opposes them as expendable. Our party does the same.

After saying all this, do you think Ronna McDaniel has the guts to reform the party? I certainly don’t think so. I ask myself why I am even taking the time to show how our elected officials vote. If our party held people accountable, they would provide the information as a public service and make it available on the RNC website 24/7. Of course, those D’s and F’s would be outraged. They wouldn’t get re-elected if the public knew how badly they performed. I say for those that would be outraged – clean up your act. Your lack of change should get you bounced.

The Entire Conservative Senate Ranked


I am a woman without a party. I was a registered Republican. I can no longer guarantee to vote for a straight Republican ticket. I will vote for the person I feel best serves our country. I have not donated one cent to the Republican party since 2018, and until the party reforms itself, I won’t. Instead, I write a check to the candidates I support. I don’t donate online anymore at all. The reason is simple. Most use WinRed. The Republican party gets a cut of that money. I don’t like everyone who receives financial support for their campaign. When I write a check, my candidate keeps all of it.



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