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The Conservative’s Guide to Defeating The Swamp

 The Conservative’s Guide to Defeating The Swamp
April 16, 2019

This is a guide and activism toolkit to help navigate the political war zone and defeat the swamp in 2020! The Democrats managed to flip seats in 2018 and the GOP is targeting those districts to retake the house. We are witnessing a dismantling of the deep state, and they aren’t playing around. This guide is packed full of information on how to navigate the swamp, get involved, speak up and stand up, and take serious action NOW. Respected movers and shakers have contributed to provide insights, tools, tips, tricks, and powerful ways to move forward, work together, and make a difference – the ultimate difference!

Here we are – each and every one of us – filtering through the rapid speedballs coming at us – all wanting the same thing – truth, transparency, justice, and a compassionate world where people don’t have to suffer. It is way past time to recognize what we are all up against, and know that we are all in this together. This journey through a politically corrupt war zone is a path we all must take, whether we wish to or not, because it ultimately impacts us all. It’s time to get on board, support one another in this battle, and take action to fight for this generation and our children’s future. This is our country – and 2020 is right around the corner!

This guide will lead you through many facets of taking action from your home and in your local community. It provides numerous ways to get involved, as well as ways of managing the influx of information coming at us at rapid pace.

Corey reached out to extraordinary individuals to contribute to this guide, for the purpose of raising awareness, and to arm others with the tools to fight this battle, defeat the swamp, retake the House in 2020, and ensure that our President will continue to fight for our country for another term!



This guide is broken into 9 sections. Feel free to click on the links below and jump to the section of interest, but it is highly recommended to review them all, as they cover a wide array of helpful tools. Additional information will continue to be added under the “TAKE ACTION” tab in the future, so be sure to check back often.

1) Communicating with Those “Left Behind” – Dave H. Janda M.D. of Operation Freedom

2) Learn to Spot Disinformation – Investigative Journalist Tracy Beanz

3) Your Voice Is A Weapon – Use It  – Investigative Journalist Corey Lynn of Corey’s Digs

4) Voter Registration Guide – Scott Presler “The Persistence”

5) A Practical Handbook for Conservative Activism – Engage The Right

6) Battling The Education System – Warrior Mom Jenny Lee

7) The Monetary System & Investments – Financial Analyst Charles Ortel

8) The Church, Faith, and Moving Forward – Prophetic Author Mark Taylor & Tiffany FitzHenry

9) Staying The Course – Investigative Journalist Corey Lynn of Corey’s Digs


Communicating With Those “Left Behind”

By David H. Janda M.D.
Website • Twitter • YouTube

Is there anything more frustrating than the process of trying to EDUCATE & EMPOWER a friend or family member only to be denigrated, ridiculed, insulted, ignored, threatened and then labeled a “conspiracy theorist”? Other than being accused of voting for a Clinton, Obama or Bush….. probably not.

So what do I do when I try to AWAKEN someone “Left Behind” and then I am subjected to all of the above?


That’s right…. SMILE….. it is the single most disarming action you can take. That simple move immediately establishes a “NO TRIGGER ZONE”.

Next, it is time to set the foundation. No need to pull a Joe Biden and hug or embrace your “Awakenee” .

I simply state: “I am not here to argue with you but I am here to help you see through the fog which you have been subjected to 24-7 for years by the bought off lame stream fake media.”

Then I add some bricks and mortar to the foundation: “The lame stream media which you relied on, told you for 2 ½ years and 533,000 articles, that Mueller would indict Trump for Treason….. how did that work out?  Did any of those omnipotent Deep State puppets admit to their repetitive inaccurate propaganda, their lies, their being a part of a failed COUP?

You now have their attention…. Keep smiling.

The next step will usually lead those Left Behind to push you away…. keep SMILING. At this point it is still disarming but it also drives them a bit insane. My next move is to hand the “Awakenee” a life preserver in the form of a list.  A list of sources which will help guide them to The Promised Land of Freedom and away from The Hope & Change Globalist Mirage. I wrote a book titled, The Awakening of a Surgeon, the title of the list is: The Awakening of You. On the list are a number of websites, YouTube channels and books which will spur the “Awakening process” to the next level of Enlightenment and Empowerment. Example below:

The Awakening of You

(create your own list of websites, YouTube channels, and books here.)

This is a list based on Love, Empowerment & Support….Feel free to call and thank me any time of the day or night and above all, Dream Big & Dare To Fail.

By taking these difficult but important steps, you have now positively impacted another person’s life. Give them some space and time. Let them bring up the subject of the list. For some it will take days, others weeks and some months. The ball is in their court but eventually they will re-engage you in a different manner…. A more positive and appreciative manner. It is the first step in The Awakening.

Back to top.


Learn To Spot Disinformation

By Investigative Journalist Tracy Beanz
Website • Twitter • YouTube

We are navigating through what is surely one of the most difficult periods in our history. While our ancestors fought for their freedom with guns and generals, we are fighting for ours with information and data. In traditional battle, spies, planted false information, etc. is employed to deflect incoming attack and surprise the enemy. And like traditional battle, the tactics in terms of information warfare are very much the same, except today the targets are not armed soldiers, but rather, ordinary citizens.

As we are bombarded with information on a daily basis- a seemingly endless news cycle where more and more is placed in front of us for consumption, how do we ensure that we are not falling prey to disinformation? How do we ensure that we are not being swayed by bad actors? How can we help to bring integrity BACK to journalism, while still learning ourselves?

There are a few tips I hope will assist all of you out there to successfully weed out disinformation, and successfully filter good information that will assist in your decision making.

Understand the playing field:
Try to start by understanding the rules of the game. The first rule? There are no rules in this game. There are several characters on the board, some with the best of intentions, some with the worst of intentions, and some who just don’t know any better. The bad actors like to take advantage of the fact that many Americans are just now realizing what some have known for decades; everything they have been told is a lie. Using this as their cover, they are able to manipulate people into believing things that may have been completely outlandish before. After all, if they lied to us about (insert narrative) then this (insert new narrative) could CERTAINLY be true! The anonymity of the internet has allowed for a wide open “wild west” where it really is anyone’s game. Understanding this, and recognizing that serious scrutiny and extreme caution is needed before trusting almost anything, is a crucial starting point as you begin to weed through fact vs. fiction vs. serious disinformation. Our own media is guilty of this on a daily basis. Imagine the political operatives on both sides engaged in it as well? Absolutely daunting, but absolutely true. With this understanding before you even begin to read content, you can use the next step.

Sources, Sources, Sources:
There are several different media genres nowadays. There’s the “establishment” or “traditional” media, defined for the purposes of this article as the CNN, MSNBC, Fox, WaPo, NYTimes of the world. There is online print media, defined as Buzzfeed, Vice, Epoch Times, DCNF, Breitbart, etc. There is “new media” or “alt media” defined as nontraditional journalists with a penchant for investigating and punditry- the “citizen” journalists if you will (that term should be abolished in rapid fashion and never used again) and then there are the anonymous journalists. This consists of anonymous twitter and social media users who share information online. There are many valued folks who do this and consistently provide well documented research. There are other accounts that are strictly there for disinformation.

One of the primary rules I use is to first identify your source. Your source is the person who initially wrote the thread or article. Once that is done, attempt to validate that person or entity. Have they made mistakes before and not issued retractions or corrections? Do they post vague information on a consistent basis that cannot be confirmed? Do they back up what they are saying with solid open source information in the form of government documents and other verified stories? If the answer to any of these questions is no, keep a very open mind and be a little more critical of the information you consume. Next, see where they are getting THEIR information from. Are they citing anonymous sources with no identifying information, or are they using named sources to verify the claims they are basing their stories on? If anonymous sources are involved, understand that there have been numerous incorrect stories that have been proven false and have relied on “anonymous” sources. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the folks writing or sharing information are malicious, it would just mean that their sources were not good, whether by design, or through no fault of their own. A good rule is to wait at LEAST 24-28 hours before running with a story that sites multiple anonymous sources. Someone involved in the reporting will usually be forced to show up and confirm or deny what was said. In the case of anonymous social media users and even some “new” media sources, verifying the information can be even harder. Carefully consider the past performance of the person involved with the reporting. Have their tidbits come to fruition in the past? Are they even provable at all? Having the information will help you to prioritize the data you use to make decisions in the politically charged world we are navigating.

Screen shots, and Pictures:
Believe it or not, these can be faked, altered, fabricated, and otherwise untrue. Grainy images, doctored screen shots purporting to show people saying things they never said- all of this is a part of the information world we live in. Again, this comes down to trusting the source of the information based on their track record in the past. Be aware that online campaigns to smear and malign good people nearly always involve a doctored post or screen shot. This leaves the target in the unenviable position of having to defend themselves against themselves! Make sure to always look at these bits and pieces for what they are. Sometimes there is a valid reason to substitute a screen shot of something for the real thing- the person could have deleted it, or a multitude of other reasons. But chat logs can be doctored, and tweets can be fabricated. Having an understanding that this is the case goes a long way towards identifying truth.

Circular reporting:
With misinformation, you will often see circular reporting. This is one of the TELLTALE signs that there is a bag of nonsense being passed around as the real thing. Here is how to spot it- If a piece is written in one outlet, and another outlet picks it up with a link back to the original outlet, either at the bottom, in an obscure location, or even in the first paragraph, and the subsequent article adds no NEW information or details, then you have a circular reported piece. 99% of the time these pieces are used to play with emotion, rather than to add to the truthful news of the day. Usually the claim is quite dramatic. The piece may even SEEM as though it is detailed and well researched, but upon further inspection, details are wrong. For example, the piece could make a claim that a person was arrested, let’s say “Joe A” in this example, and then attribute a myriad of other details to Joe A. When research is done, it is discovered that yes, Joe A. was arrested, but it was not the same Joe A. that those other details should be attributed to. This is how misinformation spreads and how well-meaning people are drawn to it.

This is but a very SMALL sample of the ways we are confronted with misinformation and disinformation on a daily basis, and only a few of many tips to be able to identify and combat it. The final bit of advice I would offer? Do your own research! Until a journalist has a proven track record of reliable work, and even after they do, spot check them. Test the claims presented to you, and debunk the bad information. Understand how sources work and how to restrain from falling for their tactics so easily. Information is so very important these days, and if you start to use some of these basic tricks, you may be able to ensure you’ve got the truth, and not someone else’s agend

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