• May 27, 2024

The deep state may be something else…

 The deep state may be something else…

I’m a man, born in the USA. I’m proud of my country. But not proud of nor responsible for what I used to simply call the Deep State.

What I am about to try to profess is not easy. I am a logical, non-literary type, came from a computer background so just sitting here writing some words is tough. It’s tough because I realize how complex but with enough determination, I may be able to help save our country by helping to stop, again what until now I used to call the Deep State.

It’s funny as I don’t even remember when I started this journey. Maybe because it was easy to recognize things I now remember as part of this nefarious society but I called it simply leftist or even what appeared to me to be socialistic moves in the past administration (President Obama’s). I started watching more conservative outlets and radio shows. And before you knew it, I was fully onboard of conservative movements and information.

Now I realize that there may indeed be a movement that is against us, the people of the United States and it scares me.

Before you just dismiss my introduction to this piece by Glenn Beck , casting him as an Anti Trumper or a conspiracy theorists, please be open to what he has to say. Because for me, it just may fit with what is going on in Ukraine now and many other things.


It’s worth doing research on at a minimum.


p.s. If you are interested, I will give you my thoughts. Unfortunately, you will need to join me on a different platform than this one. Just DM me and I’ll try to help. Twitter long ago smashed my reach. Maybe it was my fault initially, but I have been posting pure content for many months here and with the number of followers I have that content should be getting seen, meaning comments, retweets and a ton more likes (which are almost meaningless). But the issue is much bigger than Twitter smashing our reach.

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