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The United Nations Creates A Truth Minister

 The United Nations Creates A Truth Minister
By Sheila G

September 6, 2020


My smoke detectors are going off full blast and parents and employees need to take note.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, known as UNESCO, is taking steps to combat a war on ideas and information it considers to be misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Who exactly is behind this movement? Will it surprise you that it is the European Union, the United States of America’s government, the Nazi genocidal cult organization known as the World Economic Forum, and social media biggies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google? This is precisely who is leading this movement;

The World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, Professor Klaus Schwab, Mark Zuckerberg, Parag Agrawal, and Sundar Pichai. Let’s not forget all of those globalist CEOs and our globalist elites in Congress who are traitors to our country. Let’s not forget the American Medical Association, which threatened to pull physicians’ licenses that did not support the vaccine. Let’s not forget the FDA, CDC, and NIH. Let’s not forget the pharmaceutical companies that led the charge on vaccines that neither prevent covid but have resulted in many many “unknown deaths”.  Let’s not forget the Department of Defense and Pentagon. Let’s not forget the Justice Department, FBI and CIA. The list goes on and on.

Resident Biden’s Ministry of Truth in the US epically failed. I cannot think of anything more dangerous to free speech and freedom of expression. That should explain why the UN had to step in and take over and that is the reason the coward residing in the White House backed off.

It has become abundantly clear that the World Economic Forum and its members are no different than the medical cartel in the United States.

The WEF and its members represent a cartel. Our medical cartel, like the Mexican cartel, sells drugs for profit, even if the drug has the potential to kill us. Get in their way, and they will employ the AMA to operate as their terrorist arm and take us out. The WEF cartel and its members do the same. They burn down our food processing plants and slaughterhouses and put our farmers out of business. They are shutting down our supply chains and promoting a climate change hoax that few believe, resulting in forced blackouts. They are closing coal and nuclear plants. They are the nemesis behind digitized banking, identification, social credit scores, and carbon footprint credits. They are behind the devaluation of the American dollar and other world currencies to implement the new world order’s rainbow currency. And lastly, they are behind the fake war in Ukraine. Don’t get me wrong – there are many people who are suffering from this war. The war is fake because the World Economic Forum contrived it to claim their first region in the New World Order under the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The first region will be the European Union. Like the Mexican and Medical Cartel, human life means nothing. Human life is expendable and viewed as excrement. The World Economic Forum is committing genocide of thousands and thousands of human beings.

So how will the United Nations administer and get this to the people of the world? Here’s how;

The summit included academia, governments, civil society, and the private sector to promote joint action against conspiracy theories and THOSE WHO BELIEVE OR SPREAD THEM. UNESCO unveiled its strategy in Brussels in late June at the “International Symposium on Addressing Conspiracy Theories through Education. The plan is to infiltrate kindergarten through grad school.

Looking at the attendees, one can only conclude that parents will again be battling school boards and leftard teachers. Globalist employers will incorporate its policy into corporate ESGs. Will employees be punished and or fired if they refuse to submit? I would certainly think so. Will social media simply throw those of us out who don’t subscribe and refuse to submit off the platform? Of course, they will. We have already experienced this.

What they mean by conspiracy theory is any claim, any interpretation, argument, or evidence that differs from the propaganda they are pumping out by the government, and media action will be taken.

These maniacs are controlling resident Biden. His Disinformation Governance Board, he claims, has been shelved because of the public’s opinion. Don’t be fooled. His government, not the government by the people, has been working with technology gurus to suppress speech around election fraud, Covid, and Hunter’s laptop. Now he can reliably say, this doesn’t belong to me. It is UN-sponsored.

National Public Radio, funded by our taxpayer money, continues to publish many pieces of crap covering UNESCO’s talking points. NPR needs to be taken down and put to rest permanently.

The World Economic Forum is working to counter ideas contrary to theirs as misinformation and conspiracy theories. Wef says the key to stopping the threat of conspiracy theories is educating people to be on the lookout for misleading information, teaching people to be suspicious of certain sources. Translated; If you work with someone who isn’t buying the WEF ideas, turn them into your boss. If you live next door to someone whose ideas don’t fit yours, turn them into the thought police.

These are evil people. Any organization that promotes genocide is evil. This organization proudly states its depopulation goal is to reduce the world population from 800 million to 500 million. America’s population is 334 million. Surely no one is stupid enough to believe that all of America’s 334 million are in the bottom line number of 500 million. We have a one in 800 million chance of remaining on the right side of the dirt.

Keep in mind that all of the climate activity, such as supporting EVs, solar, and windmill turbines, isn’t being funded for us. Our tax dollars are funding those cars and all the alternative energy development for the future elites who will be allowed to remain on earth. The World Economic Forum has told us, “we will own nothing, and we will be happy.” For those lucky enough to remain on this planet, your carbon footprint credits and social credit score will determine how much electricity you will be allowed. Run out of credits or have a poor social credit score – you get no electricity, and your digitized bank account will be frozen.

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