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Transhumanismn – Our Intelligent Design

 Transhumanismn – Our Intelligent Design

by Sheila G — Editor
November 1, 2022

There is so much information about transhumanism that it is hard to process at times, from being chipped to conduct daily business to being surveilled 24/7 to having a chip implanted into our brain to make us superhumans.

I came across a tweet that touches upon it all. The author is Eric @_Tweetiez, and as he found information and videos, he kept adding threads to his original tweet.

Eric starts with the top advisor to Profess Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari.

“We are gaining God like powers. Not only to re-engineer life but to create new life forms.”

“Our Intelligent Design.”

“The future rulers of the planet may be a species very different from us” (Demons)

“How far will we go to enjoy the technological advancements of the modern world? How far are you willing to stray from how you were created? Soon we will hear promises of being cured of diseases, living longer, and utilizing our brains in powerful ways.
Will it take you from God?”

Here is the tweet. Read and learn. Just tap on it to read the full thread.

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