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US House of Representatives – Ranked Best to Worst!

 US House of Representatives – Ranked Best to Worst!

How Do Our Conservative House Members Rank?

by Sheila G – Editor
May 2, 2022

I asked myself why do this? Why print this article? It’s because I can’t give up.

I remember the press and members of our conservative congress making insulting comments that President Trump’s expectation of loyalty was absurd, selfish and part of his ego. I couldn’t disagree more.

What is the purpose of loyalty?

For me it is an element of character and trust. Have you ever shared a personal problem with a friend you held close only to find everyone in your circle now knows about of your problem?

If you are business owner do you expect your employees to be loyal to your company? What do you do with employees who bash your business to your customers?

Have you ever belonged to a political party that you fully supported, shared the same ideology, accepted the duty of contributing money and helping with your time and efforts to support the cause? Then you find the people that you truly believed in, the people you supported and funded has deceived you at every opportunity , never shared the same ideology, stating their position and ideology with words but after getting the job their actions reflect the exact opposite?

When you place your beliefs and commitment into the cause you put your trust in those leading the charge. You put your trust in them that they are going to support the core goals and that everyone will stand together.

Once the bonds of trust are broken it is nearly impossible to get it back. Words are cheap – it is one’s actions that is the defining factor. Chances are the person that shared your personal problem is no longer your friend. If you are responsible employer, chances are the employee who bashed your business no longer works for you.

The fundamental question we are dealing with right now, this very moment, is what do we do with the politicians who have deceived us? Does everyone even know who they are? How do you find out who they are?

I was able to answer all three questions.

I have found that ranking them sorts the political rhetoric from their actions. It tells me if their words and actions are congruent. Personally, this is how I measure their individual performance. In the past, we have named members of Congress Rinos based upon actions they took against the President.

In ranking them it became very clear we need to expand our thinking and definition of what a Rino is. As you look through the list below, you will see a number of Grade D’s and F’s. While some of those D’s and F’s supported President through impeachment, they did not support his initiatives, thus they did not support our conservative principals. It is clear, the D’s and F’s speak great messages but when it comes time to vote on those bills they deceive us.

It also became clear that for the most current six years, using their top 50 votes as the measurement, they have not contributed to the balance of power in Congress. Our ten worst house members have given the liberals 50% or more of their top 50 votes for the most current six years.

Overall, our conservative house members have 41% or 87 out of 213 with grades D and F. We have newly elected House members that have been in office for a little over a year with grades D and F. In my view that is clear deception and lies. I distinctly remember contributing my hard earned money to their campaign and supporting them. No more. That ship has sailed.

Fifty-nine percent of House members have grades A, B , and C. We have some with C’s that are a point or two from a Grade D. Having said that, grades A, B and C are very good. A grade B or C can indicate bi-partisanship.

I also can factually state that it is conservatives who participate in bi-partisanship by a wide margin.  The Democrats participate much much less in exhibiting bi-partisanship, 

I can factually state that our Conservative Senate and House participate in more bi-partisanship by a wide margin when compared to the left. We owe this group a huge thank you!

In addition, I have found who in our conservative House are members belonging to The World Economic Forum and who has graduated from the WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program. I don’t know about you, but I view this organization as our enemy. In my view, being called a Globalist today is as bad as being called a Communist back in the day.

Being Called A Globalist Today Is As Bad As Being Called A Communist Back In The Day

Please understand I didn’t and do not have a problem with any corporation expanding globally with our ally countries. They have a fiduciary responsibility to protect stockholder investments. However, when these very same companies that support WEF turned on us and did not want our business, and now support depopulating the world from 7.8 billion down to 800 million, that changes everything. That puts a whole new spin on what a globalist is. America’s population is approximately 331 million. Their goal makes a lot of people dead. It is very important to know who has been infiltrated into our government.

Here is how this article is organized;

1. Part 1 is the source of the data and the link. ConservativeReview.com is a wonderful source and  I 100% support their accuracy. They keep the data up to date. Please keep in mind the information is dynamic – it changes with every vote. It is entirely possible some of the numbers may be different right this very minute based upon the time I put the data together collectively.
2. Part 2 contains the voting records for the House Leadership; Kevin McCarthy, GOP Leader and Steve Scalise, Minority Whip
3. Part 3 is the first list you will see is the entire house ranking. Where number 1 is the best and number 213 is the absolute worst.
4. Part 4 are the names of the House members who are members of the World Economic Forum.
5. Part 5 is the house list in state order so you can easily review just your house members if you so choose.


Part 1.  Source: Liberty Score by Conservative Review




Part 2

Kevin McCarthy – CA23, Minority Leader Gop

What is the role of the Minority Leader:

From a party perspective, the minority leader has a wide range of assignments, all geared toward retaking majority control of the House. Five principal party activities direct the work of the minority leader. First, he or she provides campaign assistance to party incumbents and challengers. Second, the minority leader devises strategies, in consultation with like-minded colleagues, to advance party objectives. Third, the minority leader works to promote and publicize the party’s agenda. Fourth, the minority leader, if his or her party controls the White House, confers regularly with the President and his aides about issues before Congress, the Administration’s agenda, and political events generally. Fifth, the minority leader strives to promote party harmony so as to maximize the chances for legislative and political success.

From an institutional perspective, the rules of the House assign a number of specific responsibilities to the minority leader. For example, Rule XIII, clause 6, grants the minority leader (or a designee) the right to offer a motion to recommit with instructions; and Rule II, clause 6, states that the Inspector General shall be appointed by joint recommendation of the Speaker, majority leader, and minority leader. The minority leader also has other institutional duties, such as appointing individuals to certain federal or congressional entities.
Source: https://crsreports.congress.gov/product/pdf/RL/RL30666

What is Kevin McCarthy’s voting record?

Yes, McCarthy has given the liberals, our enemy, 44% of his top votes for the last six years. Here’s more:

1. February, 2021 he along with other so-called conservative house members voted with liberals to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committees. Marjorie has a stellar voting record, she shares our conservative principals and our Republican congress did not stand with her. McCarthy did not do anything to rally the conservatives

2. These are the bills he stood with the liberals on:

Voted Yes to pass:
– $1.5 trillion Omnibus funding Biden’s vaccine mandates
– Bail out the Post Office and stick Medicare with the bill
– Sign women up for the draft in the National Defense Act
– Voted down the Repeal Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq
– Covid relief bill and $1.4 trillion special interest spending
– National Defense Authorization Act without Section 230 reforms
– Surrender on the border wall: empower drug cartels and human traffickers
– Reduce accountability in Congress by making federal pay mandatory spending
– Release dangerous criminals from federal prisons
– $900 billion farm bill with socialist policies
– A bill leading to continued -nation building filled with pork
– A promise breaking cromnibus before the election
– Extend a broken and almost insolvent flood insurance program
There is more – much more!

3. McCarthy told Liz Cheney on January 10, 2021 call that he would counsel Trump to resign before the end of his term. The he denied to the public that ever took place – until Cheney released the audio that McCarthy is the liar. Don’t forget, McCarthy called those that legally attended a rally, including those that never went near the capitol domestic terrorists.

4. McCarthy is a member of the World Economic Forum


Summary: McCarthy has been given 4 strikes. I say he is out and is especially unfit to be the House Majority or Minority Leader. He is incapable of leading a team of dog catchers. He is a liar and cheat. Watch his vote on the next round of votes to provide aid to the most corrupt nation in the world. Will he vote in favor of continuing the gang rape of the American Taxpayer piggy bank? If he wants to keep his job he should consider going full blown MAGA and that includes leaving the World Economic Forum who by the way is our primary enemy, or get out!

Steve Scalise – LA01, House Minority Whip

What does a minority whip do?
A whip is an official of a political party whose task is to ensure party discipline in a legislature. This means ensuring that members of the party vote according to the party platform, rather than according to their own individual ideology or the will of their donors or constituents. Whips are the party’s “enforcers”. They try to ensure that their fellow political party legislators attend voting sessions and vote according to their party’s official policy. Members who vote against party policy may “lose the whip”, being effectively expelled from the party.

What is Steve Scalise’s voting record:

Scalise’s voting record is not much different than McCarthy’s. His performance as far as being a leader in the house is anything but stellar.

Summary – neither McCarthy nor Scalise should be leaders of anything. They need to go!


Part 3 – The best to the worst of the House

Our Best
A Team

B Team

C Team

Our Worst

D Team

The Absolute Worst

F Team

The absolute worst out of 213  US House of Representatives is PA-01, Brian Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick is former FBI. He worked for the nation’s highest law enforcement agency whose primary role is to run the protection racket for the elites within the circle.  I  have no doubt it gives him great pleasure to screw over the American working class. However, having said that, I wonder what it feels like to have the world see how truly pathetic of a congressman he is? There is nothing to be proud of here.

Part 4

These are members of our Conservative Congress who are graduates from the globalist pig organization, World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program. These people were infiltrated into our government to place priority on the globalist agenda and the take down of America.


Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation Source

Rohit Chopra, Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Commissioner of the FTC until October 2021  Source

Kevin McCarthy – GOP Leader US House of Representatives Source


Dan Crenshaw – US House of Representatives Source

Tulsi Gabbard – former US House of Representative  Source

Adam Kinzinger – US House of Representatives Source

Kate Gallego – Mayor of Phoenix  Source


Part 5

Entire House in State Order

In conclusion, I have decided I am not a Republican. I am most definitely a conservative but the party has failed me – us. They do not share my conservative principals. I see no a point in giving the GOP money to fund the campaigns of any candidate who has a substandard voting record of a D or F.  Instead of contributing money to the GOP, I now donate directly to the campaign account for the candidates I support. Use caution. Don’t resign from the party until you verify your state allows you to vote in primaries without a party affiliation.

Now you know the Grades D and F need to go.  You also need to know who is running against them. Here is a voter guide we endorse.  You can save it to your Home Screen and it will open as an app or you can bookmark it.

Keep America Great Voting Guide

KAGInfo Voter Guide


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