• October 16, 2021

Wake Up America! You may not be as red as you think

 Wake Up America! You may not be as red as you think


by Sheila G March 22, 2021

I have said this before, and I will say it again. RINO infers that a congressperson is somehow affiliated with the Republican Party. After reviewing their voting records, I am confident they are Democrats elected on a Republican ticket.

I know the balance of power in Congress is important. Right now, we are getting trounced on because our Republican Congress does not stand together. They are not unified. Why do you suppose that is? It is because we have some globalist frauds sitting in those seats.  These are the so called Republicans in Congress who are voting with our most evil enemy – the Democrats, Socialists and Commies on the left.  These Republicans are aiding and abetting our opposition, our enemy – the very people who want to bring our country to its knees!

While we have had some State and Local GOP Chairs censure their congressperson, many State and Local Chairs are doing nothings. I save bravo to the states and local chairs who have censured! For those that have not it reflects very poorly on the National RNC and our National Chairwoman. In my eyes, I see you aiding and abetting our enemy as well.

Many of us have decided to take a position where the RNC is concerned:

  • We will not donate money directly to the National, State, or Local GOP organizations or their affiliates. We have no control over how money is disbursed and to whom it is disbursed. 

The RNC does not contribute to new candidates. They have expenditures like any other organization, and they distribute campaign money to keep reelecting the same losers repeatedly. 

  • We will donate directly the FEC approved campaign donation link for the candidates we support. We will not contribute to general PayPal or GO Fund me type accounts. Those violate the FEC rules.
  • We will donate directly to President Trump’s and Sidney Powell’s PACS.
  • Many of us have decided the frauds in Congress contribute nothing to the balance of power. In fact, when you review the voting records it is pretty clear the beneficiaries of their votes are the Democrats which contributes nothing to the Republican Party. We are going to vote them out of office in 2022, even if it means electing a Democrat. We have nothing to lose in doing so. And, we have everything to gain in 2024 when we take the seat back with a different candidate. We are not confident the RNC will step up and provide new candidates to primary against them.  Think about this.  The RNC puts out a list of seats they believe we can take.  However, at the time of the election, November 3, 2020 many of those seats did not have a Republican candidate. The Democrat won unopposed.  That is tragic. 

I am not saying that you “have to do this”. It is a personal decision that you must make. To help you make that decision, I am providing you with the voting records for all Republicans in your state. 

The voting record is compiled using the Conservative Review’s Liberty Scorecard. CR counts the top 50 votes over a six-year rolling period. If the congressperson hasn’t been in office for six years, they count from the elected date they came in to office. CR counts how many votes went to support the Republican agenda and how many votes went to the Democrat agenda. Simple math is used to determine percentages and a grade of A through F is assigned to each.

Before beginning the individual states, let’s look at the votes that occurred in 2021 alone. This chart includes Senate and House members, incumbents, and newly elected.  Everyone on the chart below voted with the Democrats to pass the Democratic agenda:



Now lets review the voting records by state. But please notice those with Grades A and B. We need to thank them for representing the people’s will. A B grade is not bad – it indicates some bipartisanship. The high end of a C grade could indicate the same. Mid to bottom of the C grade is a definite needs improvement area.

If your state is not listed it is either 1) you do not have any Republican Senate or House members, or 2) you have a new candidate(s) for which there is no data. CR continually updates the grades as voting accomplished.

If you want to stay on top of your Senators’ and House Members’ performance, click here

Sit down. This is going to be shocking.









Here is the link with contact information for U.S. Senators.  You do not have to be from their state to submit an email.

Click here for Senators

Here is the link with contact information for U.S. House of Representatives.  You do have to be from their state to submit an email unless you can figure a way around it.

Click here for House members

We must hold our Senators and House members accountable for their action or inaction. Not contacting them is the equivalent of doing nothing.  It means they see their action acceptable in your eyes. Do your part.  Don’t let anything slide by.

Thank you for reading this. You can find me on Gab, Parler, and Telegram @TheSheilaG2020. You can email me at [email protected]


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Sheila G

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