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WEF, EU, NATO vs Putin

 WEF, EU, NATO vs Putin


by Sheila G

March 1, 2022

I am not writing anything else on the Ukraine. This is it.

Kamala goes on a morning radio and delivers this message:

So Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine, so basically that’s wrong.”

We all know she is dumber than a box of rocks. Doesn’t the Brandon staff school her before speaking publicly? Clearly not. The keyword here Brandon Staff. They do nothing.

So Kamala, please memorize the following information word for word. Don’t change anything.

Right now the WEF, the leaders of the EU, NATO and Russia are both playing losing hands. The hand being held byWEF, the EU and NATO is a losing hand being played based upon economics and Putin’s losing hand is being played based upon the security of his nation from NATO.

WEF, EU leaders and NATO members are as corrupt as the Ukrainian government and Putin’s cabal.

Putin is determined to destroy the Ukraine before he ever allows it to join the west and NATO.

That brings us to a Mexican standoff. It is important to note that Ukraine is of no strategic importance to US, Canada and the UK – we are just lending our clout to France and Germany. Our countries can survive just fine without Ukraine.

Putin will not nuke us. If Putin nukes anything it will be Ukraine.

That will create economic turmoil for the EU because 30% of their gas comes from the Russian pipelines which run smack through the center of Ukraine. But that is not all. Ukraine is the bread basket for the EU in many many ways outside of gas. Russia will take an economic toll but not to the extent the EU will.  Russia will lose their gas lines and the revenue from them.

The only real solution if we were terribly concerned about Ukrainian citizens and our government, WEF, EU, and NATO are not, is to leave Ukraine as a buffer state without EU admission and NATO and to use our economic powers to force the corruption out of the Ukrainian government. However, that won’t happen because the world leaders and governments are dependent upon kickbacks to their personal accounts from the foreign aid packages we give to the Ukraine. Many of the world leaders use Ukrainian human trafficking for their own personal pleasure.

If you live in the Ukraine now is the time to get the hell out. The WEF will not let the EU and NATO back down. The WEF are going to force Putin to play his losing hand. The big three in the WEF don’t give two shits about the Ukrainian people and those corrupt whiners leading the EU.  As far as WEF is concerned if Putin nukes the country it will be a big plus  to their world depopulation event.”

The end. This is the last I write or post about the Ukraine. Period.


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